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Two panels with Juvia wearing this in both External First part she is giving boobjob External Second she is like this with the dick cumming on her External
Juvia giving boobjob Arts by: Hentaimaster88hentaimaster88 Idea by: Sweet99 Added: 2017-11-29 00:33:52
I would love pic of Kallen Statdfeld from Code Geass along with a Gender bent Lelouch Lamperouge also from Code Geass to engage in some steamy lesbian action! like Scissoring. they both have huge breasts, and huge butts, if u can manage that. Kallen Statdfeld: Image Lelouch Lamperouge: Image body type: External Pose: demonic-contract-rias-akeno-and-xenobia
Kallen Statdfeld and female  Lelouch Lamperouge Arts by: Hentaimaster88hentaimaster88 Idea by: Lromeyn Added: 2017-10-10 01:05:59
Characters: from Fire Emblem Fates, default male Corrin (Image ) and Reina (External ); fully nude, both slightly muscular, and preferably pubic hair for Reina. Scene: wedding night for Corrin and Reina in their private quarters (like this Image ); both are having sex for the first time, even though Reina's much older than Corrin; they look inexperienced but are still enjoying it. Three panels (preferable arranged left to right): Panel #1: 69, something similar to this: External . Panel #2: Sex, very similar to this: External . It'd be good if Reina's butthole is visible. Panel #3: Creampie, with the pose like the top panel in this picture: External . Thanks, and feel free to contact me if you need anything! Not too picky about time as long as it's reasonable.
Fire Emblem Fates male Corrin and Reina Arts by: Hentaimaster88hentaimaster88 Idea by: Tnemo Added: 2017-07-29 23:39:18
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Ursula (FE Heroes) (Image ) giving a titfuck and getting bukkaked.
Ursula FE Heroes Arts by: Hentaimaster88hentaimaster88 Idea by: Mac Added: 2017-06-16 01:02:06
Taokaka (BlazBlue) bending over while Litchi Faye Ling (BlazBlue) licks her vagina from behind (like this Image ). Tao is naked but has her hoodie still on (like on this Image ) and her facial expression is like this (External ). Litchi is completely naked and her pussy is dripping wet.
Taokaka  Litchi Faye Ling BlazBlue Arts by: Hentaimaster88hentaimaster88 Idea by: BunperSoy Added: 2017-05-26 08:19:43
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2 pictures Cana’s Punishment: Cana hasn’t paid her bar tab in months and Mira is fed up of the excuses. So one day Mira decided to spike Cana’s drinks to make her pay and have some fun while she’s at it. 1. Cana naked chained so arms and legs are spread. Mira wearing (External ) while fingering Cana and sucking on her tit. 2. Mira strips revealing [Image ] (dress seen on the floor) while a random guy fucks Cana from behind while Mira watches.
Canas Punishment with Mirajane Arts by: Hentaimaster88hentaimaster88 Idea by: MentalL Added: 2017-04-11 08:40:16
The first part of a two part-series of Rain Mikamura (G-Gundam) getting raped by Shizuku (Hunter x Hunter) on the metro. Characters and outfits: Rain Mikamura: Image Shizuku (vacuum-cleaner not included): Image Panel 1: Rain is standing in a metro carriage, both of her hands each holding a metro handle above her. Both of her legs are next to each other with no opening between them. Rain is looking ahead of her with a blush on her face. Shizuku is sitting on a bench behind her and is staring with amazement at her body while drooling with her mouth open. Panel 2: Shizuku firmly grabs Rain’s ass with one of her hands, squeezing on it. Rain is completely surprised. Rain is standing in the same position as in panel 1, both of her hands still each holding a metro handle. Panel 3: Shizuku is touching Rain all over her body. She is looking with amazement at Rain’s MILF-like body while she is drooling. Rain is having an uncomfortable expression on her face. Rain is standing in the same position as in panel 1, both of her hands still each holding a metro handle. Panel 4: Shizuku firmly pulls with all her strength on the part of Rain’s bodysuit which covers her ass. Shizuku has her eyes closed and is clenching her teeth while she is pulling on it with both of her hands. Shizuku later releases it and lets it slap against Rain’s skin underneath. Afterwards, Rain is feeling humiliated and has an angry expression, clenching her teeth and blushing. Shizuku is laughing loudly of enjoyment, holding her hand in front of her mouth. Rain is standing in the same position as in panel 1 throughout the whole scene, both of her hands still each holding a metro handle. Panel 5: Shizuku is standing in front of Rain and is pulling Rain close to her by the torso of her bodysuit. Shizuku is staring deeply into Rain’s eyes and has a sinister smile.
