ErzaxZoro1991 2017-01-06

Resuming my Whentai work this Monday. Got a new tablet and trying to make up for lost time. Here's a preview of one of the drawins i had planned for last month. It's still in the devloping stages.

Let me know what you think about the preview.

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TOFUK 2017-01-06 If I can be honest... The santa hat looks too big and distracting, needs to be much smaller, I understand it maybe a POV thing but her right ass cheek needs to be rounded down too.

TOFUK 2017-01-06 Her hair seems to be a bit exagerated too. If you were to round up her head size to that of the others and cut off the hair at that point too, obviously a little leway. It'd be so much more appealing

ErzaxZoro1991 2017-01-09 Thanks for the constructive Critique, it's still a work in progress. I needed some prespective on what to do next. Also don't you mean Left ass checck, that one seems imbalnced

ErzaxZoro1991 2017-01-09 Going to be working on that now and sent you another draft to see if the problem has been fixed.

TOFUK 2017-01-10 Yes sorry, 'her' left ^^*

RickeyHentai 2017-01-14 Hey, not bad! I agree with what TOFUK said, but with those edits made and this finished, It'll look pretty good

Shinobibrush 2017-01-02

Akemashite omedetou gozaimasu! (Happy New Year, Whentai)

It's kinda funny how our brains work! I sketched out this idea recently and at the same time, strangely, someone made a similar suggestion to me - Naruto anal fucking Sakura in doggystyle. It was almost as if that person could read my mind (or I their's). But to be honest it's not too strange if i think about it. Naruto x Sakura are a common pairing and anal doggy isn't a rare suggestion. And we all consume similar visuals - hentai, anime, manga etc - so it shouldn't surprise me - just seemed weird because of the timing.

I took a bit of artistic license on this one - deciding not to draw in the nine tail 'cloak.' I did try but it ended up obscuring too much a Sakura, so went with just a surrounding glow edge. Again made in photoshop. I used a photo reference for the position. I like to do that if I find an awesome porn image - but it always needs tweaking to fit the characters.

Hope you like it. Feel free to leave any comments/feedback - positive or negative are always welcome.



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TOFUK 2016-12-31

Have a Happy New Year all!

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Singlerius 2016-12-31 Happy New Year TOFUK and Happy New Year folks.

Perverserknight 2017-01-01 Happy New Year everybody ^_^d

Sweet99 2017-01-01 Happy New Years!!!

HinaStudio 2017-01-04 Happy ;)

WHentai Tan 2016-12-30

Hi everyone!
This is my last post in this year! And I believe this was great year for us all. Today whentai collects 7917 pics, 165 videos, 321 games and all this by 163 whentai artists. This is really great numbers and we are happy that you stay with us. We have some difficulties with our hosting and CDN services thats why we need to close some content here but all new exclusive content is still and will be forever opened for first 30 days fro free. For those who want to watch old content for free you can still do this here:
This was great year and thank you for staying with us! Good luck, yours WH-Tan! (=^ᴗ^=)*✲゚*。⋆

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WHentai Tan 2016-12-26

Good news, everyone!

There is a slight update on the Extra Votes section. As you might already know, we've been giving a slight bonus for those who bought two 250-votes-packs in a row. Unfortunately, we're not online 24 hours a day, so this process took some time though it has to be done in hand by submitting lots of forms.
So we've decided to get rid of those manual bonuses, and provide you with some automation instead.
Please, welcome the new option: "350 Extra Votes". When purchasing a pack of 350 extra votes you will get +100 bonus votes automatically on your balance.

Since now on, we won't provide you with manual bonus-codes even if you send money through PayPal. Refer to the "points" section to understand the new packs scheme.
If you send 74.99*2=149.98 to our PayPal you will only get 500 Extra Votes, no bonus 100 votes will be added.
But if you send 124.99 instead - you will get 350 Extra Votes + 100 Bonus votes on your balance automatically.

The VIP status remains the same: after getting 1000 Extra Votes in total on your account, you'll become VIP automatically.

