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An image with a single female in coitus.
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ANIMATION with a single female involved.
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ANIMATION with a few characters / panels

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an animation of baiken from Guilty Gear her back up against the wall legs spread taking it in the pussy and she's apathetically looking way smoking her pipe
Guilty Gear  Baiken Arts by:  mishki mishki Idea by: CuckerCarlson Added: 2018-03-03 07:14:37
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"Sekirei Love Party Part 3". Here's the plot... Picking up from Sekirei Love Party Part 2. After Uzume and Chiho Hidaka satisfied with each other throughout their own performance, those two decided to enter room 202 to have sex with Minato Sahashi due to their love and liking to him. However, they're not the only ones, Homura also like to make love to Minato. Therefore in this time around, Minato Sahashi having passionate sex with Uzume, Chiho,and Homura as they wanted to do it with him out of their own free will in sort of missionary position (with a girl is on top on Minato) because they love him so much. They doing it (almost exactly like this External ) with the girl touching Minato’s head with love. Holding him, loving him, squeezing him, and/or kissing him (up to the artist). In other words, Minato sexing (which meaning fucking) (a selection of girls such as) Uzume, Chiho Hidaka, and Homura. Capable of choosing of who gets to sex (which means to fuck) Minato (Game). Just like before, this action takes place much after the final chapter of the story. Everybody, including Minato Sahashi, must be completely naked without any clothes on. No undies, no stockings, no socks, none of it. Be sure that their tits are revealed too. Minato’s face must be shown, including his eyes (in a way the viewers will know it’s really him). Also, Minato’s face looked sweet and innocent just like he is in canon. Uzume's face must look very seductive, (just like this woman's seductive look External ) , it's very important to me. And to be sure that Chiho have a shy look smile on her face. The location is Minato’s room inside of Maison Izumo. It will be an animated SWF.
Sekirei Love Party Part 3 Arts by:  mishki mishki Idea by: The Black Rogue Raven Added: 2017-05-27 06:41:10
The Idea would involve Nico Robin and would be animated in a swf. She has her post skip design, be it the hair and whiter skin.She isn't wearing her glasses. Here's a picture of post skip Robin that could be reference for the face/hairs (but a more normal ear) : External She is wearing the dress she wore on Punk Hazard : Image Here is a resembling Nico Robin on this website (face-wise) : Naruto_fuck_Nico_Robin_in_library_Robin_ride_on_naruto_while_she_is_reading_book_Her_face_all_red_and_she_enjoy_it The scene is a POV scene.We are sleeping and when we open our eyes Nico is here (we assume she sneaked under the blanket by the side where out feet are).We are on a ship and the bed is in the corner of the room so only brown walls everywhere would be enough, with just on the left side a round window that shows a blue sky.The scene is in daytime probably in the morning.The blanket color is orange/brownish and sheets are white Now for Robin's position.Here is a rough example ( this isn't true pov so beware) : Image But there are differences.The blanket isn't on her head.No, it doesn't cover her head at all nor her shoulders.It is covering her back and everything behind it.Her head and arms will be visible. She is lying on the bed and our legs aren't very spread apart, and so as her body is lying between our legs, her arms are kind of taking support on our very lower hips (around the penis region).Her head is almost exactly above our penis that is hidden by our pants, just a little bit (few centimetres) on the left and back (so on our right from pov perspective).We can see parts of her dress (see the earlier reference) around the breast region.Her breasts are kinda flattened by the region around where our balls ends, because of the lack of space between our own legs for them to rest.We don't see any nipple obviously because of the dress, just her cleavage but we can imagine that she is packing some serious breast size.Like at least Tsunade level for reference. Contact me for more information about her initial position. So it is a POV and from the bits we see from the guy, he would probably be an average 175/180cm and isn't muscular.He isn't hairy. She is looking at us with this kind of expression (like serious and candid at the same time) : External Her eyes then begin to look at the penis region.We are wearing blue pants.What she sees is a massing boner hidden by the pants. Now where the animation starts.I am not sure what is the more convenient, but if we imagine the pants has some kind of zip it might be easier.With her left or right arm (doesn't matter), she would unzip the pants and the Penis would come flying out and hit her face close to her right eye then take it's final position just a little bit in front of her nose/right eye (on our left from pov perspective).In case you show some skin down there, there is no pubic hair at all. Now Robin is blushing. This is an uncut Penis.So the tip is almost fully covered. What happens is that she grabs it with her right arm and pulls the skin part covering the tip down, as to pull back the foreskin Here is an example : External / See the skin moving.Maybe some seminal liquid are showing.She does it slowly. Now her eyes are watching at us again and she stopped blushing.And next, with her right arm still on the penis, she gives a gentle lick, from down to up. She is as gentle has possible, as slow as you can manage it. And this would be the end.Now I am no expert, far from it, but wonder if it will be possible to use the animation where she pulls back to foreskin and at the end have it start again but loop by reversing the two movements to make it seem like an handjob? And looping the licking animation too the same way, and the eyes too so they switch from the penis region to our eyes? If possible this should be done. Now do not forget it is in pov, the camera never switches position (zooms aren't needed I think) and proportions should be as good as possible (not some weird small head).The largest resolution possible would be appreciated too.
Nico Robin POV Arts by:  mishki mishki Idea by: Klauser57 Added: 2017-05-10 04:18:40
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