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Mirajane Strauss FairyTail Footjob by ELBENTO

Added yesterday

    2014-12-18 20:41:48 mail

    Woo! Nice work

  • Mageta-the-lion

    2014-12-18 21:06:46 mail

    Looks hot


    2014-12-18 21:07:03 mail

    Kudos for drawing exactly what the idea says but the site is really getting flooded with FT pics...

  • Bob Mcsmith

    2014-12-18 23:17:28 mail

    that's t o be expected when a series ends, the others take its place. but a very nice Mira picture indeed.

  • Momo Deviluke

    2014-12-18 23:47:01 mail

    Omg Ben, nice work, i love Mira ♥

  • Anonymous

    2014-12-18 23:53:18 mail

    The site always had a lot of naruto and fairy tail from what I can remember. Not really noticing a difference. That aside this pic is great. Mirajane has really white skin

  • Joecondor78

    2014-12-19 09:36:37 mail

    why shes so white?

  • Vikihole

    2014-12-19 10:44:20 mail

    What a cute, dear Santa she is :3

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DKIR is waiting for your votes for the best idea

  1. Inner Moka riding Tsukune Aono cowgirl-style, her breasts are fully visible. Both of their faces are drawn and visible. Both are fully naked and blushing. She is Busty&Curvy. No anal, eyes open. by Alexia
  2. Tigrevurmud Vorn is fucking Eleonora Viltaria in a standing position while he is grabbing her butt. Both of their faces are drawn and visible. They both are blushing. No anal, wet pussy. She is wearing her hair pin: by AYAKA
  3. A blushing (Ellen) is giving a blushing (Tigrevurmud) a messy paizuri/titfuck. She has precum on her breasts and her body is fully visible: feet, butt etc (They are looking each other in their eyes and both of their faces are visible) by AYAKA
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Mei Terumi Erza Tayuya by Seivz

from: Seivz
Added 2 days ago
  • Seivz

    2014-12-18 02:18:10 mail

    Thanks for voting like that, it will encourage me to continue. Keep it :)

  • Seivz

    2014-12-18 02:18:19 mail

    And who is the experienced one ? :p

  • Mageta-the-lion

    2014-12-18 06:10:37 mail

    This is something else

  • Vikihole

    2014-12-18 06:46:25 mail

    Oh my, I love this! ♥ ♥ ♥ Thank you for drawing my request :D

  • Monkey-man79

    2014-12-18 08:09:28 mail

    Your best art piece to date

  • BubbahotepII

    2014-12-18 09:53:42 mail

    I'm happy with the result as well

  • Sichan

    2014-12-18 12:09:44 mail

    I was too sad to lose poll. Well this is nice idea too and Mei looks so beautiful :)

  • Tony Cookie

    2014-12-18 12:46:53 mail

    excellent work! Tayuya and Erza look like they're having the time of their lives! Mei, being the experimented one, is just chilling :p

  • Marchdeath

    2014-12-18 13:51:16 mail

    the best part is the lack of nurutu

  • Frankenfran

    2014-12-18 15:54:00 mail

    I'm happy for you, Vicky :)

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Kitsune999 is waiting for your votes for the best idea

  1. Tigrevurmud Vorn is having sex with Eleonora Viltaria. They are touching each other and she is wearing her clothes and her hair pin. They both are blushing. No anal, wet pussy. She is busty, curvy with a big butt. by AYAKA
  2. Water & Ice: Elsa & Ariel (Disney, both 18+) having sex on the edge of an iceberg. Ariel is in mermaid form on her back, with Elsa riding her (ice double dildo) cowgirl style. by CyborgBob
  3. Korra's reindeer game: Korra as a dominatrix mounting faye valentine while dressed as a reindeer (completely naked but with antlers and a rein in her mouth) by MasterDragonUnlimited
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Erza JH by JH

from: JH
Added 2 days ago

    2014-12-17 21:41:30 mail

    Really brilliant work.

