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Female(s) only, I do ***NOT*** draw males. Only exception is if POV (anon)

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Single female, pin up style or masturbation or POV. Complex backgrounds and clothing may be extra
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2 girls, whatever position (unless abnormally complex)

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Kai from valkyria chronicles 4. Naked pinup style pic with her rifle. Still waring her hat boots and legbelts ect. With some pubic hair. External External
Arts by: GGCGGC Idea by: Restart Added: 2018-10-18 20:16:29
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- Anime: Citrus - Characters: Shiori , Mei and Yuzu - Clothing: Yuzu (full clothes as in reference pic, skirt flip up fully showing her butt, and cute pink panties around one of her legs ), Mei (full clothes as in reference pic, skirt flip up fully showing her butt, and black simple panties around her knee ) Shiori (full clothes as in reference pic) - expression : Yuzu (moaning in pleasure) Mei (enjoy it but trying to hid it and keep her usual poker face) Shiori (smirk smile) - position : as in reference pic, Yuzu and Mei doing butt to butt dildo, Yuzu skirt up with a red hand print on her butt from getting slap and multiple kiss marks around her butt hole and one end of dildo in her anus, and there other end in Mei anus, a lot of fluids coming out of both of them, Shiori taking pictures with her phone - background : big bed in a bedroom - Thank you [img id="476ad9f0e34384c0a8e4aee893bf778a"] [img id="aed4fd5a3b7f28878abc1b1b6e5e14c1"] [img id="deacb129929949eb996110668798eb17"] [img id="a41879846b5cb523896c09d012f1fe71"]
Arts by: GGCGGC Idea by: Xhura Added: 2018-10-04 17:52:52
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Chelia and Wendy Pt.3 - A three panel commission of Chelia and Wendy fucking each other with strap-ons in a bedroom as followed: (Apologies for the bad formatting, mobile problems) 1st Panel - Wendy fucking Chelsea against a wall like in Picture 1. The difference though is that Chelia isn't handcuffed and instead has her left hand in Wendy's hair, scruffing it up and her right hand is on Wendy's left leg as that leg is slightly bent up. Chelia also has her left leg up against the side of Wendy as Wendy grabs hold of it with her right hand as the left is grabbing hold of one of Chelia's boobs. Chelia is wearing what's in Picture 2 but with no skirt, her panties around her legs, top above her breasts and tights still on and Wendy is wearing what's in Picture 3 along with the hairstyle except without the top, a bra that's slightly down to show her breasts and tights. The strap-on is also a blue dildo and is in Chelia's pussy and looks like the strap-on in Picture 4. Both have a sexy expression on their faces. 2nd panel - Wendy is riding Chelia's strap-on on the bed like in Picture 5. Chelia's strap-on is the same except for pink dildo at the end. The changes to this picture are that you can see the strap-on's dildo slightly and that while the position is the same Wendy is grabbing her own hair and turning her head with her left hand (Picture 6) whilst her right is on Chelia's leg and Chelia's left hand is slapping Wendy's ass, making it red (again Picture 6) while her right hand is on Wendy's waist on the right side. Wendy's facial expression is just like Picture 7 whilst Chelia has a sexy smug look on her face. As for clothing at this point Chelia has her brown boots (same ones used in your first Chelia and Wendy commission) still on and tights while Wendy also has her tights on and her hair still the same. 3rd Panel - Wendy is being fucked doggystyle on the bed by Chelia like in Picture 8. Differences in that picture is that you can see the strap-on go into Wendy's asshole (not in a separate cutoff but from the actual position they're in). Wendy's asscheeks are slightly red from before and she's gripping the bed sheets intensely while Chelia grands hold of both Wendy's ass like in Picture 8. Wendy's facial expression is mouth open with relaxed eyes similar to Picture 9 but her eyes aren't rolling to the back of her head while Chelia has a similar expression but more erotic (no smirk) . Also Wendy's body and breasts are slightly up like in Picture 10 as apposed to them being flat down on the bed. Both of them are completely naked in this panel but Wendy's hair remains the same.
Arts by: GGCGGC Idea by: Yuriality Added: 2018-09-16 05:29:26