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'Mini Christmas orgy comic(5 pages with a coverpage). With Sasuke, with His wife(Sakura), Hinata and a Sarada shapped and aged Himawari. Sakura is dressed like this like in a sunahara style Christmas picture. Image Image External External this style but adult Sakura with her white pants and Santa hat with a uchiha logo on it. And reindeer Sasuke if u seen it before with the christmas naruto. Also his original hairstyle in part 2 post itachi arc. You can choose what christmas style hinata and hima look like. And if you could add a cover page, a big Christmas decorated couch a sitting grumpy sasuke(dress in a rudolph costume ) blushing in front of 3 slutty girls with a bleast glomp from a sakura smirking mischievously and on the left and a horny hinata on the right while himawari is do peace sign sitting on sasukes lap. Bah Hump Bug is the title. You can choose the sex positions and how the story goes but the general idea is sasuke s grumpy so sakura invites the female uzumakis(lonely and grumpy too cuz Naruto is too busy with work) to help Sasuke find the Christmas spirit....with sex. Hope this clears this up.
Bah Hump Bug EdJim Added: 2017-01-10 20:04:54
Sasuke with Sakura in a passionate love making embrace kissing other with Sakura riding Sasuke called the sex of redemption, and it's the teen versions with sakura's breasts being a bit bigger and it's depicted as the last chapter of the manga before Sasuke goes off on his journey. Based off of this External External make a mental scenario where when Sasuke says goodbye to Naruto and Kakashi, Sasuke leaves the borders of the village with Sakura appearing from a clear sight when she was following him only to make love to him to say good bye before he leaves for good? It's like an adult version of the part one scene where Sasuke gets readt to leave the village and Sakura confesses to him to stay.
THE SEX OF REDEMPTION Batou Added: 2016-04-14 11:54:20