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- Anime: K-on! - Characters: Sawako, Tsumugi - Clothing: Sawako wears a bra and panties (External ). Tsumugi is wearing a one-piece swimsuit (External ). (style and color chosen by the artist, thank you) - Tits and pussy: Sawako (huge tits and hairy pussy), Tsumugi (big tits and shaved pussy) - Action: First picture: Sawako picks up those underwear and bathing suits that have dried. Sawako notices that he is missing a transparent nightshirt and a one-piece swimsuit. Second image: In his room on his bed, Tsumugi is sitting on a futa type inflatable doll (with a big penis) that looks like Sawako. The inflatable doll wears the transparent nightgown from Sawako (External ). Tsumugi is wearing the one-piece swimsuit from Sawako. - Thank you
Added: 2019-04-18 03:56:07
- Anime: Naruto - Characters: Tsunade, Sakura, Ino - Clothing: Tsunade, Sakura and Ino (nightgown and panties thong, transparent, color: green for Tsunade, pink for Sakura and purple for Ino) - Tits and pussy: Tsunade (huge tits with huge areolas), Sakura (big tits with big areola), Ino (big tits and big areola). all three have shaved pussy. - Location: Outside, at the choice of the artist. - Action: Sakura and Ino have spent the night at Tsunade, and this morning they help Tsunade to extend his clothes (underwear and swimsuit, very sexy and the choice of the artist) to dry them. Sakura and Ino are surprised by Tsunade's clothes, which are in the laundry basket and also on the clothesline. There is a panties and a latex bra (sport-bikini style, green and black color), a washable diaper (white with little hearts of many colors), latex strapon panties with a big dildo, and even schoolgirl underwear (striped white and blue) at the size of Tsunade. - Thank you
Added: 2019-04-06 06:33:20
- Anime: Harukana Receive - Characters: Higa Kanata and Oozora Haruka (External ), grand of Kanata and Harula (old lady on the left: Image ) - Clothing: Kanata (transparent bikini), Haruka (swimsuit one piece transparent), grand (topless and micro-bikini bottom: the fabric hides only the hair of the cat and the string of thong passes between the lips of the pussy: (External ), but we see the hair of the cat because the fabric is transparent) - Tits and pussy: Kanata (small tits and slightly hairy pussy), Haruka (big tits and hairy pussy), (huge tits like this example: External , and very hairy pussy) - Location: At the beach - Action: has decided to these grands because they lost the tournament. takes these little girls to the beach (she is between these grands and she holds their hand). Girls must wear transparent swimwear so everyone can see their pussy and breasts. The grand wears only the bottom of her micro bikini, which only hides these pussy hair (External ). The grand also put vibrating eggs on the nipples of the girls (External ), and vibrating dildos in their pussies and their butts of the girls (External ). The grand smiles, while the girls are sweating and grimacing because of the many orgasms they have (External ). - Thank you
Added: 2019-04-06 01:44:15
- Anime: Harukana Receive - Characters: Higa Kanata, Ooshiro Akari, Oozora Haruka, Thomas Claire, Thomas Emily - Clothing: Higa Kanata, Ooshiro Akari, Oozora Haruka, Thomas Claire, Thomas Emily: the same swimsuits as on this example: External & External . - Location: On the beach volleyball court - Tits and pussy: Higa Kanata (small tits and shaved pussy), Ooshiro Akari (small tits and slightly hairy pussy), Oozora Haruka (huge tits and hairy pussy), Thomas Claire (big tits and shaved pussy), Thomas Emily (big tits and shaved pussy) - Action: Kanata and Haruka play beach volleyball against Claire and Emily. All four are naked and their swimsuits are all around, outside the beach volleyball court. (swimsuits should be on the right side of the girls, thank you). We see Haruka jump to make a smash (these huge tits follow the movement), who blurs Claire, who also jump to block the smash (these big breasts also follow the movement) For its part, Akari removes are swimsuit to support these friends. Her panties are already on the sand, in front of these feet and she removes her bikini top (she is holding her bikini top and she just passed her bikini top, over these small breasts) - Thank you
