Hi, I'm Marchdeath

I'm a huge fan of WHentai

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  • Swagsuke Naruto is awesome don't be butthurt

    2015-06-10 21:14:25

  • Varak-black-hand Are you the leader of this "anti-naruto coalition" ?

    2015-03-30 06:45:44

  • Varak-black-hand Are the leader of this "anti-naruto coalition" ?

    2015-03-30 06:45:29

  • Perverserknight I think I'll join the anti-Naruto coalition

    2015-03-10 12:04:20

  • Frankenfran You've got my vote, at the least ;)

    2014-12-31 06:55:07

  • Vikihole Youre a sweety, let me know when you need my help in the future :D

    2014-12-13 15:54:36

  • Vikihole Hi March, can you lend me your help again? Its seivz this time :D

    2014-12-13 06:41:06

  • AYAKA Pre-warning: Tone your language down when you write comments.

    2014-12-04 22:45:53

  • Vikihole Pmed you, kisses :D

    2014-10-27 18:06:09

  • Amaterasu89 I'm going to have to ask you to quit calling me a "spammertard". I'm not who you think I am, I don't have a subscription to NarutoPIXXX, so I couldn't post spam comments there, and if you do not stop harassing me, I'll have to report you to TOFUK.

    2014-10-04 10:21:23

  • Vikihole Hi March, would you mind supporting my Temperamental redheads?

    2014-08-25 17:47:24

  • Vikihole help me against the shipper plz

    2014-07-26 12:33:10

  • Mageta-the-lion marchdeath I'd like your help mail me please

    2014-07-26 08:45:55

  • Malefix March, requesting support, PM me pls

    2014-07-14 16:05:17

  • Vikihole Asking your support for Bens' poll (Queen of Whentai)

    2014-07-09 07:32:42

  • Malefix amaterasu = hentaifan

    2014-06-13 09:16:18

  • Konanrules i'll help you out if you help me out my friend

    2014-05-27 17:28:35

  • Mageta-the-lion added as a friend as well

    2014-05-25 20:20:53

  • Mageta-the-lion Thanks a lot MD, count on me

    2014-05-25 19:42:17

  • Dakushna Ah, I knew it! thanks March

    2014-05-24 13:20:11

  • Amaterasu89 I don't know who you have a beef with over at NarutoPIXXX, but it sure as hell isn't me, I can tell you that much.

    2014-05-23 21:17:42

  • Vikihole he changed nick again?!

    2014-05-12 13:11:11

  • Vikihole he changed nick again?!

    2014-05-12 13:11:11

  • Vikihole Help me against the shipper!

    2014-04-26 18:05:44

  • Vikihole antihinata banner! Vote the Secrect Bride pls, it's Hentaimaster pool

    2014-04-12 07:53:47

  • Vikihole Would you mind voting for the "Redhead Swap" suggestion in JH pool?

    2014-04-11 09:36:42

  • Dakushna I was joking Marchdeath, don't take it the wrong way

    2014-03-31 14:02:18

  • Markpower33 you have seen the truth, Disney is bad news

    2014-03-31 06:06:46

  • Vikihole March vote for Mineur's idea (reit) pls

    2014-03-30 07:25:52

  • Konanrules sorry i'm part atasecint . sorry

    2014-03-16 14:35:05

  • Vikihole Thank you, my hero

    2014-02-21 19:39:43

  • Vikihole Hi, would you mind voting for my request in Sketches pool?

    2014-02-21 08:11:35

  • Malefix We are even, just don't waste your extras they could come in handy in the future for your own suggestions

    2014-02-17 10:15:43

  • Vikihole Give me an hand against the shippers

    2014-02-06 14:30:33

  • Vikihole Nevermind, I understand why you said that

    2014-01-06 11:13:37

  • Roki 07 what do you mean by bitchslap,you tough guy

    2013-12-27 13:37:12

  • Vikihole You are such a rude guy

    2013-12-24 06:51:12

  • BubbahotepII You are one funny guy

    2013-12-11 08:37:53

  • TOFUK Voting privileges and suggestions to be removed for 1 month (Sends Nov 3rd) due to consistant attacks and language to other users unprovoked.

    2013-10-03 05:09:16

  • Frankenfran Hey dude, try to be less hard on newbies like Kraken he is trying to be part of the community :)

    2013-07-10 16:18:56

  • TOFUK I feel like a total dick again, but can I hope for your support for the Sketch pol with Nami this time, Ill back you up anytime you have a request, just ask.

    2013-06-08 18:49:06

  • TOFUK Yo, Dont suppse you could help me out in the recent Sketch Lanza poll and vote for the Nico Robin one, I'd repay you in kind the next time you request a certain pic, give me a heads up and id vote for your choice, If you can fdo that great, if you cant, dont worry.

    2013-06-02 12:54:36