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  • TOFUK Chose to defy explicit warnings not to vote for his ideas for breaking the rules and that votes wouldnt be accepted. Tries to be a smug jackass about defying the rules. You just lost your privileges.

    2014-09-30 21:40:05

  • GAB Hey Konanrules, sorry, but I can't draw your request, I can only draw figures form the manga Naruto. If you like it and/or are a fan of it, you can make a new request on my poll! :) Thanks

    2014-08-27 12:21:15

  • Riffsandskulls thanx for your comments keep voting

    2014-07-08 00:54:35

  • Konanrules i will tofuk, also is it fiar to use other poses and try to use them with the drawings if you use a computer perjector ?

    2014-07-07 22:14:51

  • TOFUK If its your own work and follows the rules , Yes. But please be sensible and not offensive (drawing users in situations, ASK their permission)

    2014-07-07 00:37:50

  • Konanrules can i draw something to put up here?

    2014-07-01 19:18:31

  • TOFUK It can remain for now, but anymore please link on another site.

    2014-06-29 08:25:00

  • Konanrules i want other artists to use this tofuk if i win ok so i am asking to keep it up for use only

    2014-06-28 12:52:11

  • TOFUK I'll let you keep the image up for 48hrs since its reference material. But next time link off site, uploads are for your own work only.

    2014-06-22 20:50:54

  • Konanrules i tried to vote it in at the last sec and got out voted by tofuk ,i am posting my ideas but i gusse he dislikes my ideas

    2014-05-26 16:58:50

  • Hentaimaster88 I do not understand at all you could not vote for the picture?

    2014-05-25 00:50:05

  • Hentaimaster88 please continue posting your ideas!

    2014-05-17 20:52:49

  • Konanrules okok zinzero

    2014-05-07 23:47:15

  • ZinZero You are a miracle worker. I'll do my best to return the favor

    2014-05-07 03:46:24

  • Konanrules sorry tofuk i do got it wit six mounths left man

    2014-04-07 21:32:21

  • TOFUK Sorry, But I dobt want to be in any images at this time.

    2014-04-02 06:02:33

  • Riffsandskulls Hentai sight what do you mean ?

    2014-03-24 19:04:05

  • Riffsandskulls Yes i got a hf account but I can't upload there they to selective these days

    2014-03-22 02:21:48

  • Bob Mcsmith You jave good ideas but i think you should lighten up on the description (to me) it detracts from the idea if it is to descriptive (just my opinion)

    2014-03-21 20:37:51

  • TOFUK http://whentai.com/points

    2014-03-19 11:58:49

  • Marchdeath why are you ting up the request box?

    2014-03-16 08:07:13

  • Hentaimaster88 thanks for your welcome friend

    2014-03-14 18:31:15

  • Konanrules what if i do not

    2014-03-04 19:19:45

  • Konanrules i don't think any one likes my ideas in here sigh

    2014-03-03 08:54:30

  • Konanrules some old stuff my art computer and tablet was stolen so i am broke now

    2014-02-28 14:51:06