Hi, I'm Natsu7

I'm a huge VIP fan of WHentai

I'm currently offline, last seen 17 days ago.

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  • Everettsol Link to Natsu7's profile pic (ErzaXNatsu): http://thehentaiworld.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/11/Erza-Scarlet-and-Natsu-Dragneel-Lexus-Fairy-Tail-Hentai.jpg

    2016-11-12 02:03:01

  • Sol Thanks a lot boss, I really appreciate this

    2016-10-21 10:53:04

  • FTEndless hello im ftendless i was just wodering were you go your avatra from id love to see the full picture of it

    2016-10-01 05:22:09

  • Tentaim Yes where is your Profilepic from? Dont be an ass and share with us

    2016-09-26 22:02:59

  • Kane090902 Where's your profile pic from?

    2016-09-21 02:48:40

  • Bluesnake just wondering where ur profile pic is from. cant seem to find it

    2016-09-10 21:34:33

  • Thefamous Natsu7 you should check your messages it's about the 500 vote plan

    2016-03-28 12:47:03

  • Natsu7 https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/originals/ca/a3/65/caa365306252b6299ce4c1269c48d774.jpg

    2015-12-31 01:27:47

  • Allen Walker Most likely you don't have balls though.

    2015-12-30 01:49:57

  • Allen Walker I may not agree with Nox's words but I do want to see whether you can actually prove his words wrong if you have the balls to request a Lucy x Non Natsu character pic from the guild.

    2015-12-29 08:25:00