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Hinata naruto by Gerp

from: Gerp
Added 24 hours ago
  • Sorashiro040

    2015-01-30 17:52:14 mail

    nice work Gerp! more hinata ahegao!


    2015-01-30 18:27:25 mail

    Im glad you had her in her last clothes.Thanks gerp!

  • Marchdeath

    2015-01-30 19:02:22 mail

    thank god it ended at long last

  • Anonymousse

    2015-01-31 10:31:05 mail

    Amazing work

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Hentaimaster88 started new poll and waiting for your ideas

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  1. Tigrevurmud Vorn is grabing one of Elizavetta Fomina arms while he is fucking her doggystyle, cum running down her leg from her pussy. Both of their faces blushing and visible. She is busty & curvy. No anal, wet pussy. by Milf Lover Kusanagi
  2. Easiest Puzzle Ever: Kaito Daimon (Phi Brain) fucks Nonoha Itou in his bedroom. Both have pleasured faces. by Trimtram2
  3. YoungJustice. Black Canary and Zatanna (clothed)stand and carry positions (any way you wish) and below both have a bukkake over their faces and chest by TOFUK

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BacchusFairy Tail fucks Cana stand and carryAhegao included by Batou

from: Batou
Added yesterday
  • TittyfukMaster69

    2015-01-31 04:59:47 mail

    Aw niiiiiice! This is very sexy, Great job Batou.

  • Flyingdwarf777

    2015-01-31 06:39:07 mail

    Nice boobies!

  • Jupmod

    2015-01-31 14:32:26 mail

    Nice. Yet Cana's eyes are not purple. They're brown.

  • BubbahotepII

    2015-01-31 14:42:12 mail

    they are pink because she's been hypnotized by Bacchus, I think


    2015-01-31 16:45:17 mail

    Gives you all a chance to practice your edit skills ;p

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Vbecool started new poll and waiting for your ideas

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  1. Tsunade and Samui doing ass to ass with double headed dildo while they deepthroating their partner by Sichan
  2. Ambidexterity contest: Ayane (DoA) and Tenten (Naruto the Last) double handling dicks (+ blowing); each girl has a sign over her head displaying a vote by Monkey-man79
  3. Kushina fuck with 3 Naruto clones by Mimikoto

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Nico Robin beign fucked by trafalgar law by Hentaimaster88

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Batou started new poll and waiting for your ideas

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  1. Xenosaga III: KOS-MOS being fucked by a futanari T-elos by ZinZero
  2. Cocktease getting some: Elly Kim Hong/Elly Tran Ha getting anally fucked while being forced to give two handjobs. Embarassed look on her face with her pussy spread and ready for a good hard fucking by ZinZero
  3. Sailor Moon: Black Lady fapping with Luna P with Mistress 9 fapping as well by ZinZero

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Revy Clara Lille from Watchdogs and Juri Han are fucking random guys giving the finger towards the viewer by Vbecool

from: Vbecool
Added 2 days ago
  • Cavpal

    2015-01-29 09:11:05 mail

    Nice art, but Juri is not really busty

  • BubbahotepII

    2015-01-29 14:26:32 mail

    I love it! Juri-han's gloves are a nice touch, kudos

  • Bosiluca64

    2015-01-29 16:52:23 mail

    Watchdogs was a disappointment to me, but Clara deserves more hentai ^_^


    2015-01-29 18:23:55 mail

    Good job Vbe!

  • Vbecool

    2015-01-29 18:50:41 mail


  • Perverserknight

    2015-01-29 20:57:07 mail

    Always excited to see more Juri and I'm glad Two Hands is getting some action :)

  • Milf Lover Kusanagi

    2015-01-29 23:00:11 mail

    Juri stands out the most & love that shes using her eye power up.

  • Mageta-the-lion

    2015-01-30 06:24:11 mail

    Not bad, although I like your animations much more

  • Monkey-man79

    2015-01-30 06:54:17 mail

    How come I did not vote this?..