  • JH

    2014-12-17 21:44:27 mail

    She does it all and more hehehehe

  • Perverserknight

    2014-12-17 23:08:09 mail

    Excellent work, JH! When it cums down to it, there's no one quite like the Fairy Queen! :)

  • Cavpal

    2014-12-18 14:58:59 mail

    The smarties demons are back

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Masaru started new poll and waiting for your ideas

You can suggest ideas with maximum 2 heroes!

  1. One Hulk of a Christmas: She-Rulk and She-Hulk gangbanged by Gamma-powered snowmen (positions up to artist) by Perverserknight
  2. Here Santa come : Naruto dress up as Santa and fuck Hinata doggy style. They all enjoying and blushing. by TB
  3. You're not Santa!: Raikage Ay dressed as Santa Claus fucks Kushina who has a bow on her ass. Kushina is nude otherwise, Position up to artist. by Trimtram2

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Mirajane and Lucy Fairy Tail are having sex with random by Bato

from: Bato
Added 2 days ago
  • Vbecool

    2014-12-17 15:50:08 mail

    Great Animation!

  • Trimtram2

    2014-12-17 16:31:20 mail

    I like it!

  • Sichan

    2014-12-17 21:24:09 mail

    wow erza!

  • Firasshami

    2014-12-18 04:57:05 mail

    It says "Mirajane and Lucy" when it is in fact "Erza and Lucy" please fix the tag

  • Frankenfran

    2014-12-18 15:54:50 mail

    Another great animation, you're spoiling us, Bato ;)

  • Luffyx

    2014-12-19 04:28:44 mail

    very nice

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Hentaimaster88 started new poll and waiting for your ideas

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  1. Here Santa come : Naruto dress up as Santa and fuck Hinata doggy style. They all enjoying and blushing. by TB
  2. Aqua and kairi are gangbanged by random in the nobody's castle by Supergege
  3. Lucy heartfilia and juvia lockster celebrate christmas event with double penetration contest. by Goldenking

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Sketch lanza Erza Scarlet Swimsuit Anal Erza anally fucked outfit by Sketch Lanza

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Sketch Lanza is waiting for your votes for the best idea

  1. Dragonball z pleasure: Videl getting anal pumping by android 18 as she sits on a double sided dildo while milking her own breast by MasterDragonUnlimited
  2. Chizuru Requests: Chizuru minamoto from kanokon in her fox form and bulma from Dragonball z wearing her bunny suit getting fucked in the pussy by super phat dildos by MasterDragonUnlimited
  3. Naruto Lucky day : Naruto fuck Nico Robin in library. Robin ride on naruto while she is reading book. Her face all red and she enjoy it. (no anal) and luffy peeping and masturbating at behind. Naruto cum in robin pussy. by TB
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Glenn Quagmire Lois Griffin Stan Smith by Croc Sx

from: Croc Sx
Added 3 days ago
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Bato is waiting for your votes for the best idea

  1. Kunoichi Interrogation: Kushina and Tsunade are banged by randoms in cowgirl and doggystyle respectively. Both have Konoha headbands on and Kumo tattoos on their butts. by Trimtram2
  2. Purple Power 2: Yoruichi and Anko Mitarashi DPed side by side with tally marks and ahegao face by Dakushna
  3. Dynasty Whores: Sun Shang Xiang, Lian Shi, and any other Dynasty Warriors ladies the artist wants to draw with big huge tits and having fun with randoms. Position up to artist (vaginal preferred), but tits and penetration should be fully visible. by PainisCupcake
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Hentai movie naruto sakura disquised jiraiya tsunade directing jacuzzi by MasterDragonUnlimited


    2014-12-16 16:21:19 mail

    Cleaned up the comments.


    2014-12-16 16:23:22 mail

    Leave proper feedback or don't comment at all. There is no need to attack the artist.


    2014-12-17 21:55:02 mail

    Under review.

