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  • Cowboy Tanaka ≡(*′▽`)っ

    2017-02-10 01:36:22

  • Yatot Commissions are momentarily close, thank you for the support! I am now finishing all the pending commission for the mean time. Message me here if you want me to update you when I'm up for commissions again!
    PEACE! ≡(*′▽`)っ

    2017-02-07 12:51:03

  • Daki Welcome back Aidan. Don't ever leave us again :D

    2017-01-25 04:44:54

  • Phextens Thank the dragon... Yatot is back!

    2017-01-24 05:22:57

  • Yatot Hi guys, sorry for being away. I will get back to my messages, stay tune!

    2017-01-23 08:20:03

  • Marqus32 Yatot do you have a Tumblr or a Twitter?

    2017-01-20 17:40:03

  • Enzo Really miss Yatot 😞 Hope he comes back.

    2016-12-07 11:00:40

  • Phextens Gather the dragonballs so Yatot, comes back.

    2016-10-05 13:51:31

  • Cowboy Tanaka I summon the all mighty god Yatot, cem beck with es..*throws 5 yen and 5 EV*

    2016-09-20 11:03:19

  • Kenshi You left me hanging on a commission, can't get you to reply on email, here, or anywhere.

    2016-08-01 18:10:22

  • Toien Your artworks are amazing! :)

    2016-07-21 08:13:35

  • Phextens Happy to hear your ok.

    2016-07-08 06:11:14

  • Yatot I just got back got a couple of weeks off, got a lil accident and I'm good to go

    2016-07-07 13:17:38

  • Yatot your wish has been heard loud and clear XD

    2016-05-07 05:54:39

  • Enzo All hail God Yatot! *Bow"

    2016-05-05 04:30:03

  • Yatot

    2016-05-04 15:30:05

  • Yatot Deliver God Yatot, I'm fast , affordable and reliable!! ....well not really

    2016-05-04 15:28:57

  • Esmeralda AAidan, I want to pay you for draw request, please.

    2016-01-19 00:58:32

  • Airise It's quite embarrassing and funny seeing people actually take hentai so serious that they will actually rant about the picture lmao. Hentai does get the blood pumping.

    2016-01-15 00:34:04

  • Yatot I also don't mind you visiting me everyday since you do have a lot to prove and time in your hand ---
    go nuts bud. me loves you anyway ٩(♡ε♡ )۶

    2016-01-05 15:53:20

  • Yatot :D Obviously you cared too much to explain (●♡∀♡))ヾ☆*。

    2016-01-05 15:53:09

  • Lord kaz Obviously if you had a brain you would understand that replying/commenting about something only takes 2-3 minutes of your time and doesn't equate to having free time. But I'm not surprised you can't comprehend that since you request and draw shit tier pics and waste all of your talent with it.

    2016-01-05 15:30:51

  • Yatot me? most easily hated artist? I don't mind, Too busy counting money here :P

    2016-01-05 11:48:21

  • Yatot Actually I have 3 jobs, do you want one Lord Kaz? cause obviously you have a lot of time in your hands. XD

    2016-01-05 11:41:25

  • Westes I don't think I've ever mentioned that I like NaruHina here at Whentai, but I see you know that much about me. Hehe! I'm honored.

    2016-01-05 10:06:19

  • Allen Walker Looks like we a silverknight fag here.
    Stick to wanking off to Naruhina shit pics, cunt.

    2016-01-05 08:00:45

  • Westes He already has a job, slowpoke. Just like most people who pay him and other artists to draw. HOPE SHATTERED. Btw, you don't even deserve to like any Gruvia, or any couple you like Aidan draws. Keep your negative shit to yourself, jerk.

    2016-01-05 01:28:44

  • Lord kaz Fuck off faggot. Easily my most hated artist on here. Hope you never get a job.

