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Witch Craft Works Ayaka Kagari Takamiya Honoka Akame Ga Esdeth Vestrille by Vestrille

from: Vestrille
Added 12 hours ago
  • Vestrille

    2014-09-23 15:49:15 mail

    I got into Akame ga because of this request. But man, all the ladies I like die >.> I got interested in Sayo... aand she died. next I had my eye on Sheele... aaand she got eaten. now I really like esdeth... oh man its gonna suck if she dies as well.

  • Mineur

    2014-09-23 16:24:26 mail

    wonderful pic! ^^ and it doesnt stop there sadly Vestrille, try to not invest too much feelings into anyone that doesnt have their name in the title;o

  • Varak-black-hand

    2014-09-23 17:10:51 mail

    An high quality drawing, congratulations are in order

  • Markpower33

    2014-09-23 18:58:36 mail

    they are both pretty cool girls

  • Ayaka

    2014-09-23 20:58:31 mail

    It's perfect^^

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Zero is waiting for your votes for the best idea

  1. Sakura fucked anal by raikage. by Blue Thunder
  2. Samui and ino fucked silly and creampied by randoms in a cave. positions up to zero. by Graton
  3. Code of Princess - Solange Blanchefleur de Lux.Ali-Baba. Queen Distiny.Helga Wilhelmina are having sex with guards by Jinsimpsons0042
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Bleach giselle gewelle ichigo cumshot blowjob by GlanceReviver

  • GlanceReviver

    2014-09-23 11:57:39 mail

    This is my first picture here. I hope you guys like it. I also uploaded a clean version.

  • Splorneshk

    2014-09-23 18:56:05 mail


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Kitsune999 started new poll and waiting for your ideas

  1. Ivy Valentine (Soul Calibur) guys fucked from behind in bed by Patroklos saying, "Come on boy, put your hips into it." Ivy shows a bored expression. by Wilky700
  2. Goku (dragonball z) in super sayian god form fucking sailor moon in a cystal castle by MasterDragonUnlimited
  3. Final Fantasy: Stella Nox Fleuret and Rinoa Heartilly fucking each other like no tomorrow. Obviously artist's choice on pose. by ZinZero

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Fairy tail erza cana lucy by Erodraw

from: Erodraw
Added 2 days ago
  • Erodraw

    2014-09-21 20:31:02 mail

  • Seivz

    2014-09-21 20:32:21 mail

    Good work but you could improved the shadows, they are like made in 1 minute lol. There is even some color who are not adjusted in the characters. But good job.

  • Erodraw

    2014-09-21 20:41:01 mail

    thank you but it was done by a lot more of 1 min, for the colo not adjusted, I just didn't saw them, I'll try to make a version with adjusted color

  • MagpieJ

    2014-09-21 21:08:36 mail

    thanks Erodraw, it's awesome man. could it be possible to upload it a second time but with a change to cana's hair color, it's darker than that i think.

  • Erodraw

    2014-09-21 22:14:13 mail

    NP I'll Do it

  • Darklight03xx

    2014-09-21 23:27:06 mail

    Great job!

  • The Stig

    2014-09-22 01:10:33 mail

    hot work

  • TittyfukMaster69

    2014-09-22 03:38:12 mail

    awesome work. oh boy i love me some cana =D

  • Monkey-man79

    2014-09-22 06:04:02 mail

    the annoying watermark! rage!1!

  • Bosiluca64

    2014-09-23 12:44:46 mail

    Erza is busy as usual ^^

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Inusen666 started new poll and waiting for your ideas

  1. Final Fantasy XV: Stella Nox Fleuret (New design) being d into a blowjob while taking it from behind after a nice dinner. by ZinZero
  2. Cocktease getting some: Elly Kim Hong/Elly Tran Ha getting anally fucked while being d to give two handjobs. Embarassed look on her face with her pussy spread and ready for a good hard fucking by ZinZero
  3. Super Smash Bros: Palutena gangbanged from behind by a futa Zelda, and Samus while sucking off a futa Peach. by ZinZero

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Kitty and Brandi by Croc Sx

from: Croc Sx
Added 2 days ago
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DKIR is waiting for your votes for the best idea

