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  • Malcolmrls451 Edjim you make the best artwork ever for real

    2017-01-07 13:41:34

  • RickeyHentai Nice artwork! You need to be featured more often!

    2017-01-02 00:59:42

  • Malcolmrls451 I'm going to make a Akame ga kill series when Akame x Lubbock by Edjim having sex with each other I started on the part one of it Also can you guys come up with a name of the title for me to make with Akame x Lubbock

    2016-12-22 03:16:58

  • Grach-serzh2016 HI! How u doin?
    Just check the picture
    I think this is a great idea


    Assumed this after saw this picture first time. Futa orgy 2x3 or 3x2 , lesbian or sth will anyway appear soon or later, so...

    Not sure but I think u could do this well...

    2016-12-21 21:50:58

  • Lolilastar where is your patreon site ?

    2016-12-20 09:15:39

  • Lonely4evil Fairy Tail revenge series. Natsu lying on bed, Erza sitting on his dick, Lucy sitting on his mouth. Juvia sucking Gray's dick.

    2016-12-18 18:24:09

  • ColdnessPersonified Upload more of Bulma, please.

    2016-12-12 20:39:58

  • ColdnessPersonified Upload more of Bulma, please.

    2016-12-12 20:39:57

  • ColdnessPersonified Upload more of Bulma, please.

    2016-12-12 20:39:57

  • ColdnessPersonified Upload more of Bulma, please.

    2016-12-12 20:39:40

  • Daki Meme Machine, you're a fool

    2016-12-10 17:13:42

  • Lushes3000 All I have to say is, your art seems to be getting better. Though I think the background could use more detail to set up the kind of scene you want.

    2016-12-07 07:37:02

  • Meme machine I feel sorry as you have to deal with these fools Edjim, keep up the great work :) 💕

    2016-12-03 01:15:19

  • EdJim https://patreon.com/EdJim

    2016-11-29 01:13:13

  • EdJim lol

    2016-11-22 22:17:22

  • Crispystrip pass the salt

    2016-11-21 06:59:49

  • Lebron Chill Tyren. I dislike Edjim too now, especially with his trolling but let's not become Natsu fans and bash people for different works.

    2016-11-17 03:20:51

  • Tyren you suck, stupid bitch artist troll

    2016-11-17 03:07:37

  • Tyren you stupid dmother fucking asshole cunt!

    2016-11-17 03:07:24

  • Syntex Fuck off with your Gray hate, and overrated nonsensical crack Navia pics you piece of shit.

    2016-11-17 02:46:12

  • TOFUK This isnt the place Malcolm, Eds busy enough with people who actually do commission him, this isnt the place to request freebies.

    Dont do it again.

    2016-11-12 10:28:13

  • TOFUK Magani, this isnt the place nor the way. Go commission.

    2016-10-25 18:48:09

  • Magani565656 ultear x juvia x lucy (fairy tail) trio yuri outfit sexy http://cdn.toplesbianxxxpics.com/thumbs/300/173/99931/5.jpg face ahegao blush

    2016-10-25 17:27:04

  • Winter what are those links?

    2016-10-17 20:59:50

  • OIO Hey artist, your work is awesome! can you try Raikage x Hinata standing carry position from naruto? please~

    2016-10-08 21:37:53

  • OIO Hey artist, your work is awesome! can you try Raikage x Hinata standing carry position from naruto? please (>_

    2016-10-08 21:37:10

  • OIO Hey artist, your work is awesome! can you try Raikage x Hinata standing carry position from naruto? please (>_

    2016-10-08 21:36:28

  • KOHMAXII I got a couple how about Goku x Lois & Superman X chichi

    2016-09-24 20:09:34

  • DMITRY Hey! I love your arts and think you are amazing! but sometimes you forget some details like Natsu Scarf, Gray necklace, guild marks too or the colors of the eyes/hair are wrong! anyway is just a little observation! i think should be more realistic with them right, but just my opinion as i said you do a great work thanks!

    2016-09-15 21:43:10

  • EdJim Thnks

    2016-09-10 21:05:35

  • Eraised hi edjin, you are awesome artist !
    I hope you continue for much time more

    2016-09-01 22:34:14

  • Sidneyfitchett Hey Edjim, I think your artwork is really sick. I don't know how requests work but would you be able to draw Dimaria and Brandish from fairy tail as futanari both butt fucking Lucy from fairy tail. Dimaria would be in this position, letting Lucy ride her whilst sucking her tits which are lactating (http://p.html5porn.net/wp-content/uploads/2015/03/hardcore-brunette-cowgirl-o-face-tit-sucking-1427087050-330x270.jpg) whilst Brandish fucks Lucy from behind.

    2016-08-28 09:43:18

  • EdJim Add your ideas here: http://whentai.com/requests/25128/EdJim

    2016-08-26 13:44:54

  • Kin8ttino Hi i dont know how It works for the request But i realy Like your art And id like to See you draw amane from phantom of the kill(It was an android game) in some sexy pose cause no 1 have never draw her And i think with your art Style Can be great

    2016-08-25 03:15:04

  • Gasai I love your artwork you really got some mad talent :)

    2016-08-24 09:19:21

  • EdJim hi

    2016-08-07 17:04:54

  • Kiritokisaragi Hi

    2016-07-28 22:10:45

  • FTEndless seilah x eileen

    eileen on top of sailah in the forest ,kissing with breast milk leeking out there boobs and top less

    2016-07-21 17:16:11

  • EdJim Yeah, i'll have a new poll open for the weekend.