Rain Mikamura GGundam Shizuku Hunter x Hunter Arts by: Hentaimaster88hentaimaster88 Idea by: Narko Added: 2017-03-28 07:04:31
Xmas with Juvia. Juvia in a three part pic. She wears this External First part like this Image Second part this Image Third part similar to this but have the dick in between and above tits cumming on her face, also her hands on the side of her tits squeezing Image
Xmas with Juvia Arts by: Hentaimaster88hentaimaster88 Idea by: Sweet99 Added: 2017-02-20 08:15:09
- Anime: Dragon ball - Characters: Bulma (version saga Pilaf: External ); Mia (version Pilaf saga: Image ) - Clothes: Bulma is naked; Mia wears very tight latex underwear (External ) - Location: Turtle Room - Action: Pilaf asks Mia to look for the fourth crystal ball on Bulma. Mia finds nothing in Bulma's clothes. She must therefore look on Bulma. Mia extends Bulma on a table, and she ties Bulma's arms with Bulma's legs (External ). Mia puted her hand into Bulma's pussy. Bulma is complement ahegao, and she can no longer hold back the crystal ball that is hidden in her ass. We see the crystal ball starts to come out of the ass of Bulma, and Mia, waiting with his hand that the crystal ball comes out completely, and with his other hand, continues to put in Bulma's pussy. - thank you.
Bulma  Mai Arts by: Hentaimaster88hentaimaster88 Idea by: Elbourico Added: 2016-12-21 02:05:49
A panelled picture of Wonder Woman's humiliation. Android 18 is holding one of Wonder Woman’s companions hostage and threatens to kill her if Wonder Woman tries to resist. Having no other options, Wonder Woman surrenders herself and her humiliation ensues: Characters and outfits: Android 18 in her original outfit without boots: External Wonder Woman in her wetsuit without boots: Image Panel 1: Android 18 stands behind Wonder Woman and uses the nozzle of a vacuum cleaner (External ) to suck on the superheroine’s ass. The suction power is high which makes the vacuum cleaner pull on the part of Wonder Woman’s bodysuit which covers her ass. Wonder Woman looks forward of her with this expression External (but eyes should be closed and red cheeks should be included). Her stance is normal, with both arms next to her body, legs and feet are next to each other with no opening between them, but she clenches her fists and raises her shoulders a bit. Both characters’ full figures should be shown from head to feet. Panel 2: Android 18 uses the short pipe of the vacuum cleaner to suck on Wonder Woman’s boobs. Because of the high suction, the vacuum cleaner pulls on the part of the bodysuit which covers her boobs as well as her boobs themselves. Wonder Woman's expression looks like this: External Panel 3: Android 18 uses the same short pipe to suck on Wonder Woman’s groin until a turned-on dick emerges under her bodsyuit. Panel 4: Android 18 holds Wonder Woman against a wall and is shoving her knee against her dick until she cums. Her dick should be covered by her bodysuit. Android 18 looks at Wonder Woman with this expression: External (red cheeks included) Panel 5: Android 18 is standing in front of Wonder Woman with her arms crossed and is giving her dick a footjob until she cums and her semen covers Android 18's foot. Her dick is now outside of her bodysuit. Android 18 is looking at her with the same expression as in panel 4. Wonder Woman sits in this position: External (straps which bind arms with legs should also be included)
18 and wonder Womans humiliation Arts by: Hentaimaster88hentaimaster88 Idea by: Narko Added: 2016-12-03 19:45:22
- Commission format (External ) - Anime: Naruto - Characters: Hinata; Boruto; Himawari - Clothing: Hinata (External ); Boruto and Himawari are naked - Location: Bathroom - History: Boruto and Himawari take their bath, when Hinata enters the bathroom. Hinata begins by washed the breasts and the pussy of Himawari, for after wash the chest and the penis of Boruto. Hinata removes these underwear and places himself between Himawari and Boruto. Boruto washes the back of Hinata, while Himawari washes Hinata's breasts. Hinata feels the erect penis of Boruto against these buttocks. Hinata spreading these buttocks so that Boruto takes her mother in the ass, while Hinata kisses Himawari, At the same time, Himawari pulls the nipples of her mother's big breasts. - Thank you.
Hinata Boruto Himawari Arts by: Hentaimaster88hentaimaster88 Idea by: Elbourico Added: 2016-11-26 09:55:07