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  • The Black Rogue Raven Your artwork looks amazing.

    2016-09-13 12:02:44

  • Inusen666 I am open for direct commission!

    2016-08-15 09:39:16

  • Galang1897 Your Tumblr was gone. What's going on?

    2016-08-06 01:57:48

  • TOFUK Harami. It doesnt work that way.

    You can place an idea in stage 1 and if the artist accepts the idea it proceeds to stage 2 the voting phase where your idea is up against others.

    Users need to use 'Extra' purchaseable votes to then help their idea win based on the number the artist requests to create the image.

    If the target is reached after the timer ends, then that idea is drawn.

    Read the rules.

    2016-06-26 09:31:40

  • Inusen666 ???

    2016-05-21 05:56:38

  • Super_Harami Hi. Thanks for taking my request (the hairy armpit bdsm one).

    I love your work.

    Any idea on when it can be done?



    2016-05-14 07:12:45

  • Inusen666 Hello MY FRIENDS:) I will upload some new pics sortly, slo please watch ma channel here and on
    http://inusen6.tumblr.com/ , too.

    2015-11-01 16:48:01

  • Perverserknight Can't wait to see the finished pics. Here's to a quick recovery :)

    2015-06-24 23:23:30

  • Majin3D Your drawings are awesome Inusen, keep up the good work.


    2015-06-21 02:50:32

  • Inusen666 My rules of polls: The rule is 4 character with faces: 4 heroine in gangbang is =OK, 4 girl and Naruto clones in gangbang=NOOO! XD

    2015-03-03 08:10:31

  • Inusen666 http://inusen6.tumblr.com/

    2015-02-28 12:59:04

  • Giovannipedrianes very well made pics

    2015-02-23 01:34:28

  • AYAKA The BEST artist on this site.

    2015-02-05 12:54:44

  • Kurosakizetsu inusen anything for you baby

    2015-01-26 17:54:20

  • XStream Hey inusen! That "Mom in Bikini" picture you did yon your blogspot is amazing! That type of drawing is the best! I wish you could do some of these with different positions :D Thanks a lot :)

    2015-01-11 03:58:02

  • Inusen666 I am happy, too!I am back in action:D

    2015-01-09 03:53:04

  • Zeroy524 inusen.I LOVE your work!

    2015-01-08 23:51:26

  • Baku good stuff

    2015-01-06 18:45:03

  • Perverserknight Glad to see that you're back. You're still one of the best there is ;)

    2015-01-04 14:15:34

  • Amaterasu89 I eagerly await your next poll :)

    2015-01-04 09:58:38

  • Inusen666 Thank you guys, I am still in recovering phase but I wish Happy New Year to All!!!

    2015-01-01 08:50:33

  • Nega13 i hope you recover fast man

    2014-12-31 11:16:37

  • Birusu So Inusen is sick ? I wish you a speedy recovery !

    2014-12-19 21:23:37

  • Inusen666 Here you can see even more content.

    2014-12-12 13:28:13

  • Inusen666 http://inusen.blogspot.com/

    2014-12-12 13:27:54

  • Inusen666 I did not remove my tumblr, some reported my stuffs so i got blocked unfortunately, but I still have my blog:

    2014-12-12 13:27:35

  • Inusen666 Hello guys! I had some trouble with timing and projects cause of my moving and car accident so I have a big delay:( I AM really sorry!

    2014-12-12 13:27:05

  • XStream How could he removed his tumblr website and he doesn't post on blogspot anymore? Let me know if you have more information. Thanks.

    2014-12-11 16:24:43

  • TOFUK Inusrn does have other sites he works with too, dont worry.

    2014-12-09 00:37:37

  • XStream I don't know why you're not posting, but I hope nothing bad happened :S

    2014-12-08 03:58:31

  • Nemesis1995 inusen when the new pics?

    2014-12-07 23:02:09

  • ABVH Inusen, Are you alive ? xD

    2014-12-07 20:53:54

  • Birusu Inusen : the only artist who starts a new poll when he already have 7 pics to do. xD

    2014-11-17 11:06:42

  • Cavan_09 Yay Akame ga !

    2014-11-04 07:26:41

  • Skullkevsiglo3000 muy buenos amigo

    2014-10-19 09:16:18

  • Nega13 hey INUSEN can you draw Shizune and Kushina kissing and naruto fucking them ??

    2014-10-18 12:08:10

  • Fangwolf4 say can you draw real life models?

