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  • Galang1897 RIP

    2016-08-25 20:48:41

  • Kenjii RIP

    2016-05-16 22:38:16

  • Aeit Hey, your avatar must be awesome art ... mind uploading it?

    2015-09-22 22:27:29

  • Raimundo59 Hi Ben, you take private commissions?

    2015-08-15 12:58:55

  • Gekkebilspleet ELBENTO: Anko mei and tsunade in a row getting fucked by randoms exactly like this: http://whentai.com/view/2718/Ichigo__Kurosaki__Kukaku_Shiba_Bleach

    I really liked shiba's ass on that pic

    2015-07-11 23:59:42

  • D_bear14 Any idea whee this artist is working now?

    2015-07-05 11:04:01

  • Phredjohnston10 It's a shame though, losing WHhentai's two best artist. First DKIR and now you to. I'll sure miss you Ben.

    2015-07-04 04:56:25

  • Dodongarus Did you stop working on this site?

    2015-06-11 13:21:10

  • Coldhotpockets Noticed you started drawing for narutobomb. Hope you still have the time to draw other series

    2015-05-27 09:08:32

  • Raimundo59 Impressive as always Ben :) , It would be great to see some images of Bleach

    2015-04-21 17:21:18

  • Luckijap671 mishki

    2015-03-28 08:08:10

  • Luckijap671 Riffsandskulls

    2015-03-28 08:07:01

  • Zangetsu hollow erza please. ..

    2015-03-14 17:55:28

  • Martinwh excellent pics

    2015-03-09 03:32:01

  • Jay_vier one piece

    2015-03-07 08:33:30

  • 595862339 nico

    2015-02-20 06:34:21

  • Omahima You're Lexus on bleachpixxx right?

    2015-02-20 02:40:33

  • Kenshi did Bento change his email?

    2015-01-12 13:37:08

  • Phredjohnston10 So, why so many delays?

    2015-01-09 06:02:56

  • AYAKA IMPORTANT message and RULES for all Artists on WHentai.com: http://whentai.com/index/blogs

    2014-12-23 10:36:20

  • Birusu Yeah I want that Bleach pic.

    2014-11-24 09:58:08

  • Coldhotpockets Not to question the order you choose to do the requests in or anything but are you still gonna do that bleach request? It's getting pretty old now and there hasn't been any orihime for a while.

    2014-11-21 06:56:24

  • Raimundo59 I really want to see pictures of Gildarts x Cana with your style of art.

    2014-11-13 14:00:41

  • Batou thanx. i appreciate it

    2014-11-06 18:19:01

  • Batou thanx

    2014-11-06 18:16:59

  • Prototype.sal Thank you for all the pics tht you created. They are GREAT!!!

    2014-09-20 14:59:32

  • GAB Your pics are amazing, can you tell me how you do such thin lines and such smooth coloring? Cheers

    2014-08-22 09:42:35

  • Vivalawizard Love your pictures

    2014-07-22 22:38:22

  • Zangetshu23 You can make a babiretta with renji

    2014-06-25 00:10:08

  • MetalSamamon Hello! I sent you a message, I hope you got it. Please let me know if you did. Thanks!

    2014-05-19 17:37:32

  • Ishino.otaku Salut, Elbento. Your blogspot is done !?

    2014-05-14 12:59:32

  • Fufuften I love every art you make, you're more than amazing amazing

    2014-04-13 20:52:19

  • MeiTerumiLover I Love your art man xD.

    2014-04-08 17:59:38

  • MeiTerumiLover Lets make it 100 uploads by my commision request my friend xD.

    2014-04-02 18:14:17

  • MeiTerumiLover Is there any way i could pay you to make me a request?if so could you please send me an email with details, [email protected]

    2014-03-19 16:24:24

  • Asdf I love the way you are drawing monet from one piece.

    2014-03-10 22:15:24

  • Sichan But you still need to finish 5-6 old poll am i wrong?

    2014-03-06 12:09:24

  • ELBENTO If you would like to see more of my art her, with more characters, open me more polls, please contact support and ask them

    2014-03-06 11:50:46

  • MidoriChan Mis vecinos de peru ;) bueno ya hablaremos mister.

    2014-02-22 20:46:14

  • MidoriChan amigo*

    2014-02-22 15:20:43

  • MidoriChan Genial maigo :D pues hablare espanol con tigo si no te a,eres de Espana?

    2014-02-22 15:20:25

  • MidoriChan For the name "el" do you speak spanish?

    2014-02-21 14:42:42

  • Sichan What happened?

