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  • Majin3D Your artwork is awesome, looking forward to seeing more.


    2015-04-30 19:09:16

  • Matax9911 Love your art work !

    2015-02-05 00:45:17

  • Hevdede.hevdede very awesome art work

    2014-12-15 08:26:42

  • Trashgreg Funny to see how you use censorship when one people says he doesn' like anime characters. Well, I'm off. This site is clearly biased for "anime characters only".

    2014-12-13 20:38:18

  • Croc Sx yea Tofuk I had that in mind when i made those two polls, i just wanted to try something new because there are some guys who likes the cartoons, and that type of ideas in a poll has a very low chance to win... thats why i did what i did... besides is funny to draw cartoon characters xD

    2014-12-09 22:26:11

  • TOFUK To be truthful whilst we dont mind the odd 'No anime' poll, Crocs in competition with others so by excluding others he may be missing out on 50 extra votes that bump him up the rankings.

    2014-12-09 11:33:36

  • Tpartenheimer It´s a bit sad that you now only doing this anime stuff. I hope you soon do the thing you can best again. The Smps!

    2014-12-01 23:34:29

  • Tpartenheimer It´s a bit sad that you only do this anime stuff now. I hope you n do the thing you can best again - The Simps!

    2014-12-01 23:32:32

  • Trashgreg It's true that having mainly Naruto's and DBZ's pictures is a bit boring... especially when they are not as popular as other series like the Simps.

    2014-11-30 11:04:34

  • Jinsimpsons0042 looks like naruto won again i wont to see something new

    2014-11-27 11:48:38

  • Croc Sx yeah!!! ^^

    2014-09-26 00:45:14

  • Ojosnocturnos i'm here... time to destroi the world

    2014-09-26 00:37:15

  • Jmhdood hi,i can't seem to find your commission info

    2014-09-23 05:38:43

  • Aximilicala Thanks

    2014-09-08 16:42:04

  • Jinsimpsons0042 i love that u made

    2014-09-01 20:47:49

  • ThatDude Hi Croc, great art. Can you draw Ann possible and Timmy`s mom, getting fucked by bart

    2014-08-29 16:11:37

  • Croc Sx no bestialyty at any kind... i got it

    2014-08-28 19:28:50

  • TOFUK Pikachu had to be removed. No b3astiality . Anthros/furry are ok as they possess human qualities.

    2014-08-28 18:11:22

  • Jinsimpsons0042 ok thanks. i have been a big fan of ur work

    2014-08-28 07:02:18

  • Croc Sx i can draw almost everything except furry... do not like xD

    2014-08-28 06:22:31

  • Jinsimpsons0042 what kind of stuffs we can add

    2014-08-28 06:20:34

  • Croc Sx Thanks... ussually i dont draw hentai.. but i think i can doit xD

    2014-08-28 06:20:28

  • Jinsimpsons0042 the pokemon pic u made its very nice

    2014-08-28 06:19:17

  • Croc Sx I'm gonna make my first poll, and hoping that i made all steps good . xD.. i wait for the result

    2014-08-28 06:02:03

  • Croc Sx thanks ^^

    2014-08-26 18:04:40

  • Jinsimpsons0042 welcome croc

    2014-08-26 13:01:15

  • Croc Sx Hey there I’m Croc SX and I am one of the new here, and I'm excited to share my kinkies artworks with you ... I love to draw famous Cartoons Character in very compromised situations perhaps if you know my blog you know what I mean xD. It's great to be here and you will soon be able to see more of my work ... ... I hope you like it

    2014-08-26 08:37:08

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