Comments (6)
ACREVSBRO 2016-12-26 so where's the good news? you see mac and tofuk below... that's good news, this is awful

Crispystrip 2016-12-26 how about put make a 500 vote options with the free 100 votes

JamesVane 2016-12-27 Totally agree with Crispy, you could have automated and leave same price per vote in the Addict pack

WHentai Tan 2016-12-27 >ACREVSBRO: automation is always better ^_^ It will ease the process and shorten the time between getting the votes and placing a commission. If you bought any votes, you would have understand the point.

WHentai Tan 2016-12-27 >Crispystrip, >JamesVane: Yeah, we thought of this option at the very beginning (500 votes + 100 for $149.99) but it won't be fair to other members, and that is why... At the very beginning our billing provider has had a limitation in sum for a single transaction. Now we've persuaded the billing to increase a transaction limit, but only by $124.99. Before that, the limit was of just $74.99 - that's why you had to submit a few payments in a row in order to get more votes. And experience the 10 minutes timeout between placing the payments. As a COMPENSATION for such inconvenience we were adding some bonus votes. In order not to mess with the accounting we've used the same sheme for the PayPal transactions (but, failry, those who transfer $149.99 in PayPal don't struggle with any technical trouble). After all, it was only a BONUS offer - not the payment option. And it might just have been eliminated at any moment. But, instead, we've added another option for you that is, anyways, the most advantageos of all others. Just use the calculator and compare with other options. We understand that it was convenient to pay less to get more votes. But let's play fair, think of those who buy small packs? Those who buy huge packs of votes get even more FREE votes. Those who buy small packs get the most expensive votes.

Crispystrip 2016-12-27 "lets play fair"? never thought id hear those words

Shinobibrush 2016-12-26

Konnichiwa Whentai,

Sorry it's been a while since I last uploaded. My regular work has been piling up over the Christmas period, but I wanted to get something out here. It's not Christmas themed but hopefully will keep you warm :P

Someone suggested Orihime from Bleach, because she has lovely 'baubles' - a real 'cracker' ... I couldn't resist the festive puns!

Anyway, I thought I'd try and experiment a little with how I go about rendering the nipple - more specifically the area around the nipple. Also tried doing something different with the cum - make it seem more 'viscous.' I can't remember the artist's name but I've seen really beautifully digitally painted images and amazed at how that artist paints cum - it 'feels' wet and sticky. I think I'm way off that, but wanted to go a different approach from my usual line drawn cum look.

Feel free to leave any feedback and comments are always welcome - positive or negative :)

Happy Holidays!


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Singlerius 2016-12-24

Merry Christmas everyone.

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DMITRY 2016-12-25 merry christmas!!

Creatroy 2016-12-26 Merry Christmas, Mr. Scrooge :)

Mac 2016-12-22

Hi Everyone!

Since it is the season of giving, I felt like having you guys pick the characters for an idea I had.

The idea is: Mrs Claus (Character picked by you) getting fucked by Santa Claus (Secret Character I have chosen, but trust me, he's a perfect choice) and a naughty little elf (Character picked by you) to assist them.

Here are the polls if you are interested:
Mrs Claus -
Elf -

Hope everyone has a Happy Holidays or just a great week in general!

Comments (6)
WHentai Tan 2016-12-22 wow. great gift! Thank you Mac for this great news in your blog. I think we can share some free Votes for you due to Crhistmas holidays and such a great deal with polls and providing fun to our members! Thank you!

Mac 2016-12-22 As of right now it looks like it's gonna be Fubuki and Tatsumaki! Gonna end the poll tonight and post the idea up tomorrow!

WHentai Tan 2016-12-23 great present on holidays. Thank you!

Mac 2016-12-23 Polls closed, and the winners are Erza and Wendy! Will post the idea later today!

TOFUK 2016-12-23 Queen of Whentai hehe

Mac 2016-12-23 Idea posted and EdJim is gonna create it, hope everyone will be able to enjoy it!

TOFUK 2016-12-19

I was going to release the lawbook wielding Dredd with this update, but then I thought... it's good news and christmas too! and what better way to give good news than involving the Queen of Whentai (citation needed) Erza!.

