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A continuation to "Ice Make Love". This time it is Gray licking Juvia's clit/vagina.
Added: 2016-07-10 03:13:37
Kinana (post-timeskip) (Fairy Tail) in a 2 panelled double view pic anal cowgirl similar to this: (Image )
Added: 2016-04-20 20:21:56
Busujima Saeko (Highschool of the Dead) & Hirano Kouta (Highschool of the Dead) similar to this >> (Image ) It's a double view two panel pic where Saeko gets anally fucked by Kouta. Saeko is wearing the bikini she used in the Drifters of the Dead OVA, but give her the ponytail hairstyle she had when she wore the apron. Pull her top up so nipples are visible, and pull her bottom open either slightly down or to the side. On each panel, you can see the kind of expressions I want for each character. Saeko's eyes don't have to be closed, but that's up to you. Make Kouta's eyes invisible through his glasses as he grits his teeth fucking her ass. They're at a beach, so make them sweat at least a bit.
Added: 2016-03-03 17:18:15
If you plan on adding a detail to my idea, please follow the link and read through it carefully first. (External ) I would let the artists here take their sweet time. I really do. But I didn't know 7 days is everyones max limit when placing a bet. Sorry about that, guys. This time, I have technically cut the workload in half. Hope it's reaable. Artists, please follow the link too in order to see my idea.
Added: 2016-02-29 17:49:09
Ashley (WarioWare) in black panties sitting on a bed inside her mansion in a pose and background similar to this >> (Image ) Try to make an anime version of her/draw her in your own style. Give her a body build similar to Wendy Marvell, Hyuuga Hanabi or such character, and give her around B-cup size boobs at most. Her expression is similar or same to her usual one with some blush. Title: "Will You Be My Friend?"
Added: 2016-02-22 23:28:32
Hikage (Senran Kagura) & Ryofu Housen (Ikkitousen). Both are outdoors and fully naked. Housen is standing and bending over with one arm against a tree while rubbing her vagina/clitoris with the other. Give Housen a perverted smile (half-open eyes). Hikage is spreading open one/both of Housen's ass cheeks and licking her anus. Hikage's expression is up to you. Please make sure we get a view of both girls' entire bodies. No oversized boobs (both already have big boobs, just don't make them significantly bigger, lol), no oversized hips/butts and the likes. Do your best sticking to their original proportions and measurements. Lastly, I'm not super picky about it, but the bigger size of the picture, the better.
Added: 2016-02-06 07:36:29
Matoi Ryuuko ( la ) is ing on her back and having an erotic dream (we don't see the dream). She is wearing her orange bunny pajamas (top only) and panties. Her top is buttoned up so we can see her boobs. Her panties are not pulled down, but it's wet from her vaginal lube. Make also some drool run from her mouth. Expression is up to the artist. Would also be cool if some moonlight shines on her through a window (window doesn't need to be drawn). Full-body shot, please. Title: up to the artist.
Added: 2016-01-08 14:10:10
Matoi Ryuuko ( la ) sitting on her classroom desk completely naked (she may be wearing shoes). She did bring her Scissor Blade, though lol. Full-body shot, and big pic dimension something like 3507x2550, please. Ryuuko's expression is up to the artist. Title: "Can't Be Late Because Of Laundry, I Guess..."
Added: 2015-12-22 17:04:39
Gray Fullbuster & Juvia Lockser like this: Image [Poses don't have to be exactly the same. The image is just to give you an IDEA of how I want it to look, I know the way I made Juvia lean over Gray is kinda awkward. But, entire bodies are to fit the image, and I want the background to be showcased kinda like how it is in the reference. Please draw the image in something like 3507width x 2550height dimension format or bigger and similar view angle]. Description: Juvia is giving Gray a boobjob in a pool in the middle of a small ice mountain/pillar created by the two of them. The water can either be deep or shallow. After all, Juvia is a water mage, so she should be able to manipulate the water so they don't sink if it's deep. Which angle the light source (moonlight) comes from is up to the artist, but it is a strong light, making it somewhat bright as day. However, don't let this bother you too much. Just adjust the brightness so you think it's almost bright as day during the night. I'm not that picky. I want Juvia to have the haircut like the image in the bottom left corner, and I want the expressions to be similar to the faces in the bottom right corner. Title: "Magical Nights", but feel free to decide the title yourself if you think you have a better one, (no sarcasm). Seriously, my titles suck sometimes.
Added: 2015-12-05 15:17:01
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