  1. Erza serving the patients:Erza dressed as a Nurse gets fucked by random guys.Artist will choose the numbers of guys and poses. by Whentai User
  2. Amazon vs Knight - Boa and Rebecca gets fucked in the Dressrosa Colosseum (Boa doggystyle with her breasts visible and Rebecca dp). by Mineur
  3. Loves Riding Them Jewels: (One Piece) Jewelry Bonney riding an random guy reverse anal cowgirl, while giving two random handjobs (Dont have to be fully in pic they both bukkake her)! by Milf Lover Kusanagi
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Issei Hyoudou Rias Gremory High School DxD by Kitsune999

Nico Robin Nami anal by TitFlaviy


    2014-09-19 21:29:12 mail

    Hot damn that was quick, but the lock of the nels0n was missing. But i'll say its still a awesome image Love your style with OP!

  • Whentai User

    2014-09-19 21:36:06 mail

    Great pic TitFlaviy!

  • MagpieJ

    2014-09-19 21:41:34 mail

    That was quick indeed, girls aren't in full n.e.l.s.o.n.n positions and Nami has short hair even though I stated her timeskip appearance(long hair), robin wearing jacket not fully naked and the randoms look more like p.r.i.s.o.n.e.r.s that marines.

  • Ayaka

    2014-09-19 21:53:56 mail


  • MagpieJ

    2014-09-19 22:31:44 mail

    Other than the things I stated, it is a nice piece, just please refer to the details of the user's request and try not to rush it.


    2014-09-19 23:08:03 mail

    Artists have been updated and are aware of the recent concerns lately.

  • The Stig

    2014-09-19 23:25:42 mail

    nice pic

  • Vikihole

    2014-09-20 05:09:23 mail

    they are enjoying themselvs :3

  • BubbahotepII

    2014-09-20 06:39:04 mail

    nice tits on them girls

  • Frankenfran

    2014-09-20 07:40:43 mail

    I missed your art, TitFlaviy :)

Gerp fary tale cum huge breast lucy milliana by Gerp

from: Gerp
Added 5 days ago
  • The Stig

    2014-09-19 02:22:28 mail

    Very good work Gerp!


    2014-09-19 02:26:33 mail

    Yup! Another great outcome!

  • Whentai User

    2014-09-19 11:44:01 mail


  • Milf Lover Kusanagi

    2014-09-19 21:41:03 mail

    Milliana & gerp style is great.


    2014-09-19 23:13:25 mail

    I think a Milliana Collab will be on the cards one day, especially with her magic games bondage wear she had ^^

Witch Craft Works Honoka Kazane Kagari Takamiya by DKIR

from: DKIR
Added 5 days ago

Sketch lanza ass anal boos tits street fighter King of figthers guilty gear Ultimate Fucking Champions Sketch three fight game babes male opponents sexy moves by Sketch Lanza

  • The Stig

    2014-09-18 00:29:44 mail

    Hmm. Yush gewd quite gewd

  • Wilky700

    2014-09-18 01:38:24 mail

    Excellent Lanza :D

  • Monkey-man79

    2014-09-18 05:12:30 mail

    Holy sheep, my desk is levitating! oh it's just my boners' fault

  • BubbahotepII

    2014-09-18 07:42:40 mail

    Good job Sketchlanza it's so rare to see hentai of Vice

  • Frankenfran

    2014-09-18 13:20:08 mail

    Very nice, once again Sketch delivers with no fuss :)


    2014-09-18 20:11:58 mail

    Definitley a varied choice, Well done!

  • Malefix

    2014-09-20 09:29:55 mail

    Thank God Poi is not a tranny! fapfapfap

  • Cavpal

    2014-09-20 13:52:11 mail

    Who's the girl on the right? The one doing the splits?

  • Marchdeath

    2014-09-21 05:03:31 mail


Naruto Shion princess priestess shippuden hot spring hot spring by GAB

from: GAB
Added 6 days ago
  • GAB

    2014-09-17 21:42:37 mail

    Sorry for the long wait, but it was the first time I've drawn without any templates... Hope you enjoy it! - GAB

  • Ayaka

    2014-09-17 21:44:09 mail

    Breast sucking is missing... but everything else is like what the idea says, that's good.

  • GAB

    2014-09-17 21:46:16 mail

    Sorry, I tried. He's kinda biting her nipple...