So first of all from all of us on the Whentai team, We hope you have had so far a great holiday season and Merry Christmas to you all! The sites slowly gone back to its peaceful and friendly format that sets us apart from the competition - So if you see something that shouldnt be use that Report function and we'll get to it as soon as we can, any other worries, then give me a shout.

Not only that but the development and quality provided by the artists associated with us has always been key to the sites success so a very big thank you to all of the artists past and present and an even bigger Merry Christmas to you guys and gals!

Now for the next thing, We had a discussion on our next collaboration effort and Kantarella is eager yet again to sink her teeth into some Christmas ideas. So we'll have an Xmas booze orgy where each contributor puts in their favourite girl in a Xmas outfit of their choice and the sex act. Single, MavisLaw, JamesVane, Mac, Crispytrip and others Post your intention to commit and we'll ge tthe ball rolling!

Comments (29)
JamesVane 2016-12-19 intention to commit ! I'm dropping a dibs on Nami (^ω^)

Mac 2016-12-19 I'm gonna put my bid on Android 18!

Swaggerdeswekswag 2016-12-19 Adult Sakura would be nice with the look of chapter 700 from naruto

Swaggerdeswekswag 2016-12-19 By adult Sasuke if that is allowed

Singlerius 2016-12-19 I'm in for Alice Nakiri.

TOFUK 2016-12-19 You'll need to use votes swagger, so if you got a hundred I can enquire if Kanta will do more and its for females only, males are anons.

TOFUK 2016-12-19 So.... TOFUK -Erza, JamesVane -Nami, Mac-18, Singlerius-Alice. One more spot. Though if Kanta will do more its 100 a gal.

Crispystrip 2016-12-19 Momo yaoyorozu for me

Nikku10 2016-12-19 Tsunade please

TOFUK 2016-12-19 Momo Yaoyorozu is in. We have our 500 votes and await Kantarella to post a poll shortly. If others are still interested let me know, but you need votes and if Kanta is happy.

TOFUK 2016-12-19 James, Mac, Single, Crisp - Start looking for your gals' xmas outfits. What about the act any of you have a idea?

ErzaxZoro1991 2016-12-19 Doing this one with Erza, i just need to think of an idea for her that's different than the one i already posted a few weeks back

Venomcmc 2016-12-19 i mean if you wanna do erza, itd be cute if you made her banging jellal since the whole chrismtas special thing when jelllal saw her nude and gave her his coat and stuff

Creatroy 2016-12-20 Good thing seeing the VIP users collaborating on a big project! Hopefully no one will bitch about regardless of the characters you choose

Crispystrip 2016-12-20 how about a Christmas party orgy at Lucy's house with and angry lucy in the background or in the corner of the picture, with the typical "why does it have to my house" or something

Singlerius 2016-12-20 @Crispystrip sounds interesting. I'm in for it.

TOFUK 2016-12-20 Im happy with the Drunk/Xmas Party. So positions? Or do we want a overall view of say a table in the middle and the girls fucked arund the room?

Crispystrip 2016-12-20 my vote is for the overall view

EnzoBlack 2016-12-20 Some Juvia

Singlerius 2016-12-20 Overall view sounds good to me.

Venomcmc 2016-12-20 overall sounds pleasent

Mac 2016-12-20 Overall is fine

Crispystrip 2016-12-21 what positions are you guys choosing?

Swaggerdeswekswag 2016-12-21 @tofuk okay thanks for explaining. Hope the goal will be reached.

TOFUK 2016-12-21 I'll probably have her reverse stand carry fucked, or if better we have them all stand and carry with whatever variations, normal (face/face), reverse, anal, vaginal, stand/carry footjob. Sound cool?

Crispystrip 2016-12-21 I went reverse cowgirl

Mac 2016-12-21 I went DP

JamesVane 2016-12-21 Im going for bj w/ anal fingering.. and xmas bikini + legwarmers

Singlerius 2016-12-21 I'm going with doggystyle anal with one of her legs lifted up in the air.