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  • Reiner55 http://reiner-illustrations.blogspot.ro/2013/12/commision-price-sheet.html

    2015-12-28 20:59:05

  • Reiner55 verry well, full of work :)

    2014-08-08 17:42:30

  • FCA Hey man, how goes life?

    2014-07-28 21:09:28

  • Reiner55 thx Zerg :)

    2014-07-22 15:27:42

  • Zerg323232 Awesome stuff

    2014-07-20 12:11:31

  • Reiner55 my picarto stream channel https://picarto.tv/live/channel.php?watch=reiner55

    2014-06-01 13:20:20

  • Lightning Lover Thx, but you're the man for drawing that pic :D

    2014-04-09 01:42:24

  • Reiner55 is a plesure to see my draw as an avtar, you rock :)

    2014-04-08 19:14:35

  • Lightning Lover My avatar is still today one of my favourite pics :)

    2014-04-07 10:47:35

  • Stevefox11 Its good to have you back Costin! Good work :D

    2014-03-31 19:31:46

  • Reiner55 i think im gonna do some normal poll's as well , but i need to finich my commis that i have so far ...

    2014-03-23 09:44:47

  • Reiner55 im back but only with extra votes poll's, if i get extravotes on the poll im paid concordaly to them....so i hope all the users will vote the best ideea :)

    2014-03-22 10:40:45

  • MidoriChan Hello! are you back? so I guess now they pay you 40$ like the other artist no? i am happy this is fix, but what is this story of extra vote? :D thanks.

    2014-03-21 15:48:39

  • MidoriChan Is ok, well happy to see your peral work too! I understand really well. I am happy to talk with you you are a nice dude :D see ya.

    2014-03-07 21:38:26

  • Reiner55 hi midori, im not back, i just visit this site and upload some peral woks to sow off my blog :), il be back when this site will bay atleast 40$ oer illustration till then...no, cheers as well :)

    2014-03-03 20:36:02

  • MidoriChan Hi mister,what's up? I am happy you are back you don't know me but I read a little bit about in your pic,I hope see more of you and I love your Jocker avatar :) I add you in friends. Cheers

    2014-02-21 14:36:12

  • Reiner55 understood March...no prob DDV :)

    2013-12-08 20:24:13

  • DDV03 Thanks for the add! :D

    2013-12-06 00:42:41

  • Marchdeath I meant the couples, not the art. Erza/Gray and Naruhina are lame as fuck

    2013-12-05 06:24:38

  • Sebastian Hi! I see you tried to send me a message, but I can't chat with you :( could I send you a mail or something?

    2013-11-30 23:30:02

  • Square Hey. Thank you. I draw in adobe flash. There's a lot of nuances. What exactly tell you more? Write on e-mail [email protected]

    2013-11-25 16:19:11

  • Reiner55 thx Beefey!!

    2013-11-06 19:54:32

  • MrBEEFY I love your artwork! I'm a big fan of yours! Especially your DBZ stuff!

    2013-10-28 03:25:57

  • Bosiluca64 Sorry man, sometimes votes disappear! I always vote your works, really

    2013-10-04 04:08:25

  • MrBEEFY Master Roshi, Chi-Chi, and Bulma! :D

    2013-09-25 22:41:44

  • Pcorey56 will you do a pic of goten and bulla (bra)

    2013-09-19 15:46:56

  • Wingblack I need your help

    2013-06-06 18:17:29

  • Batou Please create your poll!!

    2013-05-31 09:28:55

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    Gray Fullbuster x Lucy Heartfilia 2 panels based on the chapter 521 cover (http://www.mangahere.co/manga/fairy_tail/v38/c521/): 1 panel: Gray is fucking Lucy on the table, doggstyle position, he is gripping her waist, she has a pleasure expression with boobs exposed and skirt lift up. 2 panel: he is fucking her like that (https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/564x/6d/36/6a/6d366ae3887198a9a24c42c908478475.jpg) they are looking at each other in a perverted way. if possible put happy watching them in the backgroud with a surprised expression.
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    Poison Ivy (Batman) and Harley Quinn (Batman). Positions: scissoring & full nelson. Toys, Tentacle vines and/or Futanari are artist's choice.
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    Super Human dominator-Sasuke Uchiha having a foursome in the Hokage office with Tsunade, Sakura and Sarada, the position are up to the artist.
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