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Serie: Grand Blue Characters: Kaya Mizuki, Iori, Kohei Détails: Kaya wants to please her two fans, Iori and Kohei. Kaya is naked and she has semen near the mouth as on the model. I shall like a pose similar to that of the image 3. Useless to draw completely Iori and Kohei. Thanks [img id="e1770c36157f6c6a2823068fd6b4f326"] [img id="e19d10603ee2f5c459de6b83321d2953"] [img id="01e006c665852c5d500deb4443b149a6"]
Serie: Grand Blue Characters: Kaya Mizuki (images 1-2-3), Kanako Lida (images 4-5-6) Détails: I’d like you to draw from the seventh image for the position. Kaya is the right girl. Kanako is the left girl. Thanks. [img id="e1770c36157f6c6a2823068fd6b4f326"] [img id="520fb457d9b45ba07655b5ca274f0a49"] [img id="e19d10603ee2f5c459de6b83321d2953"] [img id="3760e6b8c6a80ebe791ca0132f3efaaa"] [img id="53e5907d321f2839d0b75fcf468db63a"] [img id="eaa52e4139b0ab6e9bdece476a3374a0"] [img id="5313e327174083e2c9aaae448d93d1cc"]
My first panel commission. It's also to have an idea of the EV's number for necessities. Serie: Grand blue Characters: Aina, Azusa, Chisa and Nanaka For the first panel, be inspired by the fifth image. For the second panel, be inspired by the sixth image. Artists: EdJim, Inusen666, Akimych, Cris1zcor3, hentaimaster88, thequeenzelda and anyone can apply. Thanks. [img id="13dfc86fd100a6d66f049fb5b59a84d0"] [img id="dfa95a2aa2a52bff48fcece6143d572d"] [img id="bea29f42e384bf3fdd2334cb8c08050c"] [img id="f7cda451a9f2b0c50245bdb966b08b7f"] [img id="02bdb000ff066d49acdd2234daf04cbb"] [img id="345168fa5359d5aef9e7f17320bf2960"]
Anime: Grand Blue Characters: Azusa Hamaoka / Nanaka Kotegawa and Iori Kitahara Details: Take the same kind of pose as on the image of One Piece Pixxx. Thanks. [img id="2e584fe3acf03937cc0b057cb7991c5a"] [img id="d98bfa2284552889ba2f45b0f897a889"] [img id="0aae9a9797e6aec56e2b2e3298775ef6"] [img id="c2654f211f29257524665be1eb373b19"]
Serie : Grand Blue Title : King's Game-3 Characters : Chisa Kotegawa (image 5) Location : «Grand Blue » diving store (image 4) Panel 1: - It's necessary to place above on the left an inspired image from the moment when they take sticks (image 1) - At the same level on the right, place Kohei (image 3) who holds the stick of king (image 2) ; He summits to say: « N° 3 give a blowjob of N°4 » Panel 2: on a single image, we see Chisa with the position of the image 6. The man has the physical appearance of Iori if you cannot draw him in full. He's against blue sofa (image 4). You can make the third panel where we see the reaction of Nanaka. It can be anger, happy or she takes photos (image 7). But it's necessary to put Azusa serving a of to Aina (it's important for the continuation). You can choose their expressions and their poses for this panel. Thanks. [img id="22c69fede6ca60a69586acb11988c666"] [img id="19e45f0b18e98a5280cd5b4deaa7347c"] [img id="88dd74cb02658ee6bf08b5f9e02c337b"] [img id="1f9bc3eb6577553476cabadabf5cc3e1"] [img id="b4965ed0920ae34bd2cbb1e0a21d03bb"] [img id="bbb4098fe6b43bcf7fa032308f4a0757"] [img id="781ff73065be581286e1e19366351dd6"]
Serie : Grand Blue Title : King's Game-4 Characters : Azusa Hamaoka (image 5) Location : «Grand Blue » diving store (image 4) Panel 1: - It's necessary to place above on the left an inspired image from the moment when they take sticks (image 1) - At the same level on the right, place Aina "en" (image 3) who holds the stick of king (image 2) ; She summits to say: « Double penetration N°5 » Panel 2: on a single image, we see Azusa (image 4) with the position of the image 5. The man to the left is Kohei (vaginal penetration). The man to the right is Iori (anal penetration). Panel 3: I shall like a view closely on the Azusa's pussy and ass as on the image 6. Thanks. [img id="22c69fede6ca60a69586acb11988c666"] [img id="19e45f0b18e98a5280cd5b4deaa7347c"] [img id="9e2c59dd6e1341686e7c8b0c25791de7"] [img id="b1e2c3811f6e21917eb85eacc35bb21a"] [img id="165f5cd9dafa1e41429308f6c99837e8"] [img id="03670d657559ef27b2387c25f115ac63"]