Added: 2019-03-28 09:07:05
- Fairy Tail - Characters: Erza, Minerva, Lucy, Yukino, Wendy - Clothing: Erza (red slingshot swimsuit), Minerva (red micro bikini), Lucy (red sport bikini), Yukino (red sport swimsuit one piece), Wendy (External ) - Tits and pussy: Erza (huge tits and shaved pussy), Minervana (huge tits and shaved pussy), Lucy (big tits and shaved pussy), Yukino (big tits and shaved pussy), Wendy (small tits and shaved pussy) - Location: On the beach. - Action: Erza, Lucy, Minerva and Yukino have become lifeguards (Lifeguard: External & External ) But as expected, Erza and Minerva are arguing to know that she both wears the sexiest swimsuit. Lucy tries to calm Erza, and Yukino tries to calm down Minerva. Behind the girls, Wendy beckons, completely panicked, of someone drowns, but none of the girls pay attention to Wendy. - Thank you
Added: 2019-03-26 11:56:12
- Anime: Fairy Tail - Character: Mirajane, Lisanna - Garment: waitress's garment (at the choice of the artist), but their breasts outside and skirt is very short to see their shaved pussy (like this example: External ). - Location: In a lesbian bar - Tits and pussy: Mirajane (huge tits and shaved pussy), Lisanna (big tits and shaved pussy) - Action (in three panels): Mirajane and Lisanna are waitresses in a bar for lesbians. First panel, Mirajane is at a bar table. The woman at the table looks at Mirajane filling a coffee cup with milk from her breast (External ) Only milk in a coffe cup. The woman at the table took the opportunity to put a hand on the buttocks of Mirajane. Second panel, Lisana is at a bar table. Lisana masturbates to fill a glass with the juice of her pussy. The woman at the table puts her hand on Lisana's buttocks. Third panel, Mirajane and Lisana are behind the bar and they spread the lips of their pussy to pee in mugs of beer (External ). Lisana and Mirajane look at each other and are happy to have found this work. - Thank you
Added: 2019-03-11 18:19:55
- Anime: K-ON! - Characters: Sawako (External ) - Clothing: Sawako wears the swimsuit of Azusa (Image & Image ), and the swimsuits of the other girls are around her (Image & Image ) (Image & Image ) (Image & Image ) (Image & Image ) - Tits and pussies: Sawako (huge tits and hairy pussy) - Location: In Tsumugi family house (External ) - Action: Sawako likes to wear teens swimsuits. While the girls are ing, she has stolen their swimsuit. Sawako is lying on the floor and she is wearing the Azusa swimsuit. Of course, he is too small and can not put these huge tits in the swimsuit (these huge breasts are on the swimsuit), and the swimsuit Azusa enters between the lips of her pussy and between these buttocks. Before putting on Azusa's swimsuit, Sawako had shoved Tsumugi's bikini bra into her pussy, and Yui's bikini bra into her ass (half of the bras came out of her pussy and her ass). Sawako licks Mio's bikini panties (on Mio's pussy side) and she makes milk out of one of those huge breasts, and the milk falls on the rest of the bikinis next to her. - Thank you
Added: 2019-03-06 11:28:14
