Hi, I'm Kaseki

I'm a huge fan of WHentai

I'm currently offline, last seen 13 days ago.

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  • Doby99 Hi Kaseki, the current poll is for a 1 panel picture. You can resubmit your idea with 1 panel.

    2015-06-28 19:15:50

  • Kaseki Doby i just saw this now, this character is tatsumi, and leone

    2015-05-21 10:07:11

  • Doby99 Hi Kaseki
    About your request. The character that represents you, is the one you are using as an avatar right now?

    2015-05-08 21:29:23

  • MasterDragonUnlimited Don't worry pal sometimes I get that moment as well but I'll help u out someday

    2015-05-07 06:15:04

  • Kaseki i am posting as much as i can saDLY I dont get votes

    2015-04-20 06:55:42

  • Kaseki Hoping there will be more Tokyoghoul and Akame ga kill hentai!

    2015-04-14 16:02:20