Serie : Grand Blue Title : King's Game-5 Characters : Aina Yoshiwara (image 1) Location : « Grand Blue diving store » + balcony (image 2) Details : 3 scenes / circumstances 1/ Aina refuses to leave her king's stick. It's both two boys (Iori and Kohei) to get her some pleasure. I have even which scenes which we see in the manga where she has this behavior (image 4-5-6). She catches Iori and Kohei and dragnet of strength towards the balcony. 2/ sex scene. Be inspired by the image 3 (vaginal with Iori ; handjob with Kohei). She s them by bringing down to the ground. She says « Harder, faster... » repeatedly. 3/ Inside the store, we see Azusa, Chisa and Nanaka. Azusa is naked and has a of . Nanaka is dressed and asks Azusa to put on clothes. Chisa is dressed, she looks outside the window (she says : This is done for them !) Thanks. [img id="2c30576af160e6690bbdb1d6182b2e0e"] [img id="a789c9ade2f361bf78d1ed028bf0bd77"] [img id="cbf86c45bcf22df394de88dfe33980bd"] [img id="56f5a9798bee1b0d368f34a3d70ddf97"] [img id="9885f1b4e05828e1f0693be41d9a589b"] [img id="e8b1f934c13bb2be164e5b8626f15fa0"]
Serie: Grand Blue Characters: Azusa Hamaoka, Kaya Mizuki Détails: Gangbang with Azusa / Kaya and the diving's club members (Iori, Kohei, Kotobuki, Tokita). I would like a presentation in 3 images, like "Kotegawa Sisters gangbang" by Artemisumi. Useless to draw completely the men. You are free for the position. I can do 110 EV. Thanks. [img id="2e584fe3acf03937cc0b057cb7991c5a"] [img id="e19d10603ee2f5c459de6b83321d2953"] [img id="e1770c36157f6c6a2823068fd6b4f326"]
Midou Miko from la blue girl hentai naked barefoot and shaved blushing doing a foot tease
Azusa Hamaoka Image Image taking anal in this position Image
Shinji Tokita Image Image fucking Azusa Hamaoka Image Image in the referenced position
Azusa Hamaoka External Image fucking Nanaka Kotegawa Image External anally with a strapon in this roughly this position: Image Image
Anime: Grand Blue Characters: Chisa Kotegawa / Iori Kitahara Details: Take the same kind of pose as on the image of "Sexpositionsclub". Thanks. [img id="bf9a1ce20ad2843630f5580482ef8d40"] [img id="0aae9a9797e6aec56e2b2e3298775ef6"] [img id="f4d518101c26018f9e9d8d1979a348cd"]
Serie : Grand Blue Characters : Chisa Kotegawa Details: blowjob with her angry face. She squeezes the penis with his hands. The pose is similar to that of the third image. Thanks. [img id="bf9a1ce20ad2843630f5580482ef8d40"] [img id="45643c7f958e6198e1501532f60b902e"] [img id="d45b63b91d2b6502e9fbae573433d76b"]
Serie: Grand Blue Characters: Azusa Hamaoka Location: Living Room inside Kotegawa's House Plot: hentai version of this scene. The y boys fuck a woken Azusa. Azusa is partially dressed. Thanks. [img id="2e584fe3acf03937cc0b057cb7991c5a"] [img id="cfdc430c9084a577e7f1e35daecfbf53"]
Serie: Grand Blue Characters: Nanaka Kotegawa Plot: Nanaka, with the clothes of BW's image, give blowjob with the members of diving club. Thanks [img id="d98bfa2284552889ba2f45b0f897a889"] [img id="fa2ea41389aa0605369b009a5c092b53"] [img id="1715727d2cbf45aa8195bf5b0ade2ba3"]
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