  • MasterDragonUnlimited

    2014-12-18 08:44:55 mail

    yeah i know but i tried and failed i'll make sure to do better next time

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JH is waiting for your votes for the best idea

  1. Pleasure Time:Mei Terumi in sexy santa suit with her breasts exposed.Serving herself to her mens.She is riding hard. by Sichan
  2. The best milk for Santa: Mie Delgado (Battle B Daman) rides a Santa random as he sucks her breasts. Christmas background. by Trimtram2
  3. Merry Christmas in Omega Land (Advance Wars): Nell dressed as an elf rides Olaf dressed as Santa reverse cowgirl by Perverserknight
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Fairy tail erza street fighter juri han by mishki

from: mishki
Added 4 days ago
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Gerp started new poll and waiting for your ideas

You can suggest ideas with maximum 3 heroes!

  1. InuYasha: Inuyasha fucking Sango in stand-and-carry position while inside the mist of sake. Sango has a drun.ken blush and look of pleasure on her face as Inuyasha cums inside her. Kagome is watching with a look of jealous anger. No anal by Amaterasu89
  2. Sekirei - Finding Our Love Contract: Minato Sahashi having sex with Matsu in the bath at Izumo Inn. Both are blushing and enjoying it. Their faces and Matsu's large breasts are shown. No anal by Amaterasu89
  3. Soul Eater: Blair (horny face) gets fucked hard by randoms while Liz and patti suck her tits, and it end with a bukkake on their faces and breasts by Zjmiller98

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Tsunade and Samui by Mushroom octopus

Orihime Inoue and Tayuya Getting Fucked in a Hot Spring Requested by Vikihole Artwork by Blaise Feedbacks are Welcome by Blaise

from: Blaise
Added 5 days ago
  • Blaise

    2014-12-15 03:00:35 mail

    My first Artwork made as an Artist for Whentai! I'm pretty excited for what brings to this site, and I want to thank everyone for the charming Welcomes and Goodlucks :)

  • The Stig

    2014-12-15 04:15:24 mail

    Great work

  • Blaise

    2014-12-15 04:35:56 mail

    Thank you :)

  • Dakushna

    2014-12-15 07:36:00 mail

    One guy is not exactly a gangbang

  • Vikihole

    2014-12-15 08:08:28 mail

    So fast! Thanks a lot for doing my request, I like it very much :D

  • Tony Cookie

    2014-12-15 13:00:46 mail

    Very nice thank you! Although another man would make it look more like a gangbang :)

  • Meelemaghtere

    2014-12-15 14:09:40 mail


  • Bosiluca64

    2014-12-16 10:07:44 mail

    He is a one man army

  • MasterDragonUnlimited

    2014-12-16 20:12:22 mail

    For your first pic I love it great work

  • Malefix

    2014-12-16 22:16:16 mail

    Where are the others? They got lost on the way to the party?

Hinata hanabi and naruto by Hentaimaster88

  • Vikihole

    2014-12-14 18:45:47 mail

    hanabi-chan looks too loli :(


    2014-12-14 19:15:53 mail

    Both look stunning. I lol'd at the paperbag return. The small panel was alot more generous! Thank you HM88

  • Beastdude

    2014-12-14 20:57:29 mail

    This is the best picture i have seen so far

  • Megablackjokerace

    2014-12-15 19:58:11 mail

    Very nice Master of Hentai.More Hinata is very welcome ;)

Lucy Yukino FairyTail Gangbang by DKIR

from: DKIR
Added 7 days ago

Lucy evil virgo fary tale bukkake cum anal by Gerp

from: Gerp
Added 7 days ago

Mikoto Uchiha Tsunade Kushina Kurenai by Croc Sx

from: Croc Sx
Added 8 days ago

Android 18 by Riffsandskulls

Hinata MeiTerumi Tsunade Samui JH by JH

from: JH
Added 9 days ago
  • Eromugmugger

    2014-12-10 23:42:50 mail

    Holy Cow! this is probably your best work! I do love me some crazy stuff, keep up the crazy JH :D


    2014-12-11 00:08:17 mail

    Pretty awesome

  • Sichan

    2014-12-11 00:10:49 mail

    Wow its great.Thank you everyone who voted for me.

