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Title:"I missed you so much". While their husbands are away, completely naked and barefoot time-skip Rukia (with longer hair) and Orihime decided to have some fun on Ichigo's bed, using Urahara's special potion. 4-scened animation. 1)Rukia grows a dick (no balls) and Orihime does blowjob to her. 2)Rukia thrusts her dick between Inoue's breasts, groping them. 3) Rukia have sex with Orihime while sucking one of her breasts. 4)Rukia sits over Orihime's face in pose like on this pic (Image ), strokes herself and cums, while Inoue licks her pussy. If possible, during last scene show both girls fullbody and without close-up during cumshot.
A "Major" Battle (animation): Motoko Kusanagi and Olivier Mira Armstrong make a bet to see who can make their subordinates cum the most; 1st sc. - Motoko gangbang; 2nd sc. - Olivier gangbang; 3rd sc. - Motoko and Olivier side-by-side gangbang; 4th sc. - split-screen (full-body and close-up of penetration) of the winner banging the loser while the cum drips from their overused holes
Sasuke Uchiha is having sex with Sarada Uchiha and Sakura Haruno is watching and masturbating.
Animation: Raven (Teen Titans) gangbanged by her emotions.
Time Redeemed (SWF): Towa masturbates her vagina with her staff and Chronoa masturbates her vagina with a big dildo, watching each others their masturbation.
Animation.First Mirajane  giving a blowjob titfuck like this Image ( add a cum option) then  will  be fucking a big dick like this Image same expression  tits showing .In the second scene she will be wearing this External ; tits showing
Videl training with Goten(DBZ parody): Videl wants to be stronger and decides to go to train with Gohan, but this is not at home. Since he accompanied Chi-chi to the city. And the only one in the house is Goten(Buu saga) who offers to help her in her training, but in his own way: first scene: Videl is dresses like this (Image ) showing her big cheeks and Goten is grabbing her ass like this (External ) while fly and rub his cock in middle the videl legs. Second scene: Videl gives a blowjob to Goten like this (Image ). Third scene: Goten fucking Videl like this while grabbing her tits (Image ). Fourth scene: Goten creampies Videl's pussy while grab her ass in this position (Image )
Animation: Ussop fucking Nami's ass with his nose, Nami making a sexy face (Usopp and Nami with their pre-timeskip designs)
Animation: Naruto Shippuuden.
Title: NaruHinaKiba Gangbang!
Description: Naruto and his clone with Kiba and his clone (4 males) gangbang Hinata! She is double fucked: Naruto fucks her pussy and Kiba her ass! She sucks Kiba's clone, while handjob Naruto's clone!
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    Batou creating the Artwork
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    This poll will be finished ONLY if winning idea gets at least 500 Extra Votes. Otherwise, the votes collection time will be extended until the minimum amount of votes is collected.

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    Ideas 11
    Monster Musume - P.O.R.K.y.M.O.N. Go pt.2: After taking care of Team MON's boss and ace sharpshooter, the pack of orcs use them to lure the rest of monster girls into a trap, so that they can finish getting their revenge; sc. 1 - Zombina x Doppel; sc. 2 - Tionishia
    Animation Video Bleach : Futa Chizuru Raping to Orihime Inoue [Image ]
    Chizuru love Inoue and she want fuck her. One Day, Chizuru and Inoue are alone in class and Inoue changing her dress for exercise class,
    Chizuru looking to her body and can't resist and attack to her for rape to her.
    First ripping her dress next, Face fucking her like this [External ]
    next, fucking her pussy like this [External ]
    next, fucking her anal like this [External ]
    and last, cumming her mouth like this [External ]
    Animation. First Scene:Ochaco Uraraka (My Hero Academia) is wearing her cheerleader outfit with no shoes or sock just bare feet while having sex With Midoriya and Bakugo in a double penetration like-External while she is moaning. Second Scene: Bakugo Start to Fuck Ochaco in a Missionary position while kissing other and he creampie his semen in of her pussy while she is blowjob Midoriya's cock. Third Scene: Midoriya turn is to fuck Ochaco in a cowgirl position while he put a dildo in asshole and he start to also creampie inside of pussy as well. Scene fourth: after done having a threesome hero course sex training Midoridya and Bakugo began to Cumshot their Semen/cum on Ochaco's face,boobs, halfnude body and her barefeet while she is on her knees with her mouth open and tongue sticking out. [The End]
    Animation.First Mirajane will be giving a titfuck-blowjob like this Image . Then  she will be getting fucked like this Image (expression of reference ).Then like this  Image same expression  .Lastly like this Image same expression ,with the dick heavily creamping her at the end.In all scenes (exept the first one )she is wearing this Image (In the second panel panties on the side.In the third both tits showing and In the last only one tit showing )
    Goten and Trunks shower adventure2: This time with Korra (from the legend of korra, duh(it sound stupid)).First scene: Korra is wearing a towel and showing her ass while Goten and Trunks grab her cheeks and showing their big dicks. Second scene: Korra it's lying on the floor while Goten fuck her vaginal and Trunks get a blowjob while grab her breast.Third scene: Goten and Trunks fuck Korra like this (Image ) Goten anal while Trunks vaginal with his face in middle of Korra breast. Fourth scene: Korra giving a double blowjob to the boys like this (Image (I know that picture is weird, but you have the idea))
    Animation : Alibaba is siting while 2 kougyoku blow him. 1 Kougyoku with red/pink hair of her original form and 1 blue hair of her djinn equip form. i have pics of both forms bellow no ahegao. thx in advance
    Title: Hanabi’s Time-Travel Misadventure
    Animation: Hanabi decides to go back in time, to help Hinata get her man a lot earlier then she originally did, only to end up having sex with Naruto, instead.