    2014-01-22 09:14:43

  • TOFUK Anal Full Nel, Blue ;)

    2014-01-02 23:22:48

  • BlueSoldier My absolute favorites are the anal positions where the guy is holding the girl's legs up with his hands locked behind her head (like with Robin, Tsunade, Rose, and Kushina...) So HOT *o*

    2014-01-02 09:13:09

  • BlueSoldier Hi! Just wanted to say that I adore your talent and artwork. I am in love with your gallery. OP is my favorite but I love all the shows/games you draw from :)

    2014-01-02 09:11:10

  • BlueSoldier Hi! Just wanted to say that I adore your talent and artwork. I am in love with your gallery. OP is my favorite but I love all the shows/games you draw from :) Your work that really pushes me over the edge are the anal ones where the man holds the woman's legs up with his hands locked behind her head

    2014-01-02 09:09:54

  • Www.Brendajbrooks24 i have a great sex with my first boyfriend

    2014-01-01 04:01:04

  • Sichan Do you still working on doujin?

    2013-12-31 12:02:37

  • Fuction_jn You are the best :0 keep it going with fairy tail!

    2013-12-30 04:44:52

  • Raykus Hi Ben,when you have time could you check your email inbox pls. ty

    2013-12-30 03:41:06

  • Mrfred As already mentioned - your drawings are most similar to the anime, good job!

    2013-12-29 23:24:51

  • Sichan Thank you for making my request Ben i hoped they would take whole dick but its np

    2013-12-29 13:55:30

  • Chicha Your gallery is sooo sexy and delicious :P

    2013-12-20 00:01:51

  • Sichan Just wow you are great

    2013-12-06 01:38:11

  • Dreamhawk Just wanted to say that your art is amazing! Looking forward to what you have in store for us! :)

    2013-12-05 06:23:03

  • Amaterasu89 @TOFUK Alright, thanks.

    2013-12-05 01:09:28

  • TOFUK He can take however long he needs.

    2013-12-04 23:27:17

  • TOFUK Just because you cant see it doesnt mean its gone for good, within the time limit is preferred but not essential.

    2013-12-04 23:26:36

  • Amaterasu89 Is the Bleach idea, "Ichigo eats out Neliel's pussy, while Rangiku Matsumoto rides his cock." still being made? I was just wondering, since it isn't on the "Will create" list anymore.

    2013-12-04 22:26:11

  • Darkklove great pictures from last bleach, were spectacular

    2013-11-29 23:28:44

  • Mineur Ben do you have a mail that I can talk with you on? Understandable if you dont wanna post it but if you want to talk with me you can find me at [email protected] Cheers!

    2013-11-27 11:44:03

  • NsLov Hi Ben, do not know if you saw my post, well, let me know if you do private commissions??

    2013-11-26 00:16:13

  • Uzumakilove I've undestood, I'll never ask you for further details again, but please accept my suggestions sometimes.

    2013-11-23 17:12:43

  • Raykus Hi Elbento , i tried to contact you via email (the same email adress that you use for the image pack , so probably an old one because you didn't answer yet). i'd like to discuss through email or pm (as you like)about the image packs and eventually a private commission.

    2013-11-21 19:23:54

  • Ppele19 Elbento hi i am new can you switch the kushina picture being banged by two naruto's and the kyuubi is sealed to mei terumi instead and if you do it thanks big time

    2013-11-21 15:52:51

  • MrBEEFY Okay sounds good Elbento. Would you like to discuss further through email about the possibility of a commission?

    2013-11-19 19:03:22

  • Papillonunivers Hi elbento could you make a picture with the black lagoon revy thank you

    2013-11-18 23:15:42

  • InoHunter Elbento, I accidently suggested 3x the same on your poll. I am sry for doingg so.

    2013-11-18 13:00:29

  • Isshin Video of Tsunade still in the process, you could send the advance.

    2013-11-16 05:03:35

  • Uzumakilove Sorry, but I'm not able to chat with you so I can't read the PM you sent me. Hope you can write it again on my wall. However thanks for trying to answer me

    2013-11-15 16:22:00

  • MrBEEFY Hi Elbento, I'm curious. Do you take commissions???

    2013-11-14 08:00:36

  • Uzumakilove Sorry Ben, but this time I'm disappointed. I suggested "a blushing Naruto" and I hoped you were going to put him in the pic. The pic is good, but it's not my suggestion. If you are sick of drawing Naruto just tell me and I'll never ask you to draw him again, but please don't accept my suggestions if you don't want to make them as they are written. It hurts when someone ignores you without giving an explanation. Sorry again, I know that maybe I'm just an idiot, but I wanted you to know what I thought. Please answer me if you can.

    2013-11-10 14:33:40

  • Tensa Zangetsu Very Good The Photos!

    2013-11-09 00:12:21

  • MrBEEFY Just curious if you ever got to the, "Every Pervert Has His Day", picture?

    2013-11-07 20:11:36

  • Inusen666 I just love Your art!!! Sorry for bothering You with this again, but You wrote me a mail adress (payment)on PM not so long time ago, but there was a modify and I can not open our chat here and can not see the mail adress:( Could You send it to me please again? My mail is:[email protected] I thank OYu forward and keep up the great work!!