  • Marco

    2014-09-17 22:06:53 mail

    Do you have a version without body hair?

  • GAB

    2014-09-17 22:20:47 mail

    Sure, I just have to delete a layer...

  • The Stig

    2014-09-17 23:07:17 mail


  • Monkey-man79

    2014-09-18 05:13:34 mail

    Totally approved!

  • BubbahotepII

    2014-09-18 07:43:13 mail

    Her body is a bit too long imho

  • Roki 07

    2014-09-18 12:40:06 mail

    Really nice work, thanks GAB :)

  • Frankenfran

    2014-09-18 13:20:31 mail

    Nice work indeed :)

Issei Hyodo Rias Gremory Grayfia Lucifuge high school class DXD by Xxxbattery


    2014-09-17 18:56:07 mail

    Ok, Some people got a bit pers0nal so im going to make a point here. If something wasnt done be informative to the artist in a respectful tone about it. Conversley if you dont approve, dont like the image then. Theres no better way to get your point throu

  • Bob Mcsmith

    2014-09-17 19:20:53 mail

    my only complaint is can't see the faces and I'll leave it at that.

  • Ayaka

    2014-09-17 20:40:55 mail

    Why even accept a idea when you aren't even going to draw what the idea says?

  • Ayaka

    2014-09-17 20:44:24 mail

    This is happening a lot lately where artist's just ignore what the idea, request says...

  • Ayaka

    2014-09-17 20:45:36 mail

    and just draw what they want.. some artist's did that in the past too which is not okay.

  • Xxxbattery

    2014-09-17 21:18:52 mail

    I'd like to apologize, I did not mean to ignore your request. It was a creative decision not to show the faces, but no worries I can go at a different Angle or different version even. I chose to draw grayfia from behind because of the anal cream pie, and

  • Xxxbattery

    2014-09-17 21:22:04 mail

    and I was attempting to depict Rias overwhelmed in the moment. Please do not be to upset. Drawing another version will not be too much, I agree that if you vote you are entitled to what you ask for.

  • Xxxbattery

    2014-09-17 21:23:25 mail

    I will make another upload before my next poll

  • Xxxbattery

    2014-09-17 21:28:39 mail

    Hope I have not offended anyone too much there will be another version uploaded soon.

Mass Effect naked Liara dpd deepthroat randoms creampie by Tophatharry


    2014-09-16 21:11:00 mail

    B-b-but wheres my biotic-nerve-crackling-sexual-energy! Kidding, nice work Top!

  • Tophatharry

    2014-09-16 21:27:20 mail

    XD TY!!

  • Mageta-the-lion

    2014-09-17 05:17:21 mail

    Liara is the hottest alien girl, hands down

  • MagpieJ

    2014-09-17 08:30:54 mail

    Thanks Top, I love it.

  • Dakushna

    2014-09-17 13:28:19 mail

    Like a glove!

  • Tophatharry

    2014-09-17 19:59:25 mail

    TY magpiej glad you like it XD!!

  • MagpieJ

    2014-09-17 21:07:26 mail

    I've got a good Miranda idea that I might post in one of Top's future polls.

  • BubbahotepII

    2014-09-18 07:55:10 mail

    Smurfs got nothing on her

  • MagpieJ

    2014-09-18 09:22:48 mail

    You and your smurfs Bubba, lol.

  • Frankenfran

    2014-09-18 13:22:31 mail

    Oh I don't know, smurfette is quite popular ;)

Esdeath Akame ga Tatsumi by DKIR

from: DKIR
Added 7 days ago
  • Ayaka

    2014-09-16 12:09:37 mail

    Was hoping to see my Kazane pic... hmm and her breast's are not fully visible.

  • Ayaka

    2014-09-16 12:10:05 mail

    BUT everything else looks really good.

  • Alexia

    2014-09-16 13:47:47 mail

    I really like it ^^ however i did write "her large breasts are fully visible" next time please make sure that all the details requested are in the pic

  • Dan

    2014-09-16 14:34:35 mail

    it look greats thanks DKIR

  • Raimundo59

    2014-09-16 14:58:10 mail

    The girl looks very dominant

  • Milf Lover Kusanagi

    2014-09-16 18:41:10 mail

    Awesome DKIR esdeath looks well sexy, great piece.

