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A Fire Emblem 4 Generation 1 Lesbian Orgy, including. Fury pounding Aideen with a strap-on as she eats out a very cute moaning Ethlin, Briggid and Ayra tribbing and rubbing each others tits, Sylvia and Tiltyu 69ing, all while Lachesis is suckling Deidre's tits as she fingers Lachesis. Sorry for all that, but I've wanted to see this for awhile haha - Since Kookes never did it
Ninian from Fire Emblem 7 giving a blow job in secret, in a dark alley
A Fire Emblem 4 Gen 2 Lesbian Orgy - Like Mothers like daughters This time we'll focus on generation 2, Altena is hammering Tinny hard from behind with a strap-on as Tinny eats out a moaning Lene, Larcei is aggressively fingering Lana as Lana holds onto Larcei's tits, Patty and Julia are 69ing as Nanna and Fee make out. Ishtar masturbating in the distance watching.
My white clad Rival at last! Mia & Lucia from Fire Emblem in a passionate embrace, kept together by a dildo in their pussies as they kiss and their breasts bounce against each other
Igrene from Fire Emblem in 2 panels Panel 1, shes flashing her breasts to some lucky guy in a medieval bar, 2nd panel, she is getting fucked hard in the missionary position.
[Animation] Tiltyu from Fire Emblem giving a hot blowjob (or titjob + blowjob if you decide)
Ayra from fire emblem getting pounded doggystyle, completely nude with her large breasts hanging & bouncing.
Est, Catria & Palla "triangle attacking" Celica's holes with strap-ons (Fire Emblem Echoes). one below her pounding her pussy, one doing her rear doggystyle with the other thrusting into her mouth
just a scene where Lena (From Fire Emblem) was turned against a wall, lifting her robes up to her hips, showing her ass raised and with no underwear on, so she's completely exposed and blushing. It's a lewd scene, but to keep with the priestess motif her pussy is untouched, but is wet and dripping on her thighs, instead, there is an dildo deep up her butt while she's embarrasing, she's completely exposing her backside and breathing heavy/moaning
Fire Emblem Echoes Silque doing a pole dance, showing her fairly large rear, and bust, in 3 panels of detail.
Triangle Attack Fire Emblem 9 version, Marcia, Elincia & Tanith all pounding Jills holes with strap-ons as she moans and drools, Elincia looking nervous, Tanith looking in control and Marcia confident.
Minerva from fire emblem giving the most sexy and messy paizuri.
Character: Mathilda from Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia (External ). She should be sorta buff/muscular. Artist can decide how much clothes (if any) to include, as long as her boobs and pussy are exposed. Pubic hair preferred. Two panels: Panel 1: pose and expression similar to this: External . Panel 2: pose and expression similar to this: External . Feel free to message me if you need anything more! :)
Camilla & Tharja (Fire Emblem) wildly getting fucked by male Corrin as they kiss and grope each others nice tits (as they bounce off each other)
Characters: from Fire Emblem Fates, default male Corrin (Image ) and Reina (External ); fully nude, both slightly muscular, and preferably pubic hair for Reina. Scene: wedding night for Corrin and Reina in their private quarters (like this Image ); both are having sex for the first time, even though Reina's much older than Corrin; they look inexperienced but are still enjoying it. Three panels (preferable arranged left to right): Panel #1: 69, something similar to this: External . Panel #2: Sex, very similar to this: External . It'd be good if Reina's butthole is visible. Panel #3: Creampie, with the pose like the top panel in this picture: External . Thanks, and feel free to contact me if you need anything! Not too picky about time as long as it's reasonable.
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