Fandom: Fairy Tail Character: Mavis Vermilion Title: Lumen Histoire's power Scenery: In front of Fairy Hills Scene: Mavis is chained to a pillory, her legs spread wide open and fixed in place by more chains. Cum is rushing down her thighs while she is overflowing with it, cum drips forming a small puddle under her. She should be rotated in a way that you can see her chest aswell as getting a good glimpse of her pussy. She should be covered in cum aswell. There should be a cross section featuring her womb containing all the cum aswell as a cross section showing her ovum being fertilized. [img id="46b9e6030a52b4f164ea5b0682475d05"] [img id="6caf41bf112901525d68dbac884e2104"] [img id="84094d21270fad5b9509d31bb51f0774"] [img id="0c5617dc9bef980fb6066e4a7e976639"] [img id="7110d9c11a1597825e08554338595f1e"] [img id="3e8645f754d45e69ac6ccf0c6a096fb8"]
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Commissioning Artemisumi to do a work that the original artist couldn't get done. Description for posterity: ----- Commission Title: "Before/After - FT - Erza Scarlet" Manga/Anime: Fairy Tail Characters: 1, Erza Scarlet. Panels: 2 Details: Panel 1: Erza scarlet in her default armor, looking at the viewer with an angry expression and saying "So you're Jiemma of Sabretooth huh? I'll make you pay for what you've done to Fairy Ta-" Panel 2: Erza face-down in a pile of garbage with her arms tied behind her back, fucked utterly unconscious. The word "TRASH" scribbled somewhere on her body. Artist's choice on what to do with her state of dress at this point. -----
Added: 2019-01-27 16:58:48
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An image on Fire Emblem Echoes in 3 parts, with Clair, Celica and Mae. The first picture with Clair and a horror stuck in a tomb. The stiff is sitting on a stone chair and Clair is sitting on it. Back to the stiffness. Vaginal penetration. The masturbate touches the clitoris of Clair and his penis decrepit in the vagina of Clair. Clair no longer has his clothes on the bottom nor his shoes. The second image with Mae and a Revenant horror, in a cemetery. Clear is standing against a wall, position the hanging union. Vaginal penetration. She does not have her clothes anymore nor her shoes. The third picture with Celica and Jedah, in the Duma tower. Celica is bewitched and Jedah penetrates her through the vagina. Position: The staggering tripod. Celica does not have her bottom clothes and shoes either.
Added: 2018-01-11 18:10:39
Pose/scenario ref: External Gag ref: External Character outfit ref: Image For this image, I would like Sakura from Naruto in her adult form all bound and gagged in a manner similar to the example above, with two anon guys having their way with her, one who is vaginally penetrating her and another who is footbanging her bare feet. Obviously her shoeware has been removed and her leggins pulled down and top ripped open to reveal her breasts. As an added insult, she has the words Rape Me! Written over her gag like in the reference pic above.
Added: 2018-11-03 13:10:47
Added: 2018-04-24 07:38:04
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