    2016-07-21 15:22:56

  • Toien A request from you of all people would make me incredibly happy. Let me know if you're ever willing to draw up something Bleach related. :)

    2016-07-21 08:08:53

  • Blaze hazama Nvm now it is

    2016-07-04 00:54:36

  • Blaze hazama Can i make a request here its not letting me post it in the request

    2016-07-04 00:53:37

  • EdJim Thank you.

    2016-05-23 23:29:46

  • Amrafik Ur art is awesome !!

    2016-05-22 02:40:41

  • EdJim Hello there!

    2016-05-13 16:51:03

  • Ahmed78190 Hello !

    2016-05-13 16:23:36

  • EdJim Hi.

    2016-05-06 12:20:52

  • SexyNatsu9675 Hi there

    2016-05-06 06:06:41

  • EdJim Ok.

    2016-04-30 21:23:07

  • Vincennando There, you do it again....

    2016-04-30 01:52:46

  • EdJim Thank you F2H21! And Vince i don't have any preferences i just try to please everyone.

    2016-04-27 06:43:24

  • Vincennando ........
    Keep drawing solo/yuri images.

    2016-04-26 11:34:29

  • F2H21 Awesome art and a great person c:

    Still can't get over the Prinz Eugen picture, it's sooooo gooood

    2016-04-26 09:02:07

  • EdJim Yeah..

    2016-04-26 03:14:33

  • Vincennando And they request the same thing over and over.

    2016-04-26 00:29:38

  • EdJim Oh damn, i forgot you were the guy who asked that , sorry, i didn't noticed that, but i love drawing, i just focus on drawing, it's not a personal thing.

    2016-04-25 16:07:03

  • Vincennando That's not what i meant. I mean why are newer request you take depicts them a lot? Sorry if you don't understand my words.

    2016-04-25 14:45:39

  • EdJim Here are all my pictures: http://rule34.paheal.net/post/list/Ed-Jim/1

    2016-04-25 14:15:39

  • Vincennando What?

    2016-04-25 01:58:56

  • EdJim Pictures can be viewed here too: http://rule34.paheal.net/post/list/Ed-Jim/1

    2016-04-24 17:11:51

  • Vincennando I mean, why few solo images?

    2016-04-24 01:17:58

  • Opm can you make some juvia if you're free?

    2016-04-23 23:42:08

  • EdJim On a page of pornography? Jeez, I seriously have no idea XD

    2016-04-23 14:56:25

  • Vincennando Why are your images keep depicting sex?

    2016-04-23 04:42:04

  • EdJim Yes.

    2016-04-20 02:38:02

  • Allen Walker hey edjim,

    can you slit these two panels up and make a single one out of them?

    2016-04-19 21:24:38

  • EdJim :D

    2016-04-19 19:34:39

  • TOFUK Let me ask.

    2016-04-19 15:44:28

  • EdJim Uhm yeah, i can see all of them but i think the link only works for me: http://whentai.com/upload/my

    2016-03-28 16:48:41

  • ETX Isn't that kind of a problem then?

    Over half of your images can no longer be viewed because nobody can get to them. Might want to ask a mod about that.

    2016-03-25 03:10:34

  • EdJim I don't know i can't either

    2016-03-11 16:59:19

  • ETX How do I view all of your images? it's only bringing up so many when you click uploads.

    2016-03-11 16:46:14

  • Wickedden You should draw some Yoruichi sometime

    2016-03-06 00:27:36

  • EdJim :D

    2016-02-20 21:57:18

  • PoliteMustache Great to hear that :D

    2016-02-17 22:27:39

  • EdJim Yes!

    2016-02-17 20:01:04

  • PoliteMustache Hey Ed, if I post my Erza idea in the commission would you like to participate?

    2016-02-17 19:25:41

  • EdJim Thank you Toien!

    2016-02-07 05:47:08

  • Toien Lovely art style! I second Enzo, keep it up! :D

    2016-02-04 11:04:35

  • EdJim Thanks man, i will do that! :)

    2016-01-26 14:46:04

  • Enzo Your art is really improving a lot! Keep it up!

    2016-01-26 14:32:01

  • EdJim Hehe yeah i guess i was in the mood :p

    2016-01-24 03:37:18

  • Singlerius This really was your day. Thanks for all this great work ^_^

    2016-01-24 01:24:41

  • MidoriChan ^^

    2016-01-17 16:24:06

  • EdJim ^.^

    2016-01-16 14:15:57

  • MidoriChan Hehe ;P

    2016-01-16 08:30:21

  • EdJim Oh hi, Midorichan!! well hello to you too heheh :p

    2016-01-16 00:06:14

  • MidoriChan Hi Ed :D
    Just i want to say hello!

