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Samtotally spies and namione piece Halloween by Masaru

from: Masaru
Added 1 hours ago
  • Masaru

    2014-10-30 14:59:11 mail

    what do u think about this pix, guys?

  • Masaru

    2014-10-30 14:59:57 mail

    and what would you like?

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Mushroom octopus started new poll and waiting for your ideas

  1. What If...: After returning to the future, Trunks bangs 18 while 17 bangs Bulma after defeating and sparing them (artist choice of positions) by Perverserknight
  2. Who's the World Wrestling Female Champion - Rainbow Mika full anal nel vs Rachel Stanley anal piledriver (HSDK); several fans waiting outside the ring for their turn by Perverserknight
  3. Ayeka, Ryoko, and Mihoshi from Tenchi Muyo in skimpy lingerie, covered in cum. by Ratofblades

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Mirajane huge breast erza suit by Gerp

from: Gerp
Added yesterday
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Gerp is waiting for your votes for the best idea

  1. DragonQuest8 Jessica Albert - Collab involving her costumes, (Vs Multi Dhoulmagus) (Normal/DivineBustier/DangerousBustier) by TOFUK
  2. The victory of Tartaros: Minerva, Kagura and Yukino being fucked, cummed, and cum over by demons.(Yukino titfuck and doggystyle, Kagura reverse cowgirl and Minerva dp) by Sanji990
  3. Kushina being virginal dped by both naruto and minato with a fucked stupid face on the hokages desk.. in a corner of the picture it shows both naruto's and minato's cum filling up kushina's womb. by Dr Strange
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Halloween Gangbang DP by Nosferatuzod

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Hentaimaster88 started new poll and waiting for your ideas

  1. Celestial Spirit Services - Part 1: Lucy, Virgo, Aries and Aquarius get a no holes barred gangbang by Tartarus demons. Outfits and positions up to you. by Qwertpoi69
  2. HM88's Bleach Halloween Special - Rangiku, Rukia, Orihime and Momo dressed in episode 304 costumes (link in comments) by Perverserknight
  3. Sword Girl Orgy: Erza Scarlet(Fairy Tail), Saeko Busujima (Highschool of the Dead), & Yuko Sagiri (Triage X) being fucked by random guys and enjoying it. by Uranaraku2006

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FFX Lulu Mt Gagazet Ronso sketch lanza by Sketch Lanza

  • Sketch Lanza

    2014-10-28 14:48:52 mail

    I'll post de bukkake version soon. ;)

  • Wilky700

    2014-10-28 15:31:28 mail

    Impressive work Lanza!


    2014-10-28 15:58:10 mail

    Lulu is smoking and Kimahri looks badass. Like that some effort into the scenery too. Really good sketch!

  • Bosiluca64

    2014-10-28 18:11:06 mail

    My only complain are the tits: not enough tits on Lulu she's known as being ultrabusty after all ^_^

  • Cavpal

    2014-10-28 19:35:21 mail

    Strange pairing, still hot

  • BubbahotepII

    2014-10-29 06:11:58 mail

    I knew it, Wakka is a cuckold like I thought

  • Frankenfran

    2014-10-29 08:15:13 mail

    FF fan here

  • Monkey-man79

    2014-10-29 09:06:13 mail

    Thank you for the good memories

  • Varak-black-hand

    2014-10-30 06:08:17 mail

    I feel the proportions between the two depicted characters are off, Kimahri is much bigger than Lulu in my humble opinion

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Croc Sx is waiting for your votes for the best idea

  1. Chichi, Bulma and Android 18 (Chichi's appearance from this episode gangbanged by various villians from the show (Croc can choose who). by Thomasgreen814
  2. Raikage's healing regimen: 1st panel is Kushina walking in with a hot nurse outfit. 2nd panel: Kushina gives Raikage Ay a titfuck. 3rd panel: They fuck on the hospital bed (in any position chosen by the artist). by Trimtram2
  3. Kitty Katswell getting fucked in a back alley by a random per (you get to pick the lucky per) by MasterDragonUnlimited
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Nami Orihime Gingers FTW by Vbecool

from: Vbecool
Added 2 days ago
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Inusen666 is waiting for your votes for the best idea

