Hello, I'm Aoi
I'm a huge fan of WHentai
IVY & GAEA First of all let me give you some background, those characters are part of a universe made of multiple medias including comics sadly featuring only SD like style characters (such as External /). The idea is to create your own anime-like version of those characters from the look they have in the webserie. IVY: Blond berseker-like using magical guns (External / & External /) GAEA: Brunette witch with a dragon like armor (External / & External /) The artwork: The two girls have a bimbo look and are performing a sexy pose looking at the viewer. Pose and environment up to the artist. The request is for two versions of the artwork one with the girls fully clothed, one revealing tits ans pussy (same pose and environment as first version)
Added: 2017-11-15 11:12:18
[kyoukai senjou no horizon] Makiko Oriotorai ( External /@_ ) is naked in front of her students. The scene takes place on a roof similar to end of ep 1 ( Image ). Toori Aoi ( Image ) stands behind her and grabs her boobs. Makiko Oriotorai is both embarrassed and aroused by the situation as everyone can see her naked body in a lewd position.
Added: 2016-09-21 16:28:45
[Original character] Based on that model ( External / ) a teacher in her mid 30s. First pane: Squatting on her desk similar to ( External ), her outfits inpired from ( External ), her shoes close to ( External ), exposing her boobs and her juicy pussy to the class with a slutty look on her face. Second pane: Riding a random guy on her desk in a reverse cowgirl position close to this ( External ), you can see the extasy on her face as the guy cums in her pussy.
Added: 2016-09-14 16:53:17