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- Anime: Naruto - Characters: Raikage, Hinata, Naruto - Tits, pussy and penis: Raikage (big hairy penis), Hinata (huge tits and shaved pussy), Naruto (huge shaved penis, 3 times bigger than the Raikage) - Action: The Raikage is standing, his big erect penis. Raikage is angry because of Hinata's reaction. Hinata is kneeling in front of the Raikage and she can not stop laughing because for Hinata, the big penis of the Raikage is very small. Hinata uses these fingers to show that Raikage's big penis is very small. Naruto is behind Hinata and he has a devilish smile, because his penis that passes over Hinata's shoulder and be against Hinata's huge breasts, is three times bigger than Raikage's erect penis, while the penis of Naruto is at rest. - Thank you
Added: 2019-02-24 13:59:50
- Anime: Naruto - Characters: Hinata Hyuga, Hanabi Hyuga, Himawari Uzumaki (young adult version) - Clothing: Hinata (nightgown see-through white), Hanabi (nightgown see-through black), Himawari (striped bra and panties, white and yellow) - Tits and pussy: Hinata (huge sagging tits and hairy pussy), Hanabi (big tits and shaved pussy), Himawari (big tits, but smaller than Hanabi's breasts and slightly hairy pussy) - Panels 01: Hinata and Hanabi hold the hand of Himawari, and all three head for the room to celebrate the passage of Himawari as an adult. Hinata is holding a big double dildo, while Hanabi is holding a big strapon. Himawari lowers her head slightly and she blushes. Hinata and Hanabi are happy to finally make love with Himawari. -Panels 02: Hinata is lying on the bed and she takes Himawari in the pussy with the double dildo. Hanabi is behind Himawari and she takes Himawari in the ass with the strapon. Himawari is ahegao. Hinata licks those lips with her tongue, and Hanabi has a devilish smile. Hinata and Hanabi always wear their nightgowns. Himawari still wears her bra, but he is unhooked in the back and these breasts are out of the bra, and her panties are down one of those legs Panels 03: Himawari is lying on the bed between Hinata and Hanabi, and her head is against one of Hinata's huge breasts. Hinata caresses the head of Himawari, while Hanabi caresses the buttocks of Himawari. Himawari s, while Hinata and Hanabi look at Himawari and they smile. Juice is flowing cats of all three. The double dildo and the strapon are on the bed. Everybody is naked is their nightgowns and underwear are on the bed around the three girls. Thank you
Added: 2019-02-13 16:11:24
Special "Happy New Year" - Anime: Naruto - Characters: Hinata, Sakura, Boruko (Boruto female version), Sarada, Himawari - Clothing: Kimono transparent as on these examples (External , External , External ), the belt passes below the breasts (belt color: purple for Hinata, pink for Sakura, orange for Boruko, red for Sarada, yellow for Himawari - with motifs, chosen by the artist, thank you - Age and tits and pussy: Hinata and Sakura are mature women (60 years), they took some forms with age but remains very sexy, they have a very hairy pussy (the same color as their hair). they have huge breasts that fall (sag) with age (Sakura has large areolas clear, Hinata has huge dark areolas) (as in this example: External ). Boruko and Sarada are very beautiful women (30 years), they have a hairy pussy (the same color as their hair), but cut (shape of the artist's choice), they have big breasts (Boruko has big areolas clear and Sarada has small dark areolas). Himawari is a young woman (20 years old), with a shaved pussy and small breasts (without areolas but these nipples are dark) - Action: Everyone is at the temple, in front of the donation box to make a prayer for the new year (as in this example: External ), from left to right: Boruko, Hinata, Himawari, Sakura, Sarada. Expression of the face at the choice of the artist, thank you. -Thank you.
