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A PinUp of Aqua from Kingdom Hearts series She wears her standard outfit External Image Image Position like that Image Aqua is fully clothed except for her boots and her socks. Like in ref pic her left foot is naked and she is pulling her sock off of her right foot. Give her light blue colored nails. As for her expression - let her look like she is really turned on, licking her lips and stuff. Let her be also already dripping wet.
Added: 2018-11-05 12:45:16
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Shiki Granbell x Rebecca 2 panels 1 - Rebecca giving Shiki a blowjob 2 - Shiki fucking Rebecca reverse stand and carry Rebecca is wearing a bikini [img id="3527fc513cee748a0d1a9a2e6c2d7945"] [img id="0ae3c5eb95435adccf09e953fe776b88"] [img id="8153c163e7b6d734244eaa75af6ccc31"] [img id="70f02cbd80d2ea3dc76fc26977ef7276"] [img id="35fc4dbfd678dfec6f47152bafc8d4ee"] [img id="2ce2fa86e267e985f35c39f90222f677"] [img id="31206d66ad017601d2ac69d829fa48db"]
Added: 2018-11-02 10:32:48
Title: Concealed Fantasy Series: Fairy Tail Natsu x Erza Panel 1: Things start out hot as Erza is seen from behind riding Natsu. Through the bed sheets we see her riding Natsu's dick while he looks on in pleasure. There bodies should be sweating as this is a heated moment for the two. Panel 2: In this scene we see Natsu sucking on Erza's breasts as she moans in pleasure as she looks down on him in intense pleasure. At this moment, Natsu can no longer hold it in as he lets out his thick load of cum inside Erza. [img id="e853f039b5ba852418cd5a9544795eeb"] [img id="6c32eac7a3dbe31a7d453651590bfe31"]
Added: 2018-10-28 11:25:26
Cat-napping Fun - After Minerva kidnaps (or in this case cat-naps) Millianna she decides to have a little fun with her... (All reference pictures are marked with the corresponding number) Position: Minerva - Her position is the girl to the right of Picture 1 except you can see the whole of her body. Her right hand is grabbing Millianna’s tail instead of her hair. Millianna - Her position is like the girl to the left of Picture 1. Again like before you can see her whole body and because of this her feet are like Picture 2 (but from behind obviously). Also her hands and feet are being held in places by Minerva’s magic as they have this effect around them like Picture 3 but are as small as the circles I’ve drawn in Picture 4. Appearance: Minerva - Her appearance looks like Picture 5. From this reference, she is only wearing the scarf, long gloves and black shoes, but her black boots are high knee boots like Picture 6. Also her bust size is like Picture 7. She also had cat scratches on her ass, legs and back from Millianna fighting back before. Millianna - Her appearance is like Picture 8. She still has her tights in but they’re riddled with holes in them and the exposed skin seems to be red from how aggressive Minerva was and is being. As for her boots she’s only got the left boot on as her right boot is on the floor next to them and the tights on her right leg are ripped off from the ankle down so her right foot is exposed. Her black panties are around her knees like in Picture 1 and as for her bra she’s not wearing it. Also she has only the right glove on and her gatherbelt is off. As for her breast size it’s like Picture 7. Facial Expressions: Minerva - Her facial expression is like Picture 9. Millianna - Her facial expression is like Picture 10 with tears included. Background: Against this pillar in Picture 11. [img id="b9aa8bb9cbfe2520bf7b0aad1a8e579c"] [img id="f55e7e34a4521430bcccaea31ecefe98"] [img id="6fa6c896875964bb4bb39fe5b6f096f0"] [img id="71fa45875051528343f4bd3c391e0c1f"] [img id="e03b9eebdd5e7191711ac05b8135215c"] [img id="1deb88e3f2171ed56a21e1fd6aed1be0"] [img id="0b546d8b670c4741816b0ec3f3b4d69e"] [img id="88f9d57b291617a569a65110fabd06b2"] [img id="b778c5e28ff7ff9d0e8cdab4152f304e"] [img id="1aec57ddcc915f248f28965f9d66a034"] [img id="25541cf354328078dd8530f2432401ff"]
Added: 2018-10-25 00:24:32
A pin up of Erza Scarlet She wears a red black plaid shirt - unbuttoned. Under this shirt she wears a super tight black crop top - we can see her hard nipples poking through the top. Give her a navel piercing. As pants she wears super tight blue jeans - they are unbuttoned too and we get to see her red slip / thong she wears under her pants. And to finish the outfit she wears red sneaker. as example Image as example Image Position is up to you. Just make it look damn sexy :-P
Added: 2018-10-19 21:24:38
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Hello ! To celebrate Halloween properly, let's have an epic art from Kantarella ! Everyone is welcome to add a girl + pose + costume to the pic for 100 votes (anything less will be considered a tip). 1) Costume should be MONSTER ONLY. Allowed are : witch, mummy, devil / succubus, vampire, slime, ghost, harpy... anything monster-like. Are NOT allowed : no nurse, cop, firefighter, secretary, schoolgirl or any other line of work. No kawaii catgirls, but ok for black cat costume (like Catwoman). And absolutely no cheeto (Image ).. 2) For the pose, only 1 anon guy. Please keep it simple for Kanta's sake. 3) For the girls choice, first come first serve ! And since Im the first ;p I'll go for : - Nami as sexy vampire, barefeet with a vampire cape (Image ) and sexy black lingerie, fucked like this : Image (mouth open like the ref so we can see her vampire teeth) - ‎Nico Robin as sexy mummy (not too much bandages plz..) fucked like this : Image
Added: 2017-10-28 06:53:51
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Morgiana from Magi

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