  1. Inusens Halloween Special. SCREAM! - Ghostfaces (Scream movie) fuck Tsunade, Erza, Nami and Matsumoto. The ghostfaces have trademarks of heroes (Konoha headband, Strawhat, Kon on a shoulder) by TOFUK
  2. Ayaka is kissing a blushing Honoka Takamiya while Kazane is giving him a messy titfuck. Next scene Ayaka is riding Honoka while he grabs Kazane's breast's. They are having sex in his Bedroom: No anal. by Ayaka
  3. Erza, Yukino and Jenny gets fucked by random. (Erza dp, Yukino titfuck and doggystyle and Jenny reverse cowgirl). They are fully naked.and their faces and breasts are fully visib by Sanji990
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Dark quuen fucked by battle toad by Eternity

from: Eternity
Added 2 days ago
  • Markpower33

    2014-10-28 13:39:20 mail

    cool sunglasses (⌐■_■)

  • Bosiluca64

    2014-10-28 18:12:48 mail

    I am more of a ninja turtles fan

  • Cavpal

    2014-10-28 19:36:26 mail

    she deserves that

  • BlueSoldier

    2014-10-29 05:41:29 mail

    wow. her expression and her tits and nips exposed and perked like that just do it for me. great work

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Vbecool started new poll and waiting for your ideas

  1. The anal challenge- Black Widow (Avengers) and Scarlet Witch (Avengers) are anal fucked by Red Hulk and The Hulk. both of them have competetive faces. by D_malice
  2. Bleach: Chizuru magically possess Orihime. The pic shows Orihime in her school uniform caressing her boobs in front of a mirror with a lusty grin, and the mirror shows it's really Chizuru in Orihime's clothing. (Notice Chizuru's boobs are smaller so she i by Loreaspi82
  3. Trick Or Treat: Harley Quinn & Batwoman swap outfits for halloween. Both ladys are glaring at each other, while enjoying competitive fuck with random guys (Harley & batwoman have huge tits & nice round asses) by Milf Lover Kusanagi

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Tsunade Samui MeiTerumi JH by JH

from: JH
Added 2 days ago
  • JH

    2014-10-28 09:43:56 mail

    The preferred position of each country ^^

  • Malefix

    2014-10-28 09:51:20 mail

    Saved, fapped and back to work. Multitasking at its finest, that's me!

  • Sichan

    2014-10-28 09:53:11 mail

    Very nice! Thanks everyone who votes for me.

  • Markpower33

    2014-10-28 13:37:54 mail

    not a fan of double anal but it gets a like anyway

  • Cavpal

    2014-10-28 19:35:46 mail

    and now, to the blog

  • Monkey-man79

    2014-10-29 09:08:24 mail

    I forgot about the blog thanks a lot Matteo

  • Vikihole

    2014-10-29 16:32:04 mail

    ^ you know each other by name?

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mishki is waiting for your votes for the best idea

  1. Fate/stay night Shirō Emiya in a threesome with Rin Tōsaka and saber ending with them sharing a facial by Luffyx
  2. Totally MILFs- Kushina dressed up as Sam (Totally Spies), Tsunade as Clover, and Mikoto Uchiha as Alex are fucked by random guys in a training room. Kushina double anal, Tsunade anal stand and carry, Mikoto anal doggystyle. by D_malice
  3. Nami and bico robin are having sex with randam guys that are wering hallowwen mask ( make the girls like this but just add some rabbit ears and some cat ears on them ok by Jinsimpsons0042
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Naruto Halloween Special Tsunade Hinata and Sakura Darkstalkers costumes by Hentaimaster88

  • Feeling

    2014-10-28 11:17:25 mail


  • Birusu

    2014-10-28 13:42:47 mail

    Fast and awesome work ! I love your Hinata !


    2014-10-28 16:00:39 mail

    I love everything. You've not disappointed me once HM.

  • Hentaimaster88

    2014-10-29 03:05:35 mail

    thank you very much pleased to hear that

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Bato is waiting for your votes for the best idea

  1. Fairy Tail: Juvia disguised as Lucy with fake balloons boobs and a blonde wig, using Lucy's main outfit, riding an excited Gray that enjoys the show. Both with their clothes on, but you can tell that Juvia's boobs are fake. by Loreaspi82
  2. Kushina being virginal dped by both naruto and minato with a fucked stupid face on the hokages desk.. in a corner of the picture it shows both naruto's and minato's cum filling up kushina's womb by Dr Strange
  3. Kingdom Hearts 2: Riku in his Organization cloak fucking Kairi. She has a fucked silly look on her face, and is clearly willing, as tendrils of darkness coil around her legs, her eyes starting to glow a bright golden yellow by Ixmythot
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Naruto again by Mushroom octopus


    2014-10-27 11:31:50 mail

    You've got a nice range of styles.

