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  • KDstudiosUK thanks for your continued support guys. the best is still yet to come.

    2016-05-06 03:28:47

  • KDstudiosUK thanks for your continued support guys. the best is still yet to come.

    2016-05-06 03:28:47

  • KDstudiosUK just so you know, we aint dead.

    2015-12-16 01:37:38

  • KDstudiosUK yup

    new previews up on tumblr.

    2015-09-26 21:39:57

  • KDstudiosUK couple sketches on tumblr. new colour piece coming soon.

    2015-09-26 01:07:55

  • KDstudiosUK new stuff on tumblr.

    2015-09-24 00:56:15

  • KDstudiosUK new sketch out on tumblr. and keep the likes coming in people. we aint gone nowhere, just needed to make some adjustments to our techniques.

    2015-09-21 17:36:12

  • KDstudiosUK its friday night. time for some new sketches on tumblr

    2015-09-18 23:07:31

  • KDstudiosUK new sketches on tumblr

    2015-09-17 20:17:19

  • KDstudiosUK preview of our third mascot out on tumblr

    2015-09-16 01:34:15

  • KDstudiosUK new sketch out on tumblr

    2015-09-14 01:25:40

  • KDstudiosUK important news regarding the competition on our tumblr.

    head on over to check it out.

    2015-09-09 20:01:11

  • KDstudiosUK new preview on tumblr with a bonus competition.

    head over there for a chance to win.

    2015-09-06 00:28:45

  • KDstudiosUK new sketch on tumblr

    2015-09-03 00:32:33

  • KDstudiosUK extra bonus sketch on tumblr.

    keep the votes coming in guys.

    2015-08-31 19:03:49

  • KDstudiosUK bank holiday double bill preview special. check out the tumblr page for details. please like and reblog to keep the KDSUK movement going.

    2015-08-31 17:00:11

  • KDstudiosUK new preview out on tumblr :)

    2015-08-31 00:36:49

  • KDstudiosUK should be a good weekend for hentai. new sketches are up. there maybe 1-2 new colour pieces over the next three days but that will depend on real life schedules.

    2015-08-28 18:11:24

  • KDstudiosUK just some news.

    new update on tumblr seeing as its unlkley that my idea will win on my poll :)

    thanks for your votes so far. we have a lot of good stuff in the pipeline.

    2015-08-27 23:04:49

  • KDstudiosUK new previews up on tumblr

    2015-08-26 04:16:40

  • KDstudiosUK new preview on tumblr if you haven' t seen it already :)

    aside from that, just a bunch of stuff being coloured and edited at the moment so there is still plenty of treats on the way.

    2015-08-24 22:28:41

  • KDstudiosUK As Erza is so popular on here we shall be doing some Erza pics so stay tuned for that!

    Sneak peaks will be found here:

    2015-08-23 11:58:51

  • KDstudiosUK new previews on tumblr. you know the drill, like and reblog so we can create a demand that we can supply. you guys are awesome.

    2015-08-22 04:16:55

  • KDstudiosUK i see Erza scarlet is very popular?

    about time she visits the casting couch of KDstudiosUK methinks lol

    2015-08-21 19:04:34

  • KDstudiosUK new sneak previews on our tumble page. full colour will of course debut on whentai. ;)

    2015-08-18 01:30:40

  • KDstudiosUK new preview work on tumblr. check it out!

    2015-08-16 19:35:35

  • KDstudiosUK i had to take a day off to recharge. going to back to making some new stuff. i got a few ideas for more stories. the sketches will be up on tumblr so stay tuned for further announcements.

    2015-08-15 17:15:37

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