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  • Davidchronicle13 Ello you

    2015-06-04 03:55:58

  • TOFUK You are correct phenji, but please remember that artists are free to decline ideas as they please and are never expected to explain themselves to every member their reasons.

    Try your idea again in the poll and you'll know soon enough ok ;)

    2015-05-10 09:34:46

  • Phenji Hello Doby, for you last poll I propose the super fuck bros idea and you refuse it because rules don't allow nintendo characters, but the exact rule is :5) No Nintendo characters from the list: Pokemon Show/Game, Princess Peach.
    So only pokemon character and princess Peach are forbiden, not all nintendo characters.
    So if I propose my idea once again, would you accept it ?

    2015-04-28 16:58:34

  • Fuck you bitsh Nice men

    2015-01-14 13:05:34

  • Doby99 Thank you!

    2014-12-10 18:45:31

  • Jinsimpsons0042 that good pics

    2014-12-09 20:04:48

  • Doby99 Thank you! It was a very fun drawing. Let me know about any suggestions ;)

    2014-12-09 03:09:12

  • The Stig Great art you have here! I love that DBZ pic.

    2014-12-08 23:51:41

  • Doby99 Thank you! please let me know about your suggestions :D

    2014-12-08 22:10:41

  • Sichan Nice pictures espically Tsunade and bondage pictures :)

    2014-12-08 19:30:28

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    The duel of master: Gildarts fucks hard to Erza to celebrate his title as a new master of FairyTail
  • Votes:
    2 18 2 85
    Kushina Uzumaki (Naruto Shippuden) is masturbating furiously using a dildo made of the "crystal gem" from the first hokage's necklace trying to suppress the nine tail's charka while being enveloped in the nine tail cloak with two tail already out. Fully naked, pose is up to you, and an ahegao expression.!
  • Votes:
    3 6 0 85
    I Dream of Nami: Nami (One Piece) gets an impregnating creampie from Crocodile (One Piece). Nami is wearing (http://vignette3.wikia.nocookie.net/fairyonepiecetail/images/b/b6/Zarc-nami.png/revision/latest?cb=20121215081932), she is busty, blushing, curvy, and has an ahegao face. All other aspects up to artist.
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