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Relisting because the previous commission broke due to a site bug. I apologize for the trouble. Velvet and Eleanor from Tales of Berseria scissoring. Pose references: External External ; they should be enjoying it. The picture should convey love and passion (because loving yuri is the best yuri!)
Velvet x Eleanor Studio Oppai Added: 2017-02-12 19:14:05
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    Another yuri scene between Velvet and Eleanor from Tales of Berseria (character references here: External External ). The scene should be more of less a recreation of this External with Velvet in the back and Eleanor in the front. The angle should be more from the front and Eleanor right arm shoul be behind Velvet's head like here External and her free hand should be encouraging Velvet's hand which is grabbing her breast. It should be clear that Velvet is being gentle with her and that Eleanor is willing and enjoying it (loving yuri is best yuri!), so she should be plenty wet. The picture is intended as a prequel to this 10601 so the overall setting and mood should be about the same.
    Velvet and Eleanor Yuri fun EdJim Added: 2016-09-19 23:37:40
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      A yuri scene between Velvet and Eleanor from Tales of Berseria. Character references here: External External As for the actual posing, this is a good starting point: External but a bit more from the side. Velvet should be on top. They should be locked in a deep kiss and Eleanor should have her arms behind Velvet's neck. Velvet should be holding onto Eleanor's ass to emphasize that she is "taking" her (one hand or both hands is left for the artist to decide). Both of their pussies should be wet and squished together, maybe a bit more than the reference picture. The scene should clearly express love and gentle passion.
      A yuri scene between Velvet and Eleanor EdJim Added: 2016-09-04 21:33:23
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