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Picture of A single female with anonimous male.
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Picture of A couple having sex.
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Animation of a couple having sex. Animated loop of a single sex position.

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Batou's Request
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will be ready
Futa on futa animation involving Female Corrin and Azura from Fire Emblem Fates:

1.- Both girls are nude, staring at each other, then their clit starts growing until finally it grows into a dick, both of them cum once the dicks grow

2.- Both are in a 69 position, sucking each other’s dicks and fingering their pussies for a great arousal, both cum in their mouths in the end

3.- Both of them are mutually penetrating each other, holding their hands, one breast each pressing, nipples and the penetration visible

4.- The whole thing ends with both of them giving themselves a creampie, both cum so hard, the cum overflows from both of their pussies, the animation ends with both kissing each other

Attachment has a reference on the characters and two sex positions
Yukana Yame from Hajimete No gal bouncing her boobs without using her hands, or jumping (aka boob flexing / pec flexing) in her red bikini outfit from the show
#######Sakura Harano raped by puppet minion (Naruto franchise)##########

Scene 1 # As Sakura is slammed down onto the hard ground, her mouth opens to cry in pain. A perfect moment for the tentacle to forcefully enter her mouth. Facefucking her, holding her arms and legs down and then proceeding to cum in her throat/mouth. She coughs up a bit cum as it was a huge load of semen.
Scene 2 # Sakura trying to recover but to no avail as the puppet rips up her underwear(panties) and her bra, fondles her breasts and shoves its tentacle into her vagina. She tries to pull it out but it only enters deeper, her back arches in a combination of pleasure and agony. But the puppet keeps thrusting, Sakura begs it to not cum inside of her and then after a few thruts it shoots a big load into her vagina. Sakura cries.
Scene 3 # As Sakura cries the puppet flips her to a doggystyle position and proceeds to fuck her in the ass, vagina and her mouth. Her feet/soles would be in view for the audience. Ends with all of her holes being filled to the brim.

///Naruto and Sasuke could be in the background tied up or something, being unable to save her.///
Ochaco Uraraka (External ) x Katsuki Bakugo (External ) in the Shower animation.

Scene 1- Ochaco Uraraka is fully naked and is Titfuck Bakugo Katsuki's cock with her big boobs with lotion on it and Bakugo is cumshot his sperm on her face and between her boobs.

Scene 2- Katsuki Bakugo is now kissing Ochaco Uraraka in a tongue battle while he is rubbing his cock between her thighs where her pussy is at and she is placing her arms around his back.

Scene 3- Ochaco Uraraka is now riding Bakugo Katsuki's cock in a cowgirl sex position while fondling both her boobs and moving his hip up and down making Ochaco Uraraka moan with a smile on her face of enjoyment of having sex in the shower with Bakugo. And cum squirting out of Uraraka's pussy onto the floor and some onto Bakugo Katsuki's naked body
this one is more about the system, environment, devices

In the future, technology can monitor every aspect of the human body. body monitors are used for standard and sex Olympics purposes.

The parade replaced by a nude beauty pageant. All contestants 360 scanned by a full body scanner for their appearance data.

health monitors continuously check 24/7 for virus, bacteria, std and wireless sync to health computer server.

Judges on some disciplines replaced by a computer. Participant's points based on their body stats.
brain activity
decibels input/output
% full
breath/air; respiratory rate
hair % coverage
sexual response cycle current state
vaginal/anal strength/psi, gaping diameter
muscles: used, force/tension
strokes per x amount of time, total, inches/s
orgasms per x amount of time, duration of last, total, since last time,
orgasm current state
erect %, girth, length, duration of last
nipples erect %
clitoris erect %
menstrual cycle
Lubricated friction, Skin friction, Parasitic drag
fluids - output log, amount, stats
water % // how much the body is hydrated
milk % full and output log
semen % full
precum (male)
Vaginal lubrication
ejaculate composition, speed
saliva composition
production speed of fluids
bladder % full
blood pressure, composition


all HVAC controlled environments, 25C
sex positions tracker automatically tag the stream

female running (on treadmill) while having sex
female orgasms received by a male
female orgasms received by a female
male orgasms received by a female

milk produced/extracted (fluid stats)
ejaculate (fluid stats)
ejaculate (male and female)

underwater sex (silicone lubricant)
female running (on treadmill) while having sex
milk produced/extracted

This is a summary only and there may or may not be a story written for it. You are welcome to expand it and comment with your story/picture(s) link(s).

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Mei Hatsume wanted to try some new inventions so I kidnapped Uraraka and Tsuyu and she nude them both, then she insert a dildo into Uraraka and Tsuyu's pussy, and lit a machine that made the dildo go in and out of therr pussy really fast

Uraraka has a ahegao face and asking for more, while Tsuyu is cry begging to stop

Uraraka is an reverse cowgirl position
Tsuyu is in doggy style

They both have there hand tied up
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To request a hardcore level, please add ideas containing no more than three scenes / positions for animation. Sincerely, Batou.
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