    2014-09-23 12:49:13

  • T987753321 HI! I am a taiwaness. Maybe I am the only taiwaness in this site. Haha...by the way ,the first time I saw your art.They all let me so...SURPRISE and CRAZY!! You are the best artist I met.Hope you can keep on creating more beautiful arts . Take care to your health.Look forward to your creations.加油! :D

    2014-09-13 07:36:19

  • Plainboring2.0 You should do Lady Ursa from Avatar The Last Airbender and Marianne Vi Britannia from Code Geass both in stockings getting screwed

    2014-08-30 23:06:45

  • Inusen666 GAB: Thank you! I am really pleased you like my art. I can only advice to practice, watch animes and to Love to do it:) That is the secret!

    2014-08-25 07:17:14

  • GAB I gotta admit, especially your Narutopix are hot and very detailed, like the original! Keep the good work up! Do you have a tutorial for me for coloring or drawing the lines? Cheers

    2014-08-21 18:34:06

  • Sexy Mexican sexual cartoons

    2014-08-17 17:31:33

  • Dharakjoo Hunter J nudity

    2014-07-27 13:09:39

  • Tyrellkao666666 great

    2014-07-22 06:32:43

  • Zerg323232 You are fantastic!

    2014-07-20 11:44:18

  • Inusen666 practice:) Thank you my friend!

    2014-06-18 05:21:54

  • Inusen666 Yeah maybe I did approve your idea but it needs to win on a poll so I can draw it:) I hope Your idea will win cause I think it is great! If you still do not win, visit my blog : www.inusen.blogspot.com and write you idea so I can draw it with time if I need some

    2014-06-18 05:21:05

  • Inusen666 CanonFight: I looked around my polls and I did not fing you request. Did you win sometime here or you just ask for a request here?

    2014-06-18 05:10:26

  • Dreganhn Please Draw mine Fujiko :D

    2014-06-12 04:01:46

  • Inusen666 Thank you :) I try my best for You!

    2014-06-06 07:30:18

  • Hentaimaster88 your art is amazing!

    2014-06-04 22:02:46

  • Nemesis1995 you are the best in this page

    2014-06-01 19:47:20

  • Inusen666 Thank you!

    2014-05-20 17:55:32

  • Larvesta69 Great Asrtist!

    2014-05-11 04:08:25

  • MagpieJ I see, my bad.

    2014-04-15 03:45:06

  • Inusen666 No she is my OC!

    2014-04-11 13:03:53

  • MagpieJ isn't Inusen's profile pic Matsumoto from Bleach?

    2014-04-10 23:23:04

  • I Love Hentai Do this girl on your avatar, theres no picture of hers

    2014-04-07 17:58:08

  • TOFUK USERS READ: This is not the place to complain over refusals, anyone that does will face their privileges being removed. No exceptions. Deal with it.

    2014-03-27 19:01:09

  • Inusen666 Mei: We will look after it why I delet Your idea my friend!:)

    2014-03-27 11:57:11

  • Inusen666 Thank you my friends:) I really enjoy to draw your ideas!!!THANK YOU!!

    2014-03-26 09:55:13

  • Cshammerpow I want to congratulate you for the 100 uploads too, Inusen. Very impressive.

    2014-03-25 04:01:16

  • AfroBoy Hey Inusen :D I just wanted to say Congrats for your 100 uploads ^^ you are truly the best of the best! :D$

    2014-03-21 17:02:01

  • MeiTerumiLover Any way i could pay you to make a request? if so you can contact me by my email, [email protected]

    2014-03-19 16:35:49

  • Blackjoker013 100 uploads nice

    2014-03-18 07:33:12

  • MeiTerumiLover Great job, congratulations. I just think you might draw the boobs a little smaller xD.

    2014-03-09 23:15:16

  • Akeno wonderfull works! I would like you to do some series like kuroko not basketball, nisekoi, Haganai and medaka box

    2014-03-09 19:21:07

  • Inusen666 Hello, thank you for all your comments! I will do my best by the next pictures too!:)Thank YOu!!

    2014-03-08 13:37:36

  • Blackjoker013 what program do you use

    2014-03-08 10:32:53

  • Rajkamal252 Great work !! Just wanted to ask... can you make one of Orihime from Bleach.

    2014-03-04 18:50:53

  • Konan rules let me know when you are doing to do a request again i got a high school dxd idea for you if you are up for it

    2014-02-26 02:20:49

  • The Stig Hey inusen gratz on having one of your pics make it to be the most liked on the site! Also it's just a bonus that it's my favorite idea that I won from you :D!!

