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  • Ace mine was so close :/

    2014-08-27 17:59:23

  • Zoom95 jh

    2014-07-25 18:32:23

  • ZinZero Honestly the one with 3 was an accident

    2014-07-16 08:05:49

  • Konanrules hi old friend sasuke the pervert here from da art

    2014-03-02 06:08:47

  • The NSA You should do an art work with Naruto and Erza it's a great pairing.

    2014-01-31 00:25:11

  • Jmhdood the hinata and sakura in christmas outfit One?that is Bull!i've seen dirtier pic on DA than that one.

    2013-12-25 03:12:32

  • Novaburst42 Hey what were the results of the poll my idea was in?

    2013-12-22 02:43:45

  • Reit DA banned me for my pic about hinata and sakura in christmas outfit. you think that is censorable? XD

    2013-12-21 02:39:06

  • Jmhdood hay your deviantart page is deactivated why?

    2013-12-21 00:46:11

  • Nomo Glad you like my stuff, a compliment from a talented artists as yourself is really flattering ^_^

    2013-12-14 02:07:32

  • Reit this is my G+, here we can chat: https://plus.google.com/112238484108015943795

    2013-11-30 01:38:06

  • Riffsandskulls hello i like youre pics do you have an email to chat?

    2013-11-29 18:36:05

  • HarmonieRosalina Thanks for your comment... Of course I'll sugegst and vote. That's the rea I'm here after all... XD

    2013-11-27 19:49:50

  • Reit Hello guys...
    I have to say, if you want a image of me as a commission... you can see a price list on my blog:


    but you have to know that I have another works to do (here for whentai and commissions) so I don't know how much time that will take...
    also... I don't do futa pics or yaoi...

    2013-11-13 07:36:47

  • Dragon Down South Are you willing to do futanari artwork, by chance?

    2013-10-28 21:13:01

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