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Erza Sexy Outfit Collection
2016-09-20 03:51:55
Erza scarlet 2 panels ------FIRST PANEL---- she is giving a deepthroat like this (External ) change it so her hands are tied abover her head and the male has hold of her hair and is forcing his cock down her throat, have lost of saliva running off her chin. ------SECOND PANEL----- she is fucked like this (Image ). Both panels she is wearing this (External ) instead of the shorts give her panties puled to the side and these heels (Image ). expressions and title are up to the artist.
Erza in cat outfit
2016-09-01 16:48:36
Erza wearing this External She getting fucked like this Image Hey eyes are open and she a nice smile, enjoying herself. Add on her legs white knee highs Give her the ears and neck piece, but take off the big gloves
Beach Love in an Elevator Ino Yamanaka
2016-05-24 21:31:09
Beach Love in an Elevator: Ino Yamanaka (Naruto Shippuden) gets cummed on in an elevator by four randoms. Ino is laying on her back, spreading her pussy open, with her legs to the back of her head. Ino is wearing (Image ), a pair of booty shorts laying next to her, and her nipples are poking through her top. Ino is busty, blushing, curvy, and covered in cum. No need to draw all of the randoms, just the lower half.
Revy In Trouble
2016-05-24 21:23:33
Revy (black lagoon) trapped in a spanking machine equippped with an anal dildo, trying her hardest (but failing) to escape. Exact details up to the artist
Sarada  Boruto  Sakura
2016-05-24 21:12:00
Anime: Naruto Character: Sarada, Boruto, Sakura. Location: bedroom of Sarada. Action: Sakura arrives in Sarada room because she heard Sarada shouted. She finds Sarada and Boruto lying on the bed Sarada has swollen belly as full of sperm. The sperm flowing lot of pussy and ass Sarada. Boruto has a huge penis. It is still erect. Sakura is next to the bed, she removed her panties all watching the penis Boruto, in attention also enjoy the penis Boruto(External ) in the attention to also enjoy the penis Boruto. Clothing: Sarada and Boruto are naked. Sakura wearing a nightgown (External ). Facial expression: Sarada and Boruto sleep. Sakura is so happy that we see stars in her eyes.
Fairy Tail Slut
2016-05-20 22:23:28
Fairy Tail Slut, this will be 4 panels with Lucy heartfilia with different fairy tail members. -----FIRST PANEL---- Lucy Heartfilia x Elfman Strauss, she is fucked like this (External ) make it so Natsu is the one in the chair and give him a little dick, she will be wearing this (External ), no coat, no arm pieces. ----SECOND PANEL---- Lucy x Max Alors, she is fucked like this (External ) same expression, she is wearing (External ) with black stocking and garterbelt and these heels (Image ). -----THIRD PANEL----- Lucy x Alzack connel like this (Image ), she has a lustful expression, she is wearing this (External ) panties sill on. ----FOURTH PANEL---- Lucy x Jet, she is giving him a deepthroat like this (External ) he has hold of her hair forcing his dick down her throat, she is looking up at him, she is wearing this (External ) fully clothed. Give her a long ponytail in all panels.
Milla Maxwell  Tales of Xillia  x Velvet Crowe  Tales of Berseria
2016-05-20 14:38:53
Milla Maxwell ( Tales of Xillia ) x Velvet Crowe ( Tales of Berseria ) -> both in their standard outfit but without their boots: Milla -> External / Velvet -> Image . They have their boobs exposed and lie on each other -> Milla on top and Velvet on bottom. They press their boobs and nipples against each other. Both look really aroused -> maybe tongue kiss each other /thats up to you ). Background is up to you. Please widescreen and with fitting size for wallpaper.
Sakamoto Tatsuma x Mutsu
2016-05-20 06:03:39
[Gintama] Sakamoto Tatsuma x Mutsu having sex in a pose similar to this: (Image ) --- And I want their expressions to look similar to this: (Image ) But I want Sakamoto's eyes to be open, and I want Mutsu to be looking at Sakamoto while they're fucking.
Leonora Nakiri in a cum contest
2016-05-19 16:20:46
Leonora Nakiri(Alice's mom from Shokugeki no Soma) was invited to be a taster for cum contest. This pic show how she taste one of the contestant. She suck it like this pose(Image ). She seem very please with this contestant cum, make cum drip from her mouth. She also give a handjob to another guy to get him ready to be tasted next. She wear purple garter belts with long black stocking, and her usual necklace. Also provide a number tag for a contestant.
Cum version Ultear putting on good use that sweet little mouth
2016-05-18 16:27:29
Anime: Fairy Tail. Character: Ultear Milkovich. She's giving a blowjob like this -> External but I would only see her bust (breasts and head), not the lower part of her body. /// Red eyes and full naked but with her headband -> External /// She looks in the eyes of anon guy (so to the top). /// If possible, she seems enjoyed. /// And finally, at least, a cum version very similar to the reference pic. Thank you for reading.
Lucy squirting all over Brandish s sweet face
2016-05-17 17:14:52
Brandish µ and Lucy Heartfilia like this -> Image -> Lucy on top and Brandish on bottom. Brandish grabs with her toes Lucy's nipples. Give Brandish green nail polish and some toe rings. Lucy has public hair in shape of an "L"; has a navel piercing and squirts all over Brandish face.