    2014-02-23 04:23:28

  • Inusen666 Thank you:)

    2014-02-23 02:22:56

  • FinnTheHuman best artist of all

    2014-02-22 23:45:04

  • Zerg323232 You got some awesome work man

    2014-02-21 02:09:46

  • Inusen666 Hy, nothing interesting. And by You?

    2014-02-20 18:22:18

  • MidoriChan XD thanks

    2014-02-19 22:54:34

  • Inusen666 Of course:) But you allready are!!XD

    2014-02-17 14:25:43

  • MidoriChan Can I be your friend too mister? :)

    2014-02-13 12:49:33

  • Cshammerpow Wow, thanks for adding me as a friend. I honestly thought you might have been mad at me. ^^u

    2014-02-11 16:39:58

  • Inusen666 If you would like to see more of my art her, with more characters, open me more polls, please contact support and ask them:( I thank you for your supprt!

    2014-02-09 12:51:51

  • Inusen666 or inusen666.tumblr.com :)

    2014-01-24 15:59:46

  • Inusen666 If you would like to see more of my art, please visit my blog: inusen.blogspot.com

    2014-01-24 11:55:07

  • Inusen666 enjoy to do the winner ideas:) and if I have 2 hours I do a pic, but if I need to wait 5 days to start on one request maybe I would not have time for that cause of other works :(.. Thank YOu for yOur great ideas and support!

    2014-01-07 17:11:14

  • Inusen666 If you would like me to do more polls please ask the owner of the site that artists could do the pics after 2 days( finish after time is over, like before), cause I do not have so much time unfortunateli, but if I have have a small time I really enjoy t

    2014-01-07 17:10:59

  • BlueSoldier I like your take on the ideas you're given! Great job! Your gallery is really nice :)

    2014-01-02 10:57:18

  • Swagdo1 love your art it's great. can you make a some images with bleach character preferably yoruichi.

    2014-01-02 07:45:38

  • Inusen666 As you can see i uploaded 5 pics at once:) I wanted to surpise you and wish you so a marry X-mas and a Happy New Year my friends!Thank you for all your comments and likes from 2013:)

    2014-01-02 06:28:59

  • Inusen666 Thank You:) Please do not forget to like my pics, so i can work on more of your request here on Whentai !!!Thank You!

    2013-12-21 03:41:12

  • Chicha Your gallery is sooo sexy and delicious :P

    2013-12-20 00:01:13

  • Inusen666 Hello guys! I just want to publish here so you wont send me indvidually PMs: I see all the finished polls not a little one will dissapear, I will do them!!!!!!:DThank you!

    2013-12-19 05:34:09

  • Sichan Nice art

    2013-12-16 17:23:10

  • Bladewing is there any chance , you can make furry idea

    2013-12-15 13:46:16

  • Juliocantu24 I would like to see pictures of Hanataro from Bleach. He's one of my favorite characters, and I can't seen to find many straight hentai pictures of him.

    2013-12-14 06:04:01

  • Tasse I absolutely love your art style : )

    2013-12-11 18:43:55

  • Inusen666 So I see all the winner ideas and finish them after each other. If I have time I do 3 pics per day, so please do not be worried if Your winning idea dissapears.

    2013-12-11 14:33:59

  • Inusen666 Nikeq57: I DRAW all the winner ideas, I can do this, Like Elbento or other great artists here even after time is over , for you polls dissapear, but for me not.

    2013-12-11 14:31:58

  • Nikeq57 Hey insunen why you are organize so many polls when in the final you do not able drawing even of half of all ideas-winners?

    2013-12-10 19:57:15

  • MegaMannah18 Hi there. I was wondering if I could request a drawing for you, if it's not too much trouble.

    2013-12-10 04:25:50

  • NicoHina This'll be hilarious and awesome! ooohh make sure theres booze like new years and other things.

    2013-12-09 18:45:31

  • NicoHina http://whentai.com/users/4

    2013-12-09 18:44:44

  • NicoHina Hey just to give you an idea! with the discarde badges you can do your close up corner blur that you do with cocks where it says on the badge "Hi my name is....*you know who* WHTan is here

    2013-12-09 18:44:00

  • FairyTailS Im ur fan Inusen fkn amazing works ur doing , just love to wait for ur new art's are coming :)

    2013-12-08 19:47:30

  • Inusen666 Shin Odyssey:I do all requests so please do not worry! I wont forget any :D i just need time:) Thank YOU!

