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Sakura is in a sexy revealing wedding dress as she is hugging Naruto from behind with her big plush breast pressed up aginst him, while smirking as she just got done whispering to him he was good mamas boy. Naruto is wearing a shirt that has Kushina little man on it as he is blushing looking at the other girls giggling at him who are Hinata,Tenten,Ino, and Kushina who is blowing a kiss to him.
Good Mamma s boy EdJim Added: 2017-06-13 20:20:34
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    Kushina is snuggling Naruto very close to her kissing him all over while they both are naked in front of Sakura who has big breast as she is giggling and waving at him.
    Kushina is snuggling Naruto riffsandskulls Added: 2017-06-05 23:46:32
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      Part 2 of Kushina smothering Naruto: Kushina is still holding Naruto close to her big plush breast while showing his small penis to Hinata in her sexy wedding dress and Sakura in a sexy revealing dress as they both look down at it giggling while Naruto looks up at them with a humilated embrassed face.
      Part 2 of Kushina smothering Naruto EdJim Added: 2017-05-10 23:42:04
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        Kushina smothering Naruto in between her big plush breast while Naruto is peeking over embrassed seeing Hinata in a sexy wedding dress kissing a random guy.
        Kushina smothering Naruto EdJim Added: 2017-04-07 16:14:06
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          Kushina holding Naruto on her lap with her big breast rubbing up against his back while Hinata and Sakura (Both from Boruto the movie with big breast) lean in kissing his cheeks while being fucked by two random guys.
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          Kushina forces Naruto to snuggle close up to her in bed as she rubs his dick while Naruto looks over with a embarrassed look at Hinata, and Mirajane (fairy tail) that are leaning over the bed blushing and giggling.
          kushina vs naruto riffsandskulls Added: 2017-01-11 22:35:56
          Sakura Haruno, Ruby Rose, Kushina Uzumaki, and Yang Xaio Long all in sexy short tight cheerleading outfits.
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          Anime RWBY: Weiss Schnee (with big breast) rubbing her breast up against Jaune Arc dick while Nora Valkyrie is hugging Jaune from behind with her breast pressed up against his back.
          Weiss x Jaune x Nora EdJim Added: 2016-12-01 19:40:04
          Kushina Uzumaki snuggling Naruto close up to her big plush breast as he has a embrassed look on his face looking up at Sakura (from boruto the movie but with big breast) leaning in to pinch his cheek while Sasuke is standing behind her rubbing her ass.
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