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  • The Black Rogue Raven Wow! Your work looks very incredible.

    2016-05-15 07:41:24

  • Toien Nice work! Keep it up! :D

    2016-02-04 11:11:11

  • Tchatchafoo Hi! I like your work!

    2016-01-07 20:36:29

  • Kaseki what happend to the poll where i was winning?

    2015-12-02 17:33:42

  • Hentaimaster88 hello friends if yous want to see more of my work and want to support my artworck​, you can check my patreon campaign​.
    Everyone is invited to come and follow my news.Thank for your support!

    LINK: https://www.patreon.com/hentaimaster88

    2015-05-16 20:37:00

  • Kenshi whats Hentaimaster88's commission email address?

    2015-04-29 07:24:33

  • Zerg323232 you are amazing!

    2015-03-17 15:16:32

  • Excaliburbxd You're the best

    2014-09-08 13:20:30

  • Dieties hello frens

    2014-08-27 05:39:13

  • Zerg323232 How can I vote for you and then suggest to do a certain something lol? I am pretty at this concept for some rea. Thanks.

    2014-07-20 11:56:23

  • MeiTerumiLover Hey master, i need a few artist to make me a few commissions, are you in?

    2014-07-09 21:05:04

  • Hentaimaster88 do not worry I will continue drawing

    2014-06-04 22:28:52

  • Konanrules tofuk doesn't belive you where pulling for me to win one

    2014-05-27 19:23:22

  • Konanrules i know he wanted me to win it

    2014-05-27 19:22:45

  • TOFUK He means I outvoted him and won. So he's a bit disappointed.

    2014-05-25 17:20:50

  • Konanrules tofuk screwed me when i was tring to out vote him for that one picture i really wanted

    2014-05-24 19:21:20

  • Konanrules why you love my ideas old friend

    2014-05-20 16:21:25

  • MetalSamamon Hello! I sent you a message, I hope you got it. Please let me know if you did. Thanks!

    2014-05-19 17:37:38

  • Frankenfran Quality needs recognition, and your art is really well made :)

    2014-05-19 05:23:28

  • Frankenfran Quality needs recognition, and your art is really well made :)

    2014-05-19 05:23:28

  • Monkeyman79 your art is amazing

    2014-05-18 07:34:57

  • Monkeyman79 your art is amazing

    2014-05-18 07:34:57

  • Konanrules question old friend if i win can i email you a pose to use in the photo?

    2014-05-14 05:03:41

  • Andresjudasp thanks for the Picture

    2014-04-16 04:32:04

  • MeiTerumiLover Your pictures are very nice, wish i could get my idea done...=(

    2014-03-26 17:05:10

  • Hentaimaster88 lol awesome, I hope you like the pictures I will do here

    2014-03-14 18:30:28

  • Konanrules i know you from da art, sasuke-the pervert ,

    2014-03-14 05:32:17

  • The Stig nice stuff you has!

    2014-01-26 20:17:23

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    Cana Alberona, Mirajane and random guy. Cana is naked on all fours while being fucked from behind by random guy (face not required) with a dildo in her ass. Mira in front of her wearing [http://i.ebayimg.com/images/g/3V4AAOSweW5U~Ztz/s-l300.jpg] forcing Cana to deep throat her dick (strap on or futa don’t mind). Mira has a seductive smile while looking at Cana, whereas Cana looks back a Mira with a tear rolling down her face.
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    Http://i.imgur.com/19WbtGi.png choose one option from both list to make a pic!!
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    [DB GT suggestion] Trunks x Pan and Videl like this http://i.imgur.com/2cbUrar.jpg Pan on face and Videl riding on him
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