Mac 2017-02-18

Hello Everyone,

Got another 'Whentai Picks' idea for ya.

So here's the idea:
One of the pairings below gets cucked in some way (chosen by me) by one of the characters below. Gonna let this go on until this Friday (Feb 24) and then I'll post the idea. Hopefully it goes as well as last time.


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Mac 2017-02-22 So with 2 days left, it looks like Sting and Yukino are getting cucked by Dimaria or Minerva, it's a tie between them. So be sure to cast in your votes!

Mac 2017-02-24 Looks like Erza is cucking Natsu and Lucy! Will get the idea posted up in a few hours! Thanks to everyone who voted!

Mac 2017-02-24 Idea posted!

WHentai Tan 2017-02-25 Thank you mac! You are great!

Ylvishcanisminora 2017-02-10

Hello all! I am new here!
Do teach me the ropes here!

Please feel free to visit me on:


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Crispystrip 2017-02-10 Hey, welcome! You have a nice art style. I'm assuming you know about getting artist status, but ill let you know anyway, just upload 10 or so images and you will get artist status, after that the best thing would be to open a poll and set some rules like i only draw anime for example. I'm sure you will do well :)

WHentai Tan 2017-02-13 waiting for your first poll here!

TOFUK 2017-02-04

Hello all. Just a small update to say that I wont be about for just over 2 weeks from tuesday, so those of you who come to me first for your concerns and issues, anything terrible let support know or use the report function.

Remember - Respect artists and members. We're not like 'other' sites.

And work on those Erza polls :p!

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WHentai Tan 2017-02-05 ok. have a nice weekend.

TOFUK 2017-02-05 2 weeks ;)

Shinobibrush 2017-01-31

Konnichiwa Whentai!

I just realised I haven't made a blog for a while and thought might be a good time to.

I was verified as an artist on here a couple of weeks ago - which is great news because it means I can collect & create ideas. I've already opened and uploaded my first poll requested idea. I wasn't sure of the process, but all seemed to go well and I had a lot of fun making this picture.

I have a question, if anyone can answer:
During stage 2 (collecting votes stage) there are 3 numbers next to each idea. What do they mean? There's no explanation and I wondered what they are. I mean I assumed they were votes, but why are there 3 numbers? I'm sure someone here knows.

Anyway, I hope you like the outcome of my first poll. Looking forward to doing more.

Oh, one thing to let everyone know is that if I don't approve your idea, please don't take it personally or be offended. I wanna do drawings I can get excited by. If I don't approve an idea I'll always try to make a suggestion on how you can edit it so I can approve it.



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WHentai Tan 2017-02-01 x/y/z

WHentai Tan 2017-02-01 x - votes for the idea y - extra votes for the idea (MAIN PARAMETER!) z - totall summ of all votes in this poll

WHentai Tan 2017-02-01 do you try comissions section? its much easy and faster if you are really talanted artits.

Shinobibrush 2017-02-01 @Whentai Tan - ah, I see - that all makes sense, thank you for the info. I've had a few looks at the commission page. When I have more time I'll definitely put a bid in for ideas. Thanks again :D

Ken Shin 2017-02-01 btw if you hold your mouse over the numbers for awhile, the meaning of the numbers will be shown

Shinobibrush 2017-02-03 @Ken Shin - nice one - thanks for the tip :)

Thatdudejoey 2017-01-31

Sup! Im new P;

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Creatroy 2017-01-31 Welcome, dude! Nice uploaded pic to start with! ;)

Sonicsucks20 2017-01-30

If you guys want, you can add points for me when I request more Sasuke pictures. Or just make some suggestions of your own.

Lets keep the up the Sasuke porn!

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Creatroy 2017-01-31 How about more Sazuke x Himawari? Your latest commission was just too good

HinaStudio 2017-01-31 And I can draw it xD

Temptest 2017-01-31 How about Sasuke and Sarada

Everettsol 2017-01-31 HinaStudio, no you can't and you shouldn't. Your art sucks, hence why you've been begging for money via pay per view pics

HinaStudio 2017-02-01 @Everettsol

TOFUK 2017-02-04 Cant deny that, Told.

Everettsol 2017-02-04 Lol, I bet if I drew with my feet the outcome would be way better than anything Hina draws

TOFUK 2017-01-25

So I've been asked in the past when was I going to do a lesbian collaboration and having a chat one day with EdJim he was VERY eager for me to establish one. So for those of you who have messaged me in the past, you've got your wish. Over at the commissions I've done one of my collaboration ideas again with a Lesbian theme and EdJim has literally DARED us to go as large as we can. No limits! So for only 50 votes you can choose your girl, lingerie and state your preference if you want to be the Dominator or submissive. Hell I've even offered my choice Erza to users to Dominate openly. So if you've got that lesbian kink, Head over there and give Ed as many gals as we can throw at him!

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TOFUK 2017-01-26 Pretty amazing turnout so far. We got 8 girls and with over 24 hours yet to go. if you've been in the collaborations before you'll know the gist of the set ups. Be badass if we can match the first day or close to.

TOFUK 2017-01-26 Props to EdJim, Mac, Spike1941, Elbourico, MentalL, Johnstrife0013 and Restart answering the call!

TOFUK 2017-01-26 Further props to Singlerius and thefamous. We're at 10! Lets keep it up, 15 would be crazy, Ed wants the lesbo love!

TOFUK 2017-01-27 PerverseKnight and Inflames have rallied, 12 girls!!!

TOFUK 2017-01-29 Thanks to everyone that took part, its always awesome when everyone gets on board and the artist is willing to accept a large number for 50 votes a time, its like a reward for him and you guys getting commissions for a lower fee, its you guys that fund Whentai so you deserve a treat. Im intending at the end of every month to do this and if Ed's available and has a fetish he wants to do :p so keep your eyes posted and some votes saved at the end of the month.

Temptest 2017-01-25

Are my Ideas really that bad, or is because i don't have any money to do request?

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TOFUK 2017-01-25 Ideas generally need paid votes.

Temptest 2017-01-26 oh really?

WHentai Tan 2017-01-27 It depends on idea. But if you need your idea win and created fast - the simplest way - buy votes.