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EcchiM created this artwork
Uploaded: 2018-11-03 07:37:31
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- Anime: Fairy Tail - Characters: Lucy, Cana, Wendy - Clothing: Very sexy underwear (model and color chosen by the artist, thank you) - Tits and pussy: Lucy (big tits and shaved pussy), Cana (big tits and shaved pussy), Wendy (small tits and shaved pussy) - Action: It's Wendy's birthday. Wendy looks at herself in the mirror to look at the sexy underwear she wears and that Lucy and Cana offered as gifts to Wendy. Wendy also sees in the mirror, Lucy and Cana in sexy underwear, who are behind her on each side of her. Wendy understands that there is a second gift because Lucy and Canna hold a double dildo in their hand. - Thank you
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