    2013-10-24 11:27:26

  • Isshin Ben, receivedst my message. How about a private commissions?

    2013-10-21 08:01:05

  • Lightning Lover Hi, I saw that you sent me a message, but it says "can't chat with this user"...
    I suppose it's because im not VIP :)
    Could you write it off my wall or something ?

    2013-10-19 10:29:58

  • TOFUK You want to be heard Nike yet you continue to avoid the one per it bottles down to.
    VIP requests at this moment will not be returning. Admins decision, If your unhappy with the change go to support and give your criticism there to the per who ultimately has the say.

    2013-10-14 03:34:11

  • Nikeq57 Yes exactly, doesn't matter you are a VIP or user you can't make requests here anymore but only moderator keep talking about a lot new privileges perks and changes for an VIPs going to happen here soon but it's just empty promises and nothing more

    2013-10-13 19:31:55

  • MonkeydeLUffy1021 So no matter if we become a VIP user. I can not get direct orders

    2013-10-13 19:07:14

  • Nikeq57 @Neko451
    You should just wait to rest of your life when VIP requests and others perks for so called VIP-members going to happen, finally. Right now it impossible make paying request here.

    2013-10-12 03:33:58

  • Neko451 f I want to request a picture with paying. What should I do? Pass me the link if you can.

    2013-10-11 22:28:43

  • TOFUK No. He's definitely not.

    2013-10-10 17:22:13

  • Don Hi, maybe this question doesn't belong to here but your artworks looks alot like the pictures of narutopixxx, so are you rex?

    2013-10-10 12:42:38

  • Isshin Maybe a little more mei

    2013-10-04 10:48:32

  • Cristiano Love your art

    2013-10-03 14:25:40

  • EroSennin We need more mei and Tsunade :D

    2013-10-02 21:33:59

  • Pervysage What happened to my crossover request?

    2013-10-02 04:37:27

  • D_malice Wow! your artworks are splendid! keep it up!

    2013-10-01 00:04:32

  • MrBEEFY I love your artwork! Keep up the good work!

    2013-09-25 23:43:12

  • MrBEEFY I enjoy your work and was wondering if you would be willing to do a request? I'm sure your busy and just ignore if your not interested. Chi-Chi (Buu saga) and Naruto (Shippuden) Crossover.

    2013-09-25 22:50:02

  • Inusen666 I love Your pics!!! And Your style!!

    2013-09-23 11:29:41

  • Porn boss Hey I'm new a just post my first.come check my out and grade me

    2013-09-19 04:36:49

  • Kemor Guys stop spamming him, there are other good artists.

    2013-09-18 08:30:18

  • ArdenW Man...you have way too much work to do.

    2013-09-18 06:38:24

  • Frankenfran I'm wondering what happened to your blog

    2013-09-16 17:09:57

  • TOFUK This is just a friendly reminder,
    Dont request here - it gets you nowhere and nothing will get done.

    2013-09-16 14:42:41

  • Pierrot Been following you for awhile and just wanted to say awesome stuff Ben, your work is fantastic. I'm a big fan of yours!

    2013-09-15 21:35:08

  • Isshin Thanks Ben for my first order. You've done very fast, ... thanks man"

    2013-09-11 10:43:43

  • Mirrorsex youre the best

    2013-08-30 17:21:58

  • ArdenW So what's happened to the KH2 Roxas, Fuu, Olette, and Riku foursome?

    2013-08-30 02:20:54

  • Pervysage Wonder when he'll upload the requests.

    2013-08-28 18:13:11

  • Mineur Sad that the zetsu gangang pic seems to have been canceled but I cant wait for some more OP from you:) Keep up the fantastic work!

    2013-08-22 08:52:38

  • TD Make Raikage x Kushina

    2013-08-06 13:27:24

  • Laxus-San So, is the 4 girl pose cancelled?

    2013-07-30 18:03:25

  • TOFUK Any news?

    2013-07-16 15:44:17

  • Flyingdwarf777 I want to change my nick to Sasukesucks20

    2013-07-15 08:02:30

  • ArdenW I guess he's really working hard on this one.

    2013-07-13 14:47:13

  • Frankenfran Man, talk about obsessed :/

    2013-07-13 05:53:22

  • Sonicsucks20 Sasuke Uchiha with Karin, Ino and Sakura orgy.

    2013-07-09 02:20:59

  • Bladewing dear user
    i need your help on a friends request that is meaningful for him its in the (Sketch Lanza )vote pol Grimhilde (from snow white) with big busty tits and hip , while being anal fucked by short shotacon anime from the 'Sketch Lanza' vote list .by Wingblack im helping him out with this request. and please send this to others if necessary

    2013-06-28 22:14:09

  • MeteorStorm When will you accept request?

    2013-06-26 22:33:13

  • Erosennin Hello, I love your drawing style is very similar to the anime. I hope I can do some of my ideas

    2013-06-22 08:39:57