    2013-12-07 12:12:18

  • Inusen666 Amaterasu89: I do not remember it well, i try to delet all ideas with more than 4 characters, cause the rule is so 4 characters can be shown..please read my rules down here:) Thank YOu! If your idea followed the rules, than I really do not know how it dissaperaed, please write it again:)Thank You!

    2013-12-07 12:09:57

  • Amaterasu89 I got a message saying my "Sekirei Xmas Orgy" idea was approved, but it vanished from the idea list. What's going on?

    2013-12-06 07:06:27

  • Nomo Thanks for the friend! Not that I know what it does =D

    2013-12-05 21:08:00

  • Konan rules question can you do issei with akeno riding him hard with rias looking pissed at them ?

    2013-12-05 14:48:06

  • Dragon beast l can understand .because you are very popular among people so you will get many requests.good luck !!and merry xmas :)looking forward to my pics XD

    2013-12-04 00:37:19

  • Bluedilo Your stuff is awesome Inusen!

    2013-12-01 03:27:00

  • AYAKA Thank you Inusen ^ ^

    2013-11-30 15:26:27

  • Inusen666 Rikkubatte: Great!!!:D

    2013-11-29 16:47:46

  • Rikubattle Done.

    2013-11-29 16:00:02

  • Inusen666 :D Thank You!

    2013-11-29 15:48:27

  • Reit Of course, I understad... Its ust an opinion :)... btw... nice works

    2013-11-29 15:23:25

  • Inusen666 Dear Reit: I do the ideas of the MEMBERS:) I do NOT them because of likes!!I just get them.I try not to delet any ideas, because people vote them, cause they want to see them:)And I want to keep the members happy. Thank You for Your opinion:D

    2013-11-29 07:06:20

  • Reit ** sorry by my english!

    2013-11-29 06:41:58

  • Reit I honestly like your work, but I think that the orders of surveys detract the images. I like that you dedicated a few characters pictures.

    2013-11-29 06:41:44

  • Rikubattle Hello Im rikubattle, I like much your pictures and many series like One Piece, Inazuma Eleven, Naruto etc... Nice to meet you.

    2013-11-26 17:51:54

  • Excaliburbxd Inusen666 I'm your biggest fan I appreciate all your masterpiece, your a true professional artist, I hope that someday I will become like you.

    2013-11-24 11:52:27

  • Inusen666 If You do not find me on mail, here is my blog:)
    Thank You!

    2013-11-15 12:43:51

  • Mineur Great that you put up stricter rules Inusen :)

    2013-11-10 20:05:00

  • Inusen666 So long I think that is all ther rule i can ask You to follow and I thank You to watch these and help me, support me with your ideas to make great pictures !!!! :D
    [email protected]-----------------

    2013-11-10 16:54:41

  • Inusen666 - I really like to draw extra stuffs( like ring, dress and so) just write me it in the mail and if You have reference, I would be happy if YOu send me that!
    - I like if You know wich pose You like, I try to do it, but please remember that I will modify it so we got 4 faces on the picture!
    - If for some rea i can not grant Your wish, (You forgot these rules and asked me 5-6 or more faces shown by the special pose You choose), I draw the picture as I can, please do not send me bad minded emails! I try my best to keep You happy!

    2013-11-10 16:50:35

  • Inusen666 Hello Everyone!
    I would like to publish my mail adress here so You can write me more of your winning ideas on my polls:
    I JUST HAVE SOME RULES YOU TO KNOW before you strat to write me!!:
    - I draw "only" 4 faces on a picture- I mean characters!!:)( like 4 girls gangbanged by faceless men)( Or 3 girls, one man-girls and mans face showed, and there are faceless guys gangbanging them all around)

    2013-11-10 16:37:03

  • Reaper Dragon Hey I'm the same Reaper Dragon from dA. My request is simple for of your version of Wolf from Young Justice, she is wow sexy. I know you'll post it here if you make the art but I'd like it if you post it on dA or HF as well. Up to you.

    2013-11-06 13:48:48

  • Amaterasu89 If my Fullmetal Ninja idea gets chosen, have Sakura get vaginal creampied and Tsunade get anal creampied. As for Winry, anal creampie, and for Riza, vaginal creampie.