  • JH

    2014-12-11 11:07:30 mail

    Thank you all. I work hard for you like. ;)

  • Rui

    2014-12-11 12:10:41 mail

    MILFS in fishnets and heels and anal. Probably one of the most awesome pics on here :) You should try drawing the viennese oyster position sometime ;)

  • Olujitsu

    2014-12-11 17:16:46 mail

    This is your best picture so far but could you please, please make it without the dildos? i really find it hot but the dildos make it not so hot in my opinion pls..

  • JH

    2014-12-11 17:35:02 mail

    are not dildos, are men, but only his penis looks

  • Rui

    2014-12-11 17:48:40 mail

    Floating cut-off penises :) A technique by hentai artists done so that the girl isn't obstructed from view when it gets crowded.

  • Hiei

    2014-12-11 18:56:12 mail

    Rui, i doubt these are dildos lol the guys are just invisible.

  • Rui

    2014-12-11 19:18:19 mail

    I know. I said floating cut off penises where the guy is invisible or out of plane view.

Pli MingHu Kuvira gangbang White Lotus by Tophatharry

  • Tophatharry

    2014-12-10 21:11:49 mail

    finally finished, :D, but sadly this will most likely be my last poll pic for a while, i am focusing more of my attention to my patreon ( so if you wanna keep up with my latest works thats the best place to go

  • Tophatharry

    2014-12-11 01:08:54 mail

    lol!! all hail the great uniter!!!

  • Marchdeath

    2014-12-11 06:11:04 mail

    good luck dude

  • Dakushna

    2014-12-11 11:07:33 mail

    You get my vote for the super high resolution

  • Vikihole

    2014-12-12 09:03:56 mail

    Looks like a painting, bravo Tophat :D

  • Bosiluca64

    2014-12-14 07:00:29 mail

    Wowzer ^_^

Pokemon naruto ash ketchum cynthia tsunade sexy blondes doggystyle cowgirl by MasterDragonUnlimited

Narutko blya nepenexon by BlackFox

from: BlackFox
Added 9 days ago
  • Rbgecko

    2014-12-10 20:05:42 mail

    ...why was pre-timeskip chosen? And...the art REALLY needs some work.

  • Arabianknight173

    2014-12-10 22:47:19 mail

    A good idea but needs to be refined

Sketch lanza boobs cum Suikoden Kasumi Two Sexy Pin Ups battlewear two sex acts by Sketch Lanza


    2014-12-09 23:36:29 mail

    Hehe, I didnt expect you to literally choose like in game! But you did extra on the single character so thats cool! Sketch clearly likes Ninjas over Generals ;P Thank you. Maybe i'll have to get Valeria next now.


    2014-12-09 23:38:33 mail

    Just to also say you can buy Suiko 2 for $6 on the US PSN - Its literally one of the most fun RPGs. Euro PSNs will get both games in Jan!

  • The Stig

    2014-12-10 00:12:31 mail


  • ArdenW

    2014-12-10 02:41:03 mail

    Ah Suikoden 2...such a good game.

  • Vikihole

    2014-12-10 09:27:49 mail

    I never playd the game, still love the piccy :D

  • Sketch Lanza

    2014-12-10 10:28:03 mail

    Sorry I understood you wanted Kasumi or Valeria, not the two girls.

  • BubbahotepII

    2014-12-10 16:38:57 mail

    Good choice, Boss


    2014-12-10 17:07:04 mail

    Dont worry Sketch, you still gave 2 pin ups and positions. The title reflected the heroes choice in game but I understand why you mistook.

  • Monkey-man79

    2014-12-10 17:50:27 mail

    At first glance I mistook her for Nene, from the samurai warriors game

  • Stevefox11

    2014-12-12 18:08:20 mail

    what a cutey :3