    2016-01-05 00:53:57

  • Yatot Ola chicas! New Blog Post in my blog tab if you wanna check it out :)

    2016-01-03 04:30:44

  • Yatot We were on our Honeymoon 8D

    (JK! he's gon kill me if rumors spread ahaha)

    2016-01-02 03:30:13

  • Fish1337 wtf happened? Were you and Lexus and Ski Holidays and just came back or why are all pixxx sites overloawing with yours and Lexus pics xD xD xD awesome!

    2016-01-02 03:10:36

  • Westes Fireworks flew and nearly hit my house all night. Nah, not really. But that would be some scary shit.

    2016-01-01 05:01:40

  • Yatot Ya'll Have a Happy New year! Careful with them fireworks, don't let it explode inside or ya'll be in trouble
    -A friendly reminder from your neighbor hentai artist..
    ~ Love Aidan :D

    2015-12-31 10:58:14

  • Allen Walker because Natsu for once, is a bad stereotypical one dimensial non-developing cunt.
    Lucy deserves better than that trash even though she's a whore lol.

    2015-12-31 00:29:36

  • Westes @Genos
    What in the world did Natsu and Lucy do for you to hate them so, even in hentai? I'm really curious, I don't get you at all.

    2015-12-30 05:14:07

  • Yatot *grabs popcorn* my wall is yours now bud :D
    go nuts!

    2015-12-30 02:42:37

  • Allen Walker Seems like the filthy faggot Toshiro/Darklight3x has reached this placed as well. Kinda ironic seeing your filthy ass talking about people making multiple accounts when that's your gig for the most part. Go get help you degenerate, and get a life you cum tasting fucktard cunt. Lucy can be paired with anyone because she's a wore meanwhile Juvia can only be paired with gray because she's not a whore.
    fucking little whiny princess baby brat

    2015-12-30 01:52:43

  • Toshiro D Shinsuke Nox/genos, you're the only disgrace making multiple accounts and talking shit about anyone who doesn't share your tastes. Go get some help and stop being a neurotic brat, because this stupid attitue of yours isn't normal at all (and Juvia can be paired up with anyone in hentai and if you don't like go cry in the corner)

    2015-12-30 00:42:40

  • Westes I pay Aidan and others to draw porn. I guess I am just as disgraceful... Please forgive me...

    2015-12-29 16:07:19

  • Daniel I dont know if i can get any more disgracefull for drawing porn for a livilng!! Man that was deep...
    BUT i dont see anything that disgracefull about it xD its FUN!!!

    2015-12-29 13:38:53

  • Yatot I don't know if I can get any more disgraceful for drawing porn for a living.. but okay! disgrace! that's me XD
    @Nox it's my job to make everyone a whore, lol XD

    2015-12-29 11:39:28

  • Allen Walker aidan you're going to make another juvia x natsu pic? what a disgrace you have become.

    2015-12-29 08:23:43

  • Yatot yes sometimes XD

    2015-12-22 17:11:14

  • Fish1337 will you and lexus still do work for whentai?

    2015-12-18 18:57:27

  • Yatot lexus has done his work for last week in FTpixxx and now he's in Fanpixxx for the rest of this week, Ferds has a different project so he may be missing in action on the pixxx sites for sometime.. hey don't ask me if they don't want to freelance XD ..

    2015-12-14 14:47:27

  • Nikeq57 Ferds is having a project of his own, You mean FTPixxx ? But on FTpixxx also make updates lexus Yaichi you gonna too so there is more than two artists for one pixxxsite, aren't it ? By the way I can get why Robert Rex and Darwin do not hurry up freelance in other sites This freelancing may destroy all pixxxes and I guess they got it and they keep working with own pixxxes because hoping to safe their working places in future

    2015-12-14 14:37:31

  • Yatot @Nikeq57 - 4 artist in Fanpixx you mean Yaichi, Joe,Lexus and Ferds? all I know is Ferds is having a project of his own, Yaichi is not really one of us because he's in different management, so I guess the 2 artist there is Joe and Lexus , Don't worry I'll do Fanpixx eventually! :) aand let's hope rex and darwin freelance in other sites too! our manager will keep us posted on our schedule :)