    2013-11-05 07:23:12

  • Bladewing inusen-san know that if your people are fans of kingdom hearts then read this , my idea is on Sora from kingdom hearts , getting double blowjob from heartless bouncywild and fortuneteller , this maybe my only original suggestion for the year if its not done, so please don't this as spamming but reaching out to people who have the kindness of kingdom hearts.

    2013-10-26 05:09:13

  • Inusen666 Uzumakilove: Sure I can:P

    2013-10-23 04:05:57

  • Uzumakilove Sorry for bothering In, but I want to ask you a thing. If my halloween/succubus/Naruto suggestion wins, could you put some clones licking pussies and sucking nipples in it? If you don't want, just ignore this message. Thanks for your hard work :)

    2013-10-23 01:18:20

  • Inusen666 You find me if You want some extra description of Your idea on inusen.blogspot.com:) Thank You!

    2013-10-21 04:05:26

  • Inusen666 Thank You!

    2013-10-20 17:07:08

  • Lightning Lover You do really great job man, keep it up !!

    2013-10-16 16:51:31

  • Mineur Tried to contact you on your blog since the pm system is still down but you might not have seen it^^

    2013-10-09 18:51:13

  • The Stig I apologize.

    2013-10-06 18:58:12

  • Inusen666 Thank You to all!!:) Sad we can not Chat here:(

    2013-10-06 16:59:21

  • Pervysage Yeah me too can't chat

    2013-10-05 16:55:58

  • The Stig Inusen I can't chat with artists so IDK what you sent.

    2013-10-05 15:50:01

  • Silva your drawing are very good, hope you do the rachel / resident evil

    2013-10-05 04:45:37

  • Mineur There is some bug so I cant see or send messages to you ;o

    2013-10-05 00:16:12

  • Railtracer A lot of nice pics here. I'm not particularly an Erza/Fairy Tail fan, but your drawings of Erza are the best

    2013-10-04 03:40:01

  • TOFUK Theres an issue with chat to artists, if you need to tell me something visit my page

    2013-10-03 08:11:49

  • The Stig Man! You're on a roll!

    2013-10-03 03:26:30

  • D_malice Nice drawings, especially Ezra from fairy tail, hope you do some Kushina as well :D

    2013-10-01 13:24:13

  • Sonicsucks20 Sasuke needs some love, so I hope you do some of him soon.

    2013-10-01 07:19:43

  • Zorosen fan of your works, awesome art :D

    2013-09-30 20:01:19

  • Tensa Zangetsu Soy nuevo, y q grandiosas imágenes tienes! Nuevo seguidor tuyo.

    2013-09-30 16:36:05

  • Jokerslam Hey I'm new here and already a fan of you and your artworks, keep it up!

    2013-09-30 13:34:28

  • MrBEEFY Your work is amazing! Big fan!

    2013-09-26 16:54:07

  • Porn boss Hi I'm new

    2013-09-19 22:10:21

  • Inusen666 Sorry for cancelling some polls , I need to work on another game and I have not as much time :( I can work on some more next month hopefully:DThank You!

    2013-09-15 05:15:04

  • Sonicsucks20 x Sakura x Ino in a orgy with a Uchiha based room.

    2013-09-07 03:01:41

  • Rohn Jacob can you work on natsu dragneel covered with semen with girs around him..tnx.. :)

    2013-09-05 15:58:20

  • Thermonuke I realy like your art work. I've allways been a sucker for women with curves. :)

    2013-08-11 01:37:12

  • Lex72 Thats Fairy Tail's Lucy! And I LOVE your work, Boobs everywhere.

    2013-08-09 17:40:36

  • ELBENTO Nice art ;D

    2013-08-06 13:25:13

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  • Lucy wearing this outfit https://www.instagram.com/p/BMJwBHfh1fE/ tits showing .Wendy in this outfit https://www.instagram.com/p/BFdq2PfR6YU/  .Carina and Nami  (one piece )in this outfits https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/originals/86/58/cf/8658cf0666444c79573c21c02139fbc7.jpg   All those girls in an different actions of your choice between anal banging ,lesbian ,blowjob,bukkake or gangbang
  • Orgy time- Sasuke Uchiha Having sex with Sarada Uchiha, Sakura Haruno and Tsunade, the positions are up to the artists.
  • "Warming the Fire Dragon". Lucy Erza and Juvia totally, Lucy puts unconscious natsu's cock in her vagina, Erza puts one of her nipples into the mouth of unconscious natsu and Juvia puts the hand of unconscious natsu on one of her breasts
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