Making Money as a Hentai Artist

Earn up to $2400/week as a Hentai Artist

WHentai is helping artists and hentai fans all around the world for more than 5 years already. We provide our fans with an easy way to get awesome artworks by hands of our skillful artists. We do our best for our artists to get as many jobs as possible, as well as increasing the average price of an artwork by attracting more fans who are wishing to support our artists with extra cash.

So what can WHentai give to you as a Hentai Artist?

Generally, our fans submit their ideas and use "Extra Votes" (, "EVs" - the local currency) to pay for the idea to be created by an artist. Unless we receive the money from the fan you won't be obliged to create the artwork. Once the artwork is created you'll get the sum on your balance which can be easily transferred out via popular payment systems (PayPal, Paxum, etc). Easy as a pie! No more losing time and money because of unexpected disappearaning of the customer.

At the moment there are few ways of earning money at WHentai:

The first one is called "Requests": you start a request, fix the minimum price for the final artwork and collect the ideas from our fans. Once the ideas are collected, our fans put their EVs for the most attractive idea, in a poll-like way. The most "pricey" idea - the one that reaches the minimum price the first - should be created and you'll get the sum you set for it. The price might even rise: at the very end of the request's time our members start to compete for their own idea, thru each addition extends the request's time by 5 minutes. Its a common practice when the request sum is multiplied by 1.5 just before the timeout.

The second one is called "Commissions". This time the initiative goes from our fans: in order not to wait until the ideas are collected in "Requests" the fan opens a personal direct commission. He sets the price for the idea he wishes to create. Now it's time for some gambling! Every artist of WHentai is informed about the idea and the initial price the fan is willing to pay. You set your price for the idea as well as other artists. It could be the same price the fan suggested, or a lower price (maybe he'd prefer the discounted price), or even a higher price (the fan might like your skill the best and undoubtedly agree to add more money for the artwork). Within a few days time the fan chooses either one of the artists' offers and it's time to start creating the artwork. As well as in "Requests": once the artwork is finished you'll get the money on your balance to be transferred out.

How to convert those EVs into real money? When will I get paid?

All payments are generally processed within 5 buisness days after the Comission or Request is uploaded. The sum for a payout is calculated with the formula ( (EVs - 10%) * 0.3$ ), ie: 100 EVs mean 27$, 200 EVs => 54$, 300 EVs => 81$, 500 EVs => 135$

Anything else? Of course! Passive income for artists:

There is one more way of earning money with hentai arts: "Locked Uploads". Once you upload an artwork to WHentai you might "lock" it from viewing by our members. The member should exchange a certain amount of EVs to access the locked artwork. Once unlocked by a fan you'll get the sum on your balance to be withdrawn. The more exclusive the upload is, the more willingly our fans will unlock it with EVs!

In order to increase the passive income of our artists by means of this option, any uploads older than 30 days and having more than 50 likes are locked automatically. You will get 55% of all the EVs spent by our members to unlock your uploads. You can easily view your current passive income balance in your profile/settings and request a payout after 200 Extra votes are collected for a payout.

During the last year we've incresed the payouts by 200% in comparison with the preceding one. We're already having about 30.000 returning real fans daily, who are willing to support skilful artists with their money. In 2017 WHentai reached the top 100.000 popular websites on the web and is going up. We're always looking for new ways to attract fans who will support our artists: invest in marketing, buying out ad spaces in popular websites, creating native placements.

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Why should I trust you? Will I get my money in time?

We are working since 2014 and already paid $286619 to our artists, and the sum is growing day by day. We're interested in supporting artists and see no boundaries for the payouts. More than 30 artists are already making money on hentai arts on a daily basis and they always receive earned money just in time. You can withdraw your money any time to your PayPal account, or any other preffered method.

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