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  • Opm http://filipinofreethinkers.org/wp-content/uploads/2012/03/you-mad-bro-lol-butthurt.jpg

    2016-04-23 23:40:46

  • Bloodedge http://i.imgur.com/AMKY5E8.jpg

    2016-04-23 17:39:25

  • Opm You suffer from mental retardation. You will never recover from that.

    2016-04-23 10:35:29

  • Bloodedge You're suffering from C.A.B. (Chronic Acute Butthurt). I'm writing a prescription for some maximum strength http://theblacksphere.net/wp-content/uploads/2015/03/butthurt-cream.jpg

    2016-04-23 02:21:37

  • Opm Here's the prescription: Get bankrupt and fuck off. You should cut down on your breathing. I mean don't breathe at all.

    2016-04-22 20:52:25

  • Bloodedge Here's your prescription for get the fuck over it for your butthurtness. I'm also going to recommend you stay off the internet and cut down on your breathing

    2016-04-22 13:07:53

  • Opm Looks like someone is a faggot with shit tastes. Quick, give this kid a brain.

    2016-04-22 11:54:59

  • Bloodedge Looks like someone has a severe case of butthurt. Better call the wahbulance

    2016-04-22 10:59:08

  • Bloodedge Looks like someone has a severe case is butthurt. Better call the wahbulance

    2016-04-22 10:58:21

  • Opm Get bankrupt already, you worthless piece of garbage.

    2016-04-22 03:29:56

  • Bloodedge Off is the general direction in which I wish you would fuck

    2016-04-20 01:16:53

  • Opm You have no room to talk faggot kid. Go get bankrupt shit taste having pleb.

    2016-04-19 23:44:14

  • Bloodedge When did it become okay to act like a baby as an adult? Never! Go cry to someone who gives a shit!!

    2016-04-19 23:18:23