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Lucy Heartfilia vs Juvia Lockser
Hello my friend I like to Commission you it would be a sex battle between Lucy Heartfilia vs Juvia Lockser. Juvia has blue nails and Lucy has yellow Nails they would fight like this:External I would love to see that they holding a dildo like in the picture and they couvering one eye with their feet.
Ankos double handjob
Anko (Naruto) wearing her ninja mesh bodywear but torn in places, rides a random whilst double handjobs and theyve cum on her exposed chest.
chisa kotegawa angry blowjob
Serie : Grand Blue Characters : Chisa Kotegawa Details: blowjob with her angry face. She squeezes the penis with his hands. The pose is similar to that of the third image. Thanks. [img id="bf9a1ce20ad2843630f5580482ef8d40"] [img id="45643c7f958e6198e1501532f60b902e"] [img id="d45b63b91d2b6502e9fbae573433d76b"]
RWBY party
girls of RWBY your way (surprise me)
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Charlotte Roselei Sol Marron
Please draw in color neked Sol Marron(black cover) External sperm ass this pose Image And Charlotte Roselei(black cover) External dick rub pussy, this pose Image
shikamarus humiliation
A version of this reference: Image but with Tayuya (Reference Image ), Kin (Reference: External ), Temari (Reference: Image ) and Shikamaru (Reference: Image ) from Naruto. Shikamaru's penis should be much smaller than the reference and he's feeling terribly humiliated. It doesn't matter which naruto girl replaces which girl from the reference as long as they're included. The girls are wearing swimsuits but I leave it entirely up to the artist what they look like. Go crazy if you want, or just take it easy and copy the reference. Whatever's fine as long as they're in swimsuits. The expressions don't necessarily have to be the same so long as you keep them in the spirit of "laughing at his dick" and/or "disgusted by his tiny size." No background is necessary but I'd very much appreciate it if you include it.