    2015-12-14 12:28:03

  • Nikeq57 Aidan you said there can only be 2 artist per pixxxsite but right now 4 artists gonna work with fanpixxx and seems you gonna be a fifth Maybe you should ask your boss or rex and Darwin about the permission to make a some images on npixxx too I doubt that they will be against to your initiative to make few updates there

    2015-12-14 12:15:53

  • Phextens Cool happy to know you'll still be doing Sailor Moon!

    2015-12-13 17:28:47

  • Yatot @Phexten - nope! I will still do Sailor moon! but I decided to try different pixxx site every week :) .. so expect to see my works in each pixxx site per week, though I might skip Naruto, unless Rex and Darwin gives an opening (if one of them freelance in another site) since there can only be 2 artist per site :)

    2015-12-13 16:56:31

  • Phextens Will you be taking over OnePiece fulltime? Will you be doing anymore Sailor Moon?

    2015-12-13 16:25:18

  • Yatot will have 1 more drawing for Sailormoonpixxx.com and then jumping to Onepiecepixxx.net tomorrow ;) view my works there sometime! :D

    2015-12-13 15:35:13

  • Yatot WE Will be back on hkey AKA the Pixxx sites!!!!! visit us there!! :D

    2015-12-12 12:38:26

  • Yatot BTW we both use paint tool Sai :)

    2015-12-12 12:33:22

  • Yatot COS I AM LEXUS!!! Nah I JK ....I'm his Sempai!... lolololol

    2015-12-12 12:33:01

  • McRawr Curious. Your style is very similar to Lexus. AKA godly beautiful. What's your secret? Do you use similar programs?

    2015-12-12 04:36:14

  • Phextens Ok... I'll look forward to January then.

    2015-12-04 17:32:38

  • Yatot I'm still an artist there just taking a break and will resume frequent posting on january and they will ahve these changes that will be convient to us artist, whentai and hkey are partners

    2015-12-04 10:58:35

  • Phextens HKey is a joke for not treating it's artist right. I'm canceling and hoping to see more of your works on here.

    2015-12-04 05:44:07

  • Nikeq57 Well seems HKey do not interesting support SMpixxx anymore and they put this pixxx in the grave, so welcome to whentai family Aidan

    2015-12-03 20:53:01

  • Yatot :D oh wow thank you (⁄ ⁄•⁄ω⁄•⁄ ⁄) [email protected]

    2015-12-02 17:27:43

  • Enzo Your art is great. Really love it :)

    2015-12-01 20:10:31

  • Yatot Thank you so much! I'll try :)

    2015-11-23 13:01:24

  • Aeit You just can't draw better ... godlike level.
    P.S ... moaaar Erza.

    2015-11-23 00:23:57

  • Yatot Thank you :)

    2015-11-20 22:55:03

  • Phextens Thought I start checking out your other profile. Masterful as always. If you ever start accepting request I'd have a few in mind.

    2015-11-20 03:41:31

  • Yatot yo???

    2015-11-15 01:29:32

  • Cowboy Tanaka yoyoyoy

    2015-11-14 10:37:55

  • Yatot you can't handle dem meringue

    2015-11-09 09:20:56

  • Cowboy Tanaka the meringue is strong in this one.

    2015-11-09 05:15:48

  • Yatot *takes off left eye* forever winking

    2015-11-04 20:29:28

  • Cowboy Tanaka what? but the key roxas the key..wink wink

    2015-11-04 17:44:12

  • Yatot The world is not ready for that yet ...wink

    2015-11-04 17:43:37

  • Cowboy Tanaka pls draw the thing.. wink

    2015-11-04 17:43:07

  • Cowboy Tanaka all the yes

    2015-11-04 17:42:11