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  • Shinkuuhadoukensa1 Sounds good, my dood.

    2017-01-28 05:24:24

  • Riffsandskulls im working on many things by now animation included

    2017-01-27 21:26:35

  • Shinkuuhadoukensa1 You workin' on a new animation?

    2017-01-27 09:29:14

  • Riffsandskulls it starts again every time a poll doesn't have enough extra votes to be completed

    2017-01-18 21:51:51

  • No one of Importance I have a question: How come your next scheduled upload time keeps going up instead of down?

    2017-01-16 21:06:56

  • Riffsandskulls i didnt remove it i dont know what happened, i already sent a message to support

    2017-01-16 01:38:14

  • Shinkuuhadoukensa1 How come you removed your most recent post?

    2017-01-15 00:49:19

  • Riffsandskulls extra votes pics question, hello guys looks like the new system now requires extra votes for old pics, dont worry by now it only affect the old ones, this is not made by we the artist it was the new site rules, so if you like a pic dont hesitate and download it, thanks for reading

    2016-09-06 02:38:21

  • Matthew.kazuma Here's a idea i have you don't see much of the trix from the winx club but my idea is of the three with big asses riding on some fat cocks with those big asses jiggling. What do you think?

    2015-11-04 03:00:28

  • Wwwjony.klebeert friend if not bother you could make an animation anal futanari with mariandale with large breasts and prancing that ass up, and sainglain introducing in tight ass mariandale, both are of ixion Saga Dt, not get me wrong to ask this, and my cousin who asked, she watched ixion Saga Dt and liked mariandale, and now this thanking you.

    2015-01-15 06:09:42

  • Theblackcat more winx please¡¡¡ tecna

    2014-12-28 04:38:58

  • LasaC99 Robin Sena from Witch Hunter Robin getting gangbang while still wearing her dress and coat but her tits and pussy visible. getting fucked and cum all over her.

    2014-12-03 07:38:15

  • Pandicito Please Serena (XY Anime) having sex. i want to see her vagina and boobs

    2014-11-20 03:18:58

  • Cronos_469 make more of monster high

    2014-10-05 04:15:54

  • Burgercheese16 more fairy tail

    2014-09-30 04:42:05

  • Riffsandskulls new tumble riffsandskulls.tumblr.com

    2014-09-21 19:07:10

  • Burninburton animations are well worth checking out!any chance we can download the SWF files to watch them offline?

    2014-07-31 02:20:49

  • Zerg323232 Hot damn you are talented.

    2014-07-20 12:18:55

  • Riffsandskulls hello guys i just want to tell you that if you want to request an animation the maximum number of charaters is 2 thats because i want to make only hq animations

    2014-07-19 15:56:28

  • MeiTerumiLover Riff i need like 3 artist to make me a few commissions. Are you in?

    2014-07-09 21:03:54

  • Konanrules i'll keep posting for you i hope the people fav it more

    2014-07-08 22:12:05

  • Konanrules so how do you like my idea my friend

    2014-07-06 23:00:45

  • Konanrules so how do you like my idea my friend

    2014-07-06 23:00:45

  • Konanrules oh i won thank you , i love your drawings

    2014-07-02 20:57:01

  • Konanrules oh i won thank you , i love your drawings

    2014-07-02 20:56:59

  • Diana X Kal Hello! :) I emailed you about an animation commission

    2014-06-04 09:42:14

  • Riffsandskulls A poll disappeared or its just my imagination

    2014-04-09 01:05:14

  • MeiTerumiLover I think i'll have to ask you my idea by commision...

    2014-04-02 01:02:26

  • MeiTerumiLover I like your draws them are pretty nice, just hope i can get my request done...

    2014-03-26 17:00:05

  • Konanrules i got a pokemon idea for you later if you can do the inside of the pokeball

    2014-02-28 14:55:27

  • X4blade , I can suggest this idea? official jenny, the nurse joy and misty (adult version) (pokemon) naked with big breasts masturbating each other while they are in a hot springs (the pose I leave to your choice)

    2014-02-04 01:11:44

  • The Dude popeye fucking olive (big boobs)

    2014-01-12 14:22:37

  • The Dude suggest: Six fucking Chode (tripping the rift)

    2014-01-12 14:21:49

  • Riffsandskulls want some pokemon

    2014-01-08 02:27:26

  • BlueSoldier Very impressive gallery! I'll have to send you some ideas sometime ;)

    2014-01-02 10:40:13

  • Riffsandskulls well it would depend on member ideas

    2014-01-01 18:55:06

  • Batboyexe question: I have an origional character, may I be able to request that please?

    2013-12-17 17:42:59

  • Reit ve el chat de tu cuenta de G+ estare por ahi ;)

    2013-12-13 20:54:08

  • MegaMannah181 Hi, I'm new here. And was wondering if I can request a drawing for you? :o

    2013-12-10 04:23:12

  • Konan rules i want to request you if i can

    2013-12-05 14:31:04

  • Rikubattle Well, lets say I have an idea for xmas, Where I could publish it?

    2013-11-28 13:06:03

  • Rikubattle Hello Im rikubattle, I like much your pictures and many series like One Piece, Inazuma Eleven, Naruto etc... Nice to meet you.

    2013-11-26 17:22:08

  • Rikubattle Hello Im rikubattle, I like much your pictures and many series like One Piece, Inazuma Eleven, Naruto etc...

    2013-11-26 17:21:38

  • Riffsandskulls first week of december will be xmas week i usually approve all ideas... but for this week, only xmas related. if you have another idea wait after that week...
    your friend riff.

    2013-11-21 18:25:05

  • The Stig Hey riff I just wanted to say I really enjoy the simplistic, yet extremely erotic nature of your work. Keep it up dude :D!!

    2013-11-16 02:41:02

  • Roki 07 thanks Riff, i really like your work more and more.

    2013-11-15 15:11:59

  • Roki 07 i hope the problem will be fixed soon,because i like to see more of your amazing videos.

    2013-11-10 20:29:03

  • Bladewing i tried countless times to put one of my last ideas for the whole year , and its gotten me nowhere at times , ireally really need the support for this one Patricia Bunny(looney toons show) being anal fucked by buges bunny , and Patricia Bunny is surprise, he come in her

    2013-11-09 06:43:59

  • Roki 07 interesting gallery you have here,and the video is amazing,do you make animated images too?

    2013-11-07 23:42:00

  • Riffsandskulls never mind i just wanted to draw the right character

    2013-11-05 17:35:27

  • Roki 07 sorry for the troubles, she is this one:

    2013-11-05 17:20:51

  • Riffsandskulls thanx there are more busty beauties coming

    2013-11-04 18:30:01

  • Cartman6x6 hiya, nice busty females in you gallery

    2013-11-02 21:36:00