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Picture of A single female with anonimous male.
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Picture of A couple having sex.
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Animation of a couple having sex. Animated loop of a single sex position.

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Batou's Request
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will be ready
Title: "Sekirei: Re: Love Feast-Part 1"

Characters: Minato Sahashi, Matsu, Musubi, Tsukiumi, Kazehana, Uzume, Chiho Hidaka, and Miya Asama(Flashback).

Locations: Matsu's Room 201, Teito Love Hotel, Bedroom inside of Teito Love Hotel.

Plot: This story takes place after the final chapter of Sekirei and Sekirei 365 Days Without Her. After the Sekirei Plan had ended, everyone returns to their normal, peaceful lives. Matsu devises a plan to make her beloved ashikabi, Minato Sahashi, and his harem's (including herself) life a living heaven. She knows that they can't do it in Mai Izumo due to Miya's cardinal rules. Therefore Minato Sahashi, Musubi, Tsukumi, Matsu, Kazehana, Chiho and Uzume decided to go someplace where its meaningful, and romantic such as the love hotel. Minato Sahashi will be having the time of his life with the sekirei girls such as Musubi, Tsukiumi, Kazehana, Matsu, Chiho and Uzume in the love hotel.

Source: External /

Details: It will be an animated video. Also during the most scenes, Minato's face must look sweet/innocent just like he is in canon. Scenes 1-3 will be sort of based on pages 3-6 of one of the Sekirei doujins, "Sekirei Sekireipin Act 2."

Scene One: Matsu having a slight discussion with Minato Sahashi in her room, 201. She explains that love making will strengthen the bond between Minato and his Sekirei, including herself, higher than before. They can’t do it in Mai Izumo due to Miya’s carnal rules about no illicit sexual relations in the house. The flashback begins with Miya Asama states that sexual relations in Mai Izumo is strictly forbidden, and then the flashback ends. But they will do it at someplace else. After that, Matsu takes Minato on their way to the love hotel.

Special Details: Miya Asama appears as in flashback where she strictly forbids illicit sexual relations in Mai Izumo as far as Matsu can remember.

Reference for Miya Asama appearance in flashback as far as Matsu can remember would look like: External


Scene Two: Musubi, Tsukiumi, Kazehana, Uzume, and Chiho arrive at the love hotel. Then they enter the room. Then Matsu and Minato finally came in the room also. Next, the girls welcome Minato to the love hotel.

References for the love hotel (just in case): External External (The colors of the love hotel will be up to the artist)

Details: Make sure that the lights are on inside the love hotel room.

Scene Three: Matsu encourage everyone to get on with the love feast. Then the Sekirei girls and Chiho drawing close to him happily and then they kiss him.
Shouto x Tsuyu x Jiro x Mandalay and Pixie Bob

Because why not! They havent been paired before. Maybe something involving them at the school camping trip. Scenes involving them being naked and role-playing in half their hero clothes. Scenes takes inspiration from Resort Boin. Tsu and Jirou are a little stacked though.

First scene(Tau and Jirou)

Second Scene(Tsu and Jiro)

Third Scene with only the pussy cat girls.
Ochaco Uraraka x Izuku Midoriya x Katsuki Bakugo (pool sex scene)

Scene 1- Ochaco Uraraka is blowjob Izuku's cock while cumming inside her mouth and is footjob Katsuki Bakugo's cock while cumming between her barefeet.

Scene 2- Izuku is Thrusting his cock inside of Ochaco Uraraka's pussy in a cowgirl sex position with a creampie.

Scene 3- Katsuki Bakugo is fucking Ochaco Uraraka in a anal fully Nel position with his hands underneath her thighs holding them while creampie inside her asshole and Izuku cums on her body while Bakugo Katsuki is still full nel Ochaco.
1st scene hinata is eating out Sakura on her bed while Sarada is watching while masterbating at the same time
2nd scene sakura and Sarada are making out with one another with Sakura playing with sarada's breasts while Hinata eats out sarada's pussy
3rd scene:Sakura is fucking Sarada doggy style while pulling on her hair while Sarada is deepthroating hinata's strap on(both Sakura and Hinata are smirking at Sarada)
Rules for this Request:
Animation 3 scenes
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