  • MastaofBitches

    2014-09-16 20:45:52 mail

    Been waiting for this!

  • Ichigoratedrko

    2014-09-17 03:06:16 mail

    esdeth from akame ga is the best make more pics of esdeath please

  • Fireyphoenix911

    2014-09-18 01:35:38 mail

    Totally great, Esdeath is so hot, perally loved Sheele more but she died /cry

Erza mirajane jenny inusen fairy tail natsu sex porn xxx whentai by Inusen666

Unohana Aki Nijou Shizuka Marikawa by Hentaimaster88

  • The Stig

    2014-09-15 00:44:31 mail

    Hot work HM88

  • MagpieJ

    2014-09-15 02:41:18 mail

    Excellent work HM88, I love it man, thanks a lot :)

  • Milf Lover Kusanagi

    2014-09-15 05:45:06 mail

    HM this is outstanding, nice & busty.

  • BubbahotepII

    2014-09-15 08:15:14 mail

    not bad, you earn a like

  • Frankenfran

    2014-09-16 05:34:55 mail

    Very nice, Hm :)

  • Flyingdwarf777

    2014-09-16 08:44:32 mail

    good ahe faces (:

  • Rui

    2014-09-17 11:06:44 mail

    Love your work. You really did justice with these voluptous women especially delicious Aki

Ieyasu Tokugawa Saika Magoichi Sengoku Basara Judge End by Kitsune999

  • Kitsune999

    2014-09-14 15:40:18 mail

    Here it is. I'm a Japanese history nerd so I had a lot of fun with this, thank you Tofuk for the original idea! I hope you'll like it :)


    2014-09-14 15:56:39 mail

    Jap History nerd you say? We must talk on ideas. What I love about your work is not only the sexy gals (Mag looks delicious) but the eye for detail in the clothing. Which for both you done excellent. Im definitely a happy customer Kit. Wonderful piece!


    2014-09-14 15:57:17 mail

    Oh and the cut away, good view! ^^

  • Kitsune999

    2014-09-14 16:08:31 mail

    T...thank you :'-) I'm really glad you're happy with the result!

  • The Stig

    2014-09-14 16:19:37 mail


  • Milf Lover Kusanagi

    2014-09-15 05:40:44 mail

    Awsome kitsune, magoichi looks breathtaking & those juciy tits.

  • Frankenfran

    2014-09-16 05:36:01 mail

    The girl looks sweet and lovely, Kitsune, awesome work :)

Gerp sex huge breast ass honoka ayaka by Gerp

from: Gerp
Added 11 days ago
  • The Stig

    2014-09-12 16:07:36 mail


  • Ayaka

    2014-09-12 16:09:45 mail

    Some little details are missing like: cums inside and they are sweating...

  • Ayaka

    2014-09-12 16:10:24 mail

    BUT still it's pretty good thanks^^

  • Milf Lover Kusanagi

    2014-09-13 01:14:38 mail

    Speachless, truly stunning gerp.

  • Frankenfran

    2014-09-13 06:47:17 mail

    Another good art piece, Gerp :)

  • MagpieJ

    2014-09-13 15:07:34 mail

    I'm speechless, love the way you draw these curvacious babes Gerp.

Nina cammy street fighter tekken by Zero

from: Zero
Added 11 days ago

HonokaTakamiya KazaneKagari Ayaka JH by JH

from: JH
Added 11 days ago
  • Mineur

    2014-09-12 09:42:03 mail

    rly nice work, love the "good morning/night" idea haha ^^

  • The Stig

    2014-09-12 12:43:03 mail


  • Ayaka

    2014-09-12 15:12:54 mail

    Great work!

  • Ayaka

    2014-09-12 16:15:17 mail

    oh you forgot the sweating part..

  • Mon

    2014-09-12 21:59:15 mail

    I like to , as he ^^

  • Milf Lover Kusanagi

    2014-09-13 01:14:07 mail

    JH this is an great piece.

  • Vikihole

    2014-09-13 04:33:12 mail

    Hes quite the stud :D

  • MagpieJ

    2014-09-13 15:05:03 mail

    Amazing JH, stellar work.

Kushina by Riffsandskulls