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Okita Sougo x Sarutobi Ayame
[Gintama] Okita Sougo fucking Sarutobi Ayame anally. Okita has a sadistic smile and Sarutobi is enjoying it a lot.
Kagura x Okita
Kagura x Okita (with their Final Chapter designs) by the waterfall having sex while standing. Okita is fucking Kagura from behind and he's lifting her leg up. Both of them are full nude. Here are what they look like (Expressions are up to the artist) --Image --
Gintama Okita x Kagura aged up a bit
[Gintama] Okita x Kagura (aged up a bit)
Kagura and Okita Sougo sex
Big Sis X Little Sis: Just before the war against Zeref Erza and Wendy are relaxing in bath together ( the manga just shouts out for such an idea External ) and decide to have some big sis x little sis lesbian fun -> both of their bodys are still wet cause of the water. Three scenes -> First: Erza gives Wendy a deep anal fisting. Wendy is moaning in ecstasy and squirts in Erzas face. Second: A lesbian titfuck -> Wendy is on top of Erza and rides with her wet pussy one of Erzas tits and very hard nipples. Erza has a very aroused look and grabs her own boobs rough. Wendy is pulling hard on Erzas second nipple -> Erza is lactating. Third: They use a double dildo similiar to this ( Image ) -> Wendy is on ground and Erza on top. Wendy presses her feet against Erzas tits. Erzas milk is still flowing down her body and on Wendy. Both with ahegao expression and very wet pussys / squirting.