  • The Stig

    2014-10-27 11:38:51 mail

    I like the tags and good work

  • Dakushna

    2014-10-27 13:19:48 mail

    Those bedroom eyes...

  • Frankenfran

    2014-10-27 15:12:27 mail

    It's actually very nice

  • Stevefox11

    2014-10-27 17:39:31 mail

    funny faces XD

  • Vikihole

    2014-10-27 18:04:15 mail

    Gaara is a bishi! Kankuro is on the ugly side though :I

  • BubbahotepII

    2014-10-27 22:40:04 mail

    That's right, sandcest! You made me happy, thanks a bunch

  • Malefix

    2014-10-28 09:11:11 mail

    Dat slutty grin; Robin, prepare the fapcave I'm cumming

  • Markpower33

    2014-10-28 13:40:29 mail

    the dude in black has more make up than the girl

  • Monkey-man79

    2014-10-29 09:09:13 mail

    He's called Kankuro and uses war paint (aka make up)

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Sketch Lanza is waiting for your votes for the best idea

  1. 2 Windows: (Honoka Takamiya is grabing and sucking Ayaka Kagari's breasts while he is fucking her) & (Honoka Takamiya is grabing and sucking Kazane Kagari's breasts while he is fucking her in his Bedroom) Girls are busty&curvy. No anal. by Ayaka
  2. Fairy Tail: The Impostor. A fake slutty Mirajane is attending customers in the Fairy Tail's bar, with the real Mira tied behind the counter. The customers seems surprised / excited about Mira's new "services" by Loreaspi82
  3. Monet (One Piece) in bikini does a footjob to one anonymous guy (No face) at the beach !! by Unlight
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Chichi bulma android 18 by mishki

from: mishki
Added 3 days ago

Gajil gajeel erza elza fairy tail madproject by MADProject

  • MADProject

    2014-10-26 14:24:15 mail

    sorry for the delay, I had some problem with the pc in these days

  • Mageta-the-lion

    2014-10-26 14:33:57 mail

    A pierced dick, ouch


    2014-10-26 15:00:43 mail

    nice idea with gajeel and metal. erza looks great too.

  • Vikihole

    2014-10-27 18:09:04 mail

    any redhead gets my like :D

Mass effect randoms Aria TLoak sexy lingerie cowgirl blowjob handjob by Tophatharry

Yugioh alexis rhodes fullnel by Erodraw

from: Erodraw
Added 5 days ago
  • Erodraw

    2014-10-24 20:10:36 mail

    Well, I hope You'll like my new coloring style, It's a lot more worked than the previous style

  • Wilky700

    2014-10-24 22:23:46 mail

    well done!

  • The Stig

    2014-10-25 00:05:23 mail

    great work!

  • Frankenfran

    2014-10-27 15:16:41 mail

    Steve is the expert of yugiho, but I can appreciate it myself :)

  • Stevefox11

    2014-10-27 17:43:08 mail

    Yep, I'm the champ :DD Alexis and Tea are my favs I love it :D

  • Rui

    2014-10-27 18:48:25 mail

    10/10 Would throw away a card duel to see that. I'm not an anatomy expert but.... is it me or do the balls seem detached from the guy and look like it's Alexis'?

  • Malefix

    2014-10-28 09:15:05 mail

    Detachable penis is getting popular

  • Markpower33

    2014-10-28 13:42:54 mail

    sure, champ; dont make me laugh

  • Henrydoblazqy

    2014-10-28 15:10:59 mail

    let him believe whatever he wants

Miu Furinji Shigure Kousaka Kenichi HSDK cowgirl style by ELBENTO

Added 6 days ago

    2014-10-23 23:48:15 mail

    Miu and Shigure, the strongest girls Ryozanpaku. I'm sure Kenichi, want to have this training

  • The Stig

    2014-10-24 00:23:46 mail

    nice pic

  • Zanpakuto14

    2014-10-24 02:17:09 mail

    Awesome! Nobody else does Kenichi! Do some more Ben!

  • Alexia

    2014-10-24 03:29:59 mail

    Im sure he does Ben ^^ Really Amazing work!! =)

  • Cmhutt1992

    2014-10-24 04:07:10 mail

    superb work dude

  • Vikihole

    2014-10-24 04:46:01 mail

    Cuteness overload :3

  • Bosiluca64

    2014-10-24 05:40:23 mail

    Perfect thighs are perfect ^_^

  • Markpower33

    2014-10-24 08:19:19 mail

    the King is back

  • Birusu

    2014-10-24 08:47:00 mail

    Awesome pic ( and I don't even know from which series it comes ! ).