Added: 2019-01-18 21:14:16
following the comics: family-walk-page 2
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- Anime: K-on - Characters: Sawako, Ritsu, Mio, Tsumugi, Yui, Azusa - Location: In the hallway of the school (External ) - Tits and pussy: Sawako (huge tits and hairy pussy), Ritsu (medium sized tits "between small and big" and slightly hairy pussy), Mio (big tits and slightly hairy pussy), Tsumugi (big tits and shaved pussy) , Yui (medium sized tits "between small and big" and slightly hairy pussy), Azusa (small tits and shaved pussy): - Action: It's summer and it's so hot that girls arrive completely naked at school. They wear only their bow ties (Image ), red for girls and Green for azusa, as well as their bags of schoolgirls (Image ). the socks are black for Mio, Azusa and Yui, and white for Ritsu and Tsumugi.And their school shoes (see image of the place of the action) (blue for girls and red for Azusa). Sawako explains to Ritsu that it's forbidden to be naked at school, but Ritsu can see that Sawako is also completely naked under her transparent white dress (we can see these huge tits and her hairy pussy). Tsumugi shows Yui that she shaves her pussy. Mio lets Azusa lift one of those big boobs. - Thank you  
Added: 2018-12-14 14:47:52
- Anime: Fairy Tail - Characters: Porlyusica, Wendy, Charles - Clothing: Porlyusica, Wendy, Charles are transparent nightgown. All three are not wearing panties. (the same models as for my last commission request) - Location: In the house of Porlyusica - Boobs and pussy: Porlyusica (Huge tits and hairy pussy), Wendy (big tits and huge shaved penis), Charles (big tits and big shaved penis) -07/07: Action: Wendy and Charles are lying on the floor, with a double-dildo in their pussy, and another double-dildo in their ass. Porlyusica is sitting on Wendy and Charles' huge penises, one in her pussy and the other in her ass. Wendy and Charles are fainting. Porlyusica screams with all these s. Because when Wendy and Charles ejaculates in her belly, there is so much sperm, that the belly of Porlyusica magnified (as if Porlyusica been pregnant). But you can see some heart in Porlyusica's eyes, because she likes to feel all that hot cum in her belly. The spunk comes out of Porlyusica's pussy and ass, and flows along Wendy and Charles's huge penis. Thank you
Added: 2018-11-14 20:09:38
- Anime: Fairy Tail - Characters: Porlyusica, Wendy, Charles - Clothing: Porlyusica, Wendy, Charles are transparent nightgown. All three are not wearing panties. Model of nightgowns, at the choice of the artist (very sexy, Thank you), but the length of the nightgowns of Porlyusica must go down to the knees, for Wendy and Charles, below her pussy (Example for the length of the nightgowns: Hinata and Boruto: External ) - Location: In the house of Porlyusica - Boobs and pussy: Porlyusica (Huge tits and hairy pussy), Wendy (big tits and huge shaved penis), Charle (big tits and huge shaved penis) -06/07: Action: After several months of training with Porlyusica, Wendy can use her spell of enchantment to have big breasts, on her and also on the others. But in return, to thank Porlyusica, Wendy has also trained to have a huge penis (the penis is so huge, it comes out of the panties of girls, and is found between the big breasts of girls: External ). Wendy is happy to have big breasts and she plays with her nipples, while Charle looks at the huge penis that comes out between these big boobs and she licks the end of her huge penis. Porlyusica is between girls and she is holding girls by the shoulders. Porlyusica is happy to see the huge penis size she is going to have in her pussy and ass. - Thank you
Added: 2018-10-28 01:58:12
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- Anime: Fairy Tail - Characters: Porlyusica, Wendy, Charle - Clothing: Porlyusica (bra, garter belt, thong panty and black stockings with flower pattern (roses) in red lace, and with white frilled), Wendy (white striped bra and panties and red bow tie), Charle (bra and panties cat , white and blue) - Location: In the house of Porlyusica Tits and pussy: Big tits and hairy pussy, Wendy (small tits and shaved pussy), Charlie (small tits and shaved pussy like Wendy) -04/07: Action: Porlyusica is lying on the floor, with several cushions behind her back and head, to look at Charle and Wendy. Charle is lying on Porlyusica and she sucks a breast of Porlyusica, while caressing Porlyusica's pussy. Porlyusica pulled one of Charlie's small breasts out of her bra so she could play with Charle's nipple. Wendy takes Charle in her ass. Sperm flows from Charle's pussy and ass. Charle also has cum on her buttocks and her back. Porlyusica always has cum on her. Charlie's panties are at the end of one of these legs. Wendy is very happy to smash Charle's ass. Charle tries to resist Wendy's penis so she can continue to suck Porlyusica's breast. Porlyusica looks at Charlie and Wendy with a little idea in mind. - Thank you
Added: 2018-10-16 13:00:44
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