  • Amaterasu89

    2015-01-31 09:24:55 mail

    Dat Revy XD

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Sketch Lanza is waiting for your votes for the best idea

  1. Final Fantasy: Stella Nox Fleuret being fucked by a futa Yuna, Rikku, and Paine. Artist's choice on how it plays out. by ZinZero
  2. Super Smash Bros: Palutena gangbanged from behind by a futa Zelda, and Samus while sucking off a futa Peach. by ZinZero
  3. Cocktease getting some: Elly Kim Hong/Elly Tran Ha getting anally fucked while being forced to give two handjobs. Embarassed look on her face with her pussy spread and ready for a good hard fucking by ZinZero
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Daniel Bryan fucking steph mcmahon fucked silly tapping out beard boobs ass sketch lanza sexy wwe wrestling YESYESYES by Sketch Lanza


    2015-01-28 18:14:30 mail

    I nearly choked seeing this!,Surprised you went more human look, Expecting your usual style. Bryan looks himself, Stephs face is a little off (cheeks/mouth) but I can appreciate this was a challenge and you put effort into this, Good crack at it Sketch.

  • Sketch Lanza

    2015-01-28 18:23:19 mail

    I'm glad you liked! About the her face, The reference I used no was good choice. But I hope you understand!

  • Dr Strange

    2015-01-28 19:37:12 mail


  • Blaise

    2015-01-28 20:58:00 mail

    Awesome Job Lanza! Man people were pissed when Daniel Bryan lost the Royal Rumble... Although I was expecting Roman Reigns to win this! (People that watch WWE will understand)

  • BubbahotepII

    2015-01-28 21:04:05 mail

    Great suggestion, Boss

  • Alexrod9011

    2015-01-29 00:02:47 mail

    I can't stop laughing at this lol

  • Dakushna

    2015-01-29 07:05:05 mail

    The end result is satisfying

  • Mageta-the-lion

    2015-01-29 07:43:24 mail

    Nice, although I was expecting a cameo with Heitch

  • Varak-black-hand

    2015-01-29 10:00:28 mail

    An interesting request, I may try a similar suggestion soon

  • Beastdude

    2015-01-29 12:30:32 mail

    haha great one maggle

Supergirl wonder woman artemis superman batman apocalypse by EdJim

from: EdJim
Added 4 days ago
  • EdJim

    2015-01-27 12:53:04 mail

    I loved drawing this, i hope you like it PerverserKnight! I'm still opened for commissions, guys: 15-25 USD for 1-2 characters, simple background and colored.

  • Perverserknight

    2015-01-27 13:06:17 mail

    Excellent work, EdJim! I see Kara's working hard to live up to her cousin's mantle ;)

  • EdJim

    2015-01-27 13:15:07 mail

    Haha Thanks, pal!

  • Vikihole

    2015-01-27 14:29:13 mail

    this is fun and kind of hot :3


    2015-01-27 14:30:04 mail

    Indeed good job, you did the positions really accurate and kept their look from the movie.

  • Bosiluca64

    2015-01-27 16:08:20 mail

    Supergirl looks really evil here

  • Monkey-man79

    2015-01-27 17:33:19 mail

    First time SG is bad ass

  • Milf Lover Kusanagi

    2015-01-27 19:41:10 mail

    Truly nice change of pace & nice art edjim.

  • EdJim

    2015-01-27 20:00:19 mail

    Thank you, guys! That inspires me to keep improving!

  • Jinsimpsons0042

    2015-01-27 20:58:18 mail

    nice job

Erza Mirajane by Hobb

from: Hobb
Added 5 days ago
  • Markpower33

    2015-01-26 18:52:55 mail

    whats this "the revenge of the smurfs" ?


    2015-01-26 19:50:30 mail

    Mark fears the BBC ;P Love the expressions Hobb and your bukkakes are always nice and messy on busty gals.

  • Henrydoblazqy

    2015-01-27 06:34:36 mail

    big blue cock?

  • Bosiluca64

    2015-01-27 16:09:24 mail

    Some guy called them "smarties demons" before ^_^

  • Fluffymajor

    2015-01-27 20:16:29 mail

    too white

Erza Kagura Minerva FairyTail by ELBENTO

Added 5 days ago
  • Vikihole

    2015-01-25 20:17:26 mail

    So nice, they look lovely :D

  • Sanji990

    2015-01-25 20:24:15 mail

    good work, thanks!!


    2015-01-25 21:10:01 mail

    B-b-beautiful. Based Elbento!

  • Cavpal

    2015-01-25 22:44:42 mail

    So much action I dunno where to look O_O

  • WH Tan

    2015-01-26 06:19:52 mail

    really great work! ARe you plamming creating new polls? I`ll share some votes for you.