  • Rui

    2014-10-24 13:31:02 mail

    Delicious Shigure and Miu are delicious.

Boa hancock OnePiece Blowjob Titfuck by ELBENTO

Added 6 days ago
  • Wilky700

    2014-10-23 22:37:43 mail

    Welcome back Bento! Great Work! :D

  • Milf Lover Kusanagi

    2014-10-23 22:53:04 mail

    Just wow, super stuning ben!!

  • The Stig

    2014-10-23 22:57:27 mail



    2014-10-23 23:08:54 mail

    Indeed, Boa looks delicious


    2014-10-23 23:42:04 mail

    Glad you like it guys!! , Hancock must train hard to be a good wife :D

  • Bato

    2014-10-24 02:31:52 mail

    Are you joking..! Needless to say, it's incredibly stunning!

  • Cmhutt1992

    2014-10-24 04:05:42 mail

    wow great work

  • Amaterasu89

    2014-10-24 04:52:31 mail

    Luffy should have married her right away XD

  • Vikihole

    2014-10-24 04:57:49 mail

    Awesome! too bad her nice dress is ruined :/

  • Bosiluca64

    2014-10-24 05:39:46 mail


DOA Rose Mary Lisa Hamilton by Croc Sx

from: Croc Sx
Added 7 days ago
  • The Stig

    2014-10-23 00:11:57 mail

    great work

  • Wilky700

    2014-10-23 01:37:26 mail

    Great work indeed friend! :D

  • BubbahotepII

    2014-10-23 04:37:48 mail

    Marie Rose, the pseudo-loli

  • Monkey-man79

    2014-10-23 08:08:31 mail

    ^ Oppai loli?

  • Rui

    2014-10-23 09:06:58 mail

    Very hot work here :D Marie Rose is 18 thoug,she just has an underdeveloped body. I don't want to be that guy but Lisa's skin isn't lusciously tanned here or is it just the lighting?

  • Varak-black-hand

    2014-10-23 14:18:28 mail

    Latent blasphemy aside, it's a delightful art piece

  • Frankenfran

    2014-10-23 16:11:12 mail

    Lovely art, Croc :)

  • Ottoecamn

    2014-10-25 07:16:18 mail

    Why is lisa white?

Hyrule Warriors by Batou by Bato

from: Bato
Added 8 days ago
  • Henrydoblazqy

    2014-10-22 14:16:54 mail

    Zelda pleases me a great deal because Nintendo is the way to go. Frank, come to the mario side

  • Frankenfran

    2014-10-22 17:03:56 mail

    I still believe in Disney ;)

  • Mpldam9919

    2014-10-22 18:37:24 mail

    This is great! This is what my fan canon is when after Hyrule Warriors ends.

  • Monkey-man79

    2014-10-23 08:11:15 mail

    I miss Midna, still a good hentai pic

  • Bato

    2014-10-23 08:38:32 mail


  • Cavpal

    2014-10-23 13:13:00 mail

    Midna is nice enough but Ruto is my all time fav :F

Halloween by Mushroom octopus

  • Malefix

    2014-10-22 08:11:00 mail

    Worthy of my fapcave!

  • The Stig

    2014-10-22 11:24:18 mail

    hot work

  • Rui

    2014-10-22 12:29:28 mail

    Awesome and well done Mush :D You really got that Halloween vibe going on there.

  • Frankenfran

    2014-10-22 17:04:42 mail

    Very well drawn, keep up the good work Mushroom :)

  • Malefix

    2014-10-23 07:17:38 mail

    Saeko's butt is awe-inspiring =D

  • Monkey-man79

    2014-10-23 08:13:06 mail

    The guy on the left reminds me of Harry Potter

  • Varak-black-hand

    2014-10-23 14:19:56 mail

    This one is quite the masterpiece, congratulations are in order

  • Flyingdwarf777

    2014-10-23 18:05:38 mail

    wow, look at all the pretty colors

  • Dakushna

    2014-10-27 13:28:02 mail

    Horror plus babes, a garanteed success

Nico Robin One Piece DP Blowjob Cum Double fuc Ahegao by TitFlaviy


    2014-10-21 15:33:12 mail

    Loooooove it again. I promise I wont ask another, but Film Z Robin in the future maybe.. Hmmm, Hehe. Great work TitF

  • Flyingdwarf777

    2014-10-21 15:54:59 mail

    she's taking two dicks like a champ!

  • Milf Lover Kusanagi

    2014-10-22 19:36:58 mail

    Titflaviy, nice job.

One piece by mishki

from: mishki
Added 9 days ago