    2016-01-14 22:16:16

  • EdJim You are welcome! ^^

    2015-12-22 22:39:07

  • Carlosrin175 Edjim thanks for your arts!! they are amazing!!

    2015-12-22 02:13:46

  • EdJim Thanks

    2015-12-19 16:04:29

  • Djsplashuu Great work! Hoping to see you do requests sometime in the future :^)

    2015-11-11 00:21:51

  • EdJim Thanks boys!

    2015-11-08 17:28:06

  • Fidelescalante Love your talent and art!

    2015-11-02 23:43:20

  • JoshiEcchi OMG! Your art is amazing! Do you do requests?

    2015-11-01 10:15:17

  • EdJim Thanks!

    2015-07-05 23:17:03

  • EdJim :)

    2015-02-01 19:50:26

  • Vikihole added as a friend! :D

    2015-02-01 17:30:15

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  • A couple having sex (male-female, female-female).
  • Not more than 1 female involved; and not more than 5 males (testacles) involved without showing their figures and faces.
  • Not more than 2 females involved; and not more than 2 males (testacles) involved without showing their figures and faces.
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  • A female and not more than 3 males involved without showing their figures and faces.
  • Not more than 2 females involved; and not more than 2 males involved showing their figures and faces.
  • Not more than 3 females involved, and not more than 3 males (testacles) involved without showing their figures and spaces.
  • A gangbang/orgy with not more than 2 females involved; and more than 2 males (testacles) involved without showing their figures and faces.
  • A "panelized" picture displaying not more than 4 characters total (a couple in two different sexual poses/places, two couples in different poses/places).
  • any type of animation (GIF/SWF/Video), depending on artist limitations.
  • a gangbang/orgy with 1 female involved and more than 4 males (testacles) involved showing their figures and faces.
  • a gangbang/orgy with more than 2 females involved and more than 2 males (testacles) involved showing their figures and faces.
  • a "panelized" picture displaying more than 4 characters in different sex poses (three girls fucking with the partner, one in each panel).

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EdJim is creating the artwork.

Winner is:

  • First Place
    1 258 252 277
    Title "Fun in the Baths" 1st Panel (twin star exorcist) Subaru Mitajima is having sex with benio adashino like this http://gelbooru.com/index.php?page=post&s=view&id=2970951 but i want the hand on the thigh to be fingering her. 2nd Panel (Kaze no Stigma) kirika is fucking ayano in a shower like this http://gelbooru.com/index.php?page=post&s=view&id=2968803. But i want them both wet like they just finished in a shower. Kirika is pushing one of her legs up against ayano's pussy.
  • Votes:
    2 7 0 277
    Taming the Dragon: Two panels featuring Cana and Gajeel (Iron Shadow Mode) Cana wearing http://www.lefashioncenter.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/01/black-lingerie-2.jpg. First Panel: Gajeel fucking cana in the ass as she raises it in the air Gajeel plants his left foot on her head pushing it in the ground and spanks her ass hard cumming a ton. Second Panel: Cana sitting on his leg as he puts a big bumpy metal cock in her vagina and she is stroking his cock she has ahego and cum covered. Make sure Gajeel Has a Really huge and fat cock
  • Votes:
    3 4 0 277
    Weiss Schnee (RWBY) fucking Ruby Rose (RWBY) with a strap-on while carrying her in a reverse stand carry. Ruby has one arm around Weiss's shoulder and Weiss has her hands on Ruby's thighs and kisses Ruby's lips while carrying and fucking Ruby. Ruby's expression is moaning with pleasure while Weiss has a smirking expression
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EdJim is creating the artwork.

Winner is:

  • First Place
    1 113 100 131
    The Legend of Korra - Covered in Red, White & Blue: Korra dressed as Wonder Woman (no boots) gangbanged
  • Votes:
    2 8 0 131
    Title: "Fairy Selfie" - Lucy Heartfilia masturbating with a dildo in her pussy while doing a selfie, ahegao expression her pussy should expel juices and milk coming out of her huge breasts
  • Votes:
    3 2 1 131
    Pre-Timeskip Yoko Littner: Wearing only her scarf, stockings and gloves. ________________________________________________________________________________ Yoko is furiously masturbating, groping one of her breasts with one hand and using Simon's Drill Core as a Dildo with the other. ________________________________________________________________________________ Yoko is sporting a flushed pleasure filled face with bits of drool leaking from her mouth, while her pussy completely drenched with arousal. ________________________________________________________________________________ Whether or not, Yoko's hair is in it's signature pony-tail is up to you.
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  • 1st. panel fairy tail Seilah futa Who sodomizes fairy tail mira (who and prisoner hand tied to the wall with an iron collar) 2nd. panel Mira who sucks seilah (mira covered with sperm)
  • Angelica Ainsworth and Beatrice Flowerchild (Fate/kaleid liner 3rei) 2 panels. 1st Panel Angelica fucking Beatrice with a dildo doggystyle. 2nd Panel Beatrice riding Angelica while doing a Ahegao. Choice of clothes or naked is artists choice.
  • EdJim approved your idea: "Changing friends" - First panel: