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  • Shinkuuhadoukensa1 Did you die? ;-;

    2016-11-15 14:48:33

  • Coldhotpockets Shouldn't you have just ended the poll normally and then done the winning idea whenever you're ready no matter how long it took? I can imagine the person who was winning that poll would be quite mad if he doesn't win in the next poll.

    There's no time limit on how quickly you need to make a picture after the poll ends so you could've left that poll up and waited until you were ready to draw. Nobody would have rushed you. But now somebody has possibly gotten screwed out of their idea being made. I don't think that's completely fair.

    Either way I hope you sort out your personal problems. Those are more important that pictures so you should concentrate on those. Good luck

    2015-08-09 11:28:20

  • Rawart Sorry to those who posted an idea in a new poll I started - I've cancelled the poll due to personal reasons. But I will open a new one soon, so look forward to hearing your ideas again :D
    Thanks for the support and i hope you continue to enjoy my stuff :)

    2015-07-06 06:35:25

  • Shinkuuhadoukensa1 You should have been able to get artist status from your first submission.

    The quality of your work is definitely not something that can be questioned.

    I hope you keep up the great work for a long time.

    2015-05-18 03:09:40

  • DaveJin13 Good luck Raw, you deserve to get it

    2015-03-19 04:20:19

  • Rawart I've applied for Artist status so fingers crossed I'll be accepted and I can do some cool stuff for you guys :D

    2015-03-18 13:37:55

  • Banany This is so sexy, looking for more!

    2015-02-20 14:54:41

  • TOFUK Look forward to more!

    2015-01-28 18:18:13

  • EduOnePieceHentai It would be a wonderful like Zoro and Robin, but with Luffy and Nami

    2015-01-23 00:45:09

  • Rawart Hello everyone - Let me introduce my artwork: I'm Rawart and I make illustrations and quick animated loops trying to keep the original look of the animes we all know and love. Please support my work, if you want to see more. Yoroshiku onegaishimasu!

    2015-01-21 12:18:10

How the system works?

This site helps thousands to create their own commissioned NSFW art for less money or even 100% free of charge. So how does it work? Here is the manual.

An Artist opens a Commission Request which passes three stages:
1) Ideas Collection
2) Votes Collection
3) Time for Creation
First two stages generally last for two days, the third stage generally lasts for three days.

Every registered member of Whentai may suggest only one idea for each of the artists while the Request is on the first stage named "Idea Collection". We provide our members with enough time (generally two days) to collect as many ideas as possible. All ideas are reviewed by an artist and the support team. Some of the ideas might be rejected by support team if they don't fit the rules, and some of them might be rejected by an artist if they are too complicated to create. There are some certain rules of what is prohibited in ideas, you'll see the announcement while adding the idea. Sometimes Artists write their additional requirements down in the comments section of the poll, read them thoroughly. If your idea was rejected you'd receive a message about it in your PM. Then you may re-think your idea and suggest it once again. If you idea was approved, you'd receive a message in PM about it.

After the first stage ends the "Votes Collection" stage comes. Generally it lasts for two days so as many Whentai members may participate in the Poll. Every member of Whentai might vote once for an idea in the Request completely free of charge. This was made in order to choose the best idea among others. The idea that gets the most part of the Votes in the Poll wins by the end of second stage. It will be created by the Artist.

The most popular Idea goes to the Artist after the second stage ends and he got a few days for creating the artpiece based on the winning Idea. Artist uploads the result within the period provided for creation (generally three days). Then you might enjoy the Commission made by an Artist based on your idea!

Did you understand how the system works?

I understand how it works! Hide the information box.

What does the "Poll Type" mean?

This site helps thousands to create their own commissioned NSFW art by suggesting ideas for the artists. But not all the ideas suggested are of equal complexity.

A poll might hold simple ideas (a couple having sex) along with very complex ones (a gangbang of four girls on three panels). The user who just want a "couple" picture has nothing to set of against the "complex" idea in such a poll. He does not want to spend 250+ votes for a simple idea, but the user who added a gangbang idea will likely spend. So we've decided to divide polls into four basic types.

Each of the artists has an ability to run a couple of polls simultaneously. He might start a poll collecting "complex" ideas, and "easy" ideas. So users who want to get a simple pic might compete with each other, and those who want to get a complex pic might compete with each other accordingly. It will be just fair.

Here goes the list of Poll Types, select either one of them to get more information of what is allowed in your suggestions:

  • A single female character: posing naked, masturbating, playing with toys; having a sexual intercourse with a single male/female without showing partner's figure and face (blowjob, vaginal, anal, "flying" penis)
  • A couple having sex (male-female, female-female).
  • Not more than 1 female involved; and not more than 5 males (testacles) involved without showing their figures and faces.
  • Not more than 2 females involved; and not more than 2 males (testacles) involved without showing their figures and faces.
  • Not more than 3 males/females involved showing their figures and faces.
  • A female and not more than 3 males involved without showing their figures and faces.
  • Not more than 2 females involved; and not more than 2 males involved showing their figures and faces.
  • Not more than 3 females involved, and not more than 3 males (testacles) involved without showing their figures and spaces.
  • A gangbang/orgy with not more than 2 females involved; and more than 2 males (testacles) involved without showing their figures and faces.
  • A "panelized" picture displaying not more than 4 characters total (a couple in two different sexual poses/places, two couples in different poses/places).
  • any type of animation (GIF/SWF/Video), depending on artist limitations.
  • a gangbang/orgy with 1 female involved and more than 4 males (testacles) involved showing their figures and faces.
  • a gangbang/orgy with more than 2 females involved and more than 2 males (testacles) involved showing their figures and faces.
  • a "panelized" picture displaying more than 4 characters in different sex poses (three girls fucking with the partner, one in each panel).

Ideas that did't fit the limitations would be rejected. Let's respect each other and follow the rules when suggesting your ideas.

Got it! I will add ideas fitting the Poll Type limitations.

Time ends in:
  • Days19
  • Hours00
  • Min29

Rawart is creating the artwork.

Winner is:

  • First Place
    1 341 314 674
    Panel 1. Sakura and Hinata in the hot springs, naked, through water Hinata sees Sakura cock. Panel 2. Hinata sucks, anal sex and misionary.
  • Votes:
    2 309 300 674
    Monkey See, Monkey Do: After defeating Son Goku (Secret Journey) and Mayuko Arisugawa (Karma Saiyuki) in battle, Goku (DBZ) and Sonson decide to put them in their place; Goku bangs Son Goku while Sonson bangs Mayuko
  • Votes:
    3 12 0 674
    Erza (down) and Lucy (up) in 69 position and Natsu doing anal to Lucy (at Lucy's house)
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Time ends in:
  • Days15
  • Hours02
  • Min08

Rawart is creating the artwork.

Winner is:

  • First Place
    1 533 500 628
    Gintama: Gintoki having a threesome with Tsukuyo and Sarutobi. Sarutobi riding his dick with a lewd face and Tsukuyo facesitting him from the back with an embarrassed face while Gintoki licks her
  • Votes:
    2 48 0 628
    Highschool DxD : Rias Gremory & Akeno Himejima have sex with random demons in a gangbang. (The position for Rias is doggystyle and for Akeno it'll be cowgirl. They are wearing nothing but torn pink panties and matching high heels.
  • Votes:
    3 30 0 628
    Asuna and Leafa from Sword Art Online having hot lesbian sex in 69 position. Both squirting while orally pleasing eachother.
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