    Scene 1
    Naruto is sitting on his bed with Hanabi on her knees, giving Naruto a blowjob, while massaging his balls with one hand and finger her sopping wet pussy with the other. After a little while Naruto ejaculates in Hanabi’s mouth, where she swallows his semen.
    Scene 2
    After swallowing Naruto’s cum, Hanabi mounts herself onto Naruto’s cock and starts riding him lotus position, moaning in sinful pleasure at being fucked by the man her sister loves.
    Scene 3:
    As Hanabi is riding his cock, Naruto discreetly makes a Shadow Clone, who lubes up his cock and inserts into Hanabi’s ass, momentarily startle her before she starts moaning like a common whore at being double-penetrated.
    Scene 4:
    As Naruto and his clone are fucking Hanabi, they eventually ejaculate into her pussy and ass, resulting in Hanabi reaching her climax as well. But Naruto and his clone are far from done as Naruto creates two more shadow clones and begins fucking Hanabi doggystyle, with Naruto fucking Hanabi’s pussy and Hanabi sucking off one Naruto clone, while jacking the last two clones.
    Scene 5:
    After Naruto and his clones came in Hanabi’s pussy, mouth and on her face, along with Hanabi reaching her own release. Naruto creates on last Shadow clone and begins fucking in the missionary position with one clone fucking Hanabi’s ass from under her, while Hanabi has her legs locked around Naruto’s waist, sucking off on of Naruto’s clones while jacking off the last two until they cum in her ass, pussy, mouth and on her tits.
    Scene 6:
    Naruto and his clones are circling a satisfied and panting Hanabi, who lying on her back with a creampied ass and pussy, as well as cum on her face and breasts. Jacking off their cocks giving Hanabi a bukkake, covering her head to toe with semen.
    Bonus Scene:
    Now back in her own time, a now fully clothed Hanabi is walking around Konoha with a slight limp in her steps and runs into her sister and her Fiancée (Note: Naruto and Hinata aren’t married yet). After trading a brief greeting, Naruto and Hinata walk away from Hanabi to continue their date, though not before Naruto discreetly turns his head back towards and gives her a wink, insinuating that he remembers them having sex when she visited him in the past, causing a light blush to form on Hanabi’s face.
    Location: Naruto’s bedroom, though it’s going to be a hell of a lot cleaner then when we see it in the anime and manga.
    Hanabi looks like how she did in the Naruto Movie: The Last. While in scenes 1 through 6, Naruto looks like how he did in Shippuden.
    Hanabi and Naruto must be fully naked when they’re having sex, with Hanabi sporting a flushed pleasure-filled face in scene 2 and a full blown flushed ahegao face in scenes 3 to 5.
    Title: Who's the Best? Who's the Bitch?
    Miu Furinji (HSDK) vs Renka Ma (HSDK).
    Positions, toys/futanari and number of scenes artist's choice.
    Little to no clothes (tattered).
    Stevonnie fucked by ruby jasper and bismuth diferent positions every character and big final with gangbang stevonnie cry animation!
    Hatsune Miku, the vocaloid, getting fucked threesome style by random male voacloids, and another position with Luka Megurine and Rin Kagamine doing some Lesbian stuff while dudes are fuckin them from behind, and last postion is all of them cumming
    Orgy league : let's choose some members of the justice league together and decide how they'll ve fucked and with which clothes ! 50 votes and you can add one character and one outfit 😊

    I start with wonderwoman blowjob POV in this (Image )
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