  • Frankenfran

    2015-01-26 07:41:07 mail

    You never disappoint, Ben :)

  • Bosiluca64

    2015-01-26 09:22:29 mail

    So much win in a single picture

  • Dudrhkd2120

    2015-01-26 09:34:57 mail


  • Raimundo59

    2015-01-26 10:34:50 mail

    Image super hot!!! . This is how should fight in his battle final.


    2015-01-26 11:02:10 mail

    Thanks guys, I'm glad you like it :D

Hentai by Seivz

from: Seivz
Added 7 days ago
  • Henrydoblazqy

    2015-01-24 05:55:16 mail

    your getting good with this animation business


    2015-01-24 10:31:56 mail

    That teddy bear on the right side haha^^

  • Mineur

    2015-01-24 14:59:07 mail

    awesome work dude!

  • WH Tan

    2015-01-26 10:00:47 mail

    sorry for delay. It is my fall. No everything seems ok. I think this hot animation from Seivz. Like it.

Tsunade by Mushroom octopus

  • WH Tan

    2015-01-23 10:59:29 mail

    really hot!!!


    2015-01-23 18:56:52 mail

    Aye, Nice Tsunade!

Erza and Lucy in their Catgirl get ups by Hentaimaster88

Erza fary tail by Gerp

from: Gerp
Added 9 days ago

    2015-01-22 18:27:28 mail

    Erza like a pro as always.

  • Vikihole

    2015-01-25 08:51:12 mail

    Erza is always a nice surprise :D

Erza scarlet luffy boa hancock natsu dragneel one piece fairy tail ahegao by EdJim

from: EdJim
Added 9 days ago
  • EdJim

    2015-01-22 04:25:49 mail

    Hope you like it Jin! I'm opened for commissions: 15-25 USD for 1-2 characters, simple background and colored.

  • Jinsimpsons0042

    2015-01-22 07:31:06 mail

    yes i love it good job

  • Amaterasu89

    2015-01-22 09:48:03 mail

    Damn :O Natsu gives quite the titty twister lol

  • Frankenfran

    2015-01-22 09:56:57 mail

    A very nice crossover :)

  • EdJim

    2015-01-22 12:29:00 mail

    Thank you, guys! :D

  • Vikihole

    2015-01-22 14:26:41 mail

    Finally Natsu-kun is back on the saddle :D

  • I Love Hentai

    2015-01-22 16:26:18 mail

    How can i contact you for commissions?

  • EdJim

    2015-01-22 17:22:08 mail

    You can send me a personal message on here, or send me an e-mail:

  • Mageta-the-lion

    2015-01-23 14:37:12 mail

    My only pet peeve is Boa too far away in the second panel, other than that it's a masterpiece

  • EdJim

    2015-01-23 17:54:49 mail

    Hehe thanks, i'll try to work more on that!

Kushina Ahegao Raikage Piledrive Artwork By Blaise by Blaise

from: Blaise
Added 9 days ago
  • Blaise

    2015-01-22 09:43:09 mail

    I need some user feedback, in the future do you guys want me to draw characters with the equivalent size of their breasts & ass? Or make them bigger? I'm thinking of sticking to their appropriate sizes.

  • I Love Hentai

    2015-01-22 16:06:44 mail

    I think you should draw em equivalent by character and kinda odd you see an image with 2-3-4 girls all with same size of breast and ass, except by commissions.

  • Birusu

    2015-01-22 18:04:05 mail

    The breasts are very good, the lack of details is the major weakness of your art, it's a little imprecise. But don't get me wrong, it's quite good and in the future you're gonna become one of the best.

Sketch lanza boobs nude hot Diane Nanatsu No Taizai breasts giant Melodias Ban King jerking off cumming face hair neck chest her mouth by Sketch Lanza

  • Vulgar Maestro

    2015-01-21 14:03:41 mail

    Picture came out great Sketch :D! Love seeing these characters in your style.

  • BubbahotepII

    2015-01-21 14:43:38 mail

    Giant girl bukkaked by midgets...great!


    2015-01-21 17:36:06 mail

    You know this intrigued me with robin and the tontattas, but it'd be too much to pull off.

  • Perverserknight

    2015-01-21 20:49:57 mail

    Attagirl! Stuck between two rocks with cum all over the place!

  • Mageta-the-lion

    2015-01-21 22:38:14 mail

    Interesting concept

  • Migliorisi03

    2015-01-27 16:10:03 mail

    rias and elizabeth anal

Naruto fuck Nico Robin in library Robin ride on naruto while she is reading book Her face all red and she enjoy it by Batou

from: Batou
Added 11 days ago
  • Mineur

    2015-01-20 13:36:22 mail

    great art!

  • Malefix

    2015-01-20 14:07:13 mail

    The book is amazing

  • Amaterasu89

    2015-01-20 14:43:20 mail

    Good pic. She's not riding him though...

  • Jinsimpsons0042

    2015-01-20 15:25:08 mail


  • Nitrokio102

    2015-01-20 17:58:32 mail

    potential to be animated

  • Nitrokio102

    2015-01-20 17:58:35 mail

    potential to be animated

  • Cmhutt1992

    2015-01-20 18:59:30 mail

    wow awsome work batou

  • Anonymousse

    2015-01-20 21:22:39 mail

    awesome pic. she looks a little unfased tho, like she can't really feel it lol.

  • Jupmod

    2015-01-20 21:29:03 mail

    Love the pairing! I recently gotten into liking the notion of Naruto/Robin, and it's great to see more Naruto/Robin hentai. :)

  • Cavpal

    2015-01-21 08:19:25 mail

    Ok, I have to admit this is a funny crack pairing

Tsunade Hinata Naruto group bukake squirt by Hobb

from: Hobb
Added 11 days ago
  • Five

    2015-01-19 22:48:11 mail

    very hot. good work


    2015-01-20 01:08:08 mail

    Love their shapely bods. Tsunades silver tongue on the left hehe. But this is nice hobb, thank you

  • Cavpal

    2015-01-20 05:34:09 mail

    too bad Tsunade is left in the corner...

  • Sichan

    2015-01-20 08:22:59 mail

    its looking perfect! Great job.

  • Janlouegie

    2015-01-23 07:58:25 mail

    how to view this..

  • 1404576532

    2015-01-25 02:43:28 mail


Gainax panty and stocking pantyandstocking yuri by NiNoEros

from: NiNoEros
Added 11 days ago
  • Perverserknight

    2015-01-19 21:59:56 mail

    Always glad to see Stocking get stuffed ;)

  • Amaterasu89

    2015-01-19 22:16:20 mail

    Looks like it was right out of the anime. Nice work :D


    2015-01-19 23:47:39 mail

    *nod* nino is a fitting artist for PSaG, my only mention would of been more curves for stock, but i like this piece and what you did overall.

  • Cavpal

    2015-01-20 05:34:38 mail

    props for the idea

  • Frankenfran

    2015-01-20 07:34:17 mail

    one of the funniest anime I've seen recently :)

  • Monkey-man79

    2015-01-20 10:59:29 mail

    Party hard

  • Amaterasu89

    2015-01-20 14:46:12 mail

    On another note, I would pay big money to get Jamie Marchi and Monica Rial to provide dialog for this scene. XD

  • Markpower33

    2015-01-20 15:51:38 mail

    whats wrong with their calves? daheck

  • Marcusnelson594

    2015-01-21 01:41:14 mail

    am sollllllll)

  • Marchdeath

    2015-01-21 06:40:49 mail

    @markpower: bro I feel you

Avatar Korra gangbang by Batou

from: Batou
Added 12 days ago

Raikage tsunade challenge bent over ahegao by Doby99

from: Doby99
Added 12 days ago
  • Doby99

    2015-01-18 19:02:35 mail

    Here it is! thank you everybody for the support! :D


    2015-01-18 20:02:42 mail

    Doby deserves some praise for this, i enquired if he would be willing to do a tiny edit seperate of a tsunade lose version. Just a change of expression, he did more and im thankful he did, both versions are great.

  • Ragnarokvx

    2015-01-18 22:54:42 mail

    props to Doby99 :), i love both the different wins

  • Doby99

    2015-01-19 02:30:40 mail

    Thanks! I´m glad you both like it! :D

  • BubbahotepII

    2015-01-19 17:49:51 mail

    this guy is getting too much puss imho

  • WilkyDAT

    2015-01-20 03:35:20 mail

    These two should've Married lol.

  • Cavpal

    2015-01-20 05:37:40 mail

    are you kidding, right?

  • Vikihole

    2015-01-20 08:37:27 mail

    the guy is so ugly :S

  • Markpower33

    2015-01-20 15:52:45 mail

    hes got the standard rapper look

  • Doby99

    2015-01-20 17:52:42 mail

    lol If those two married it was gonna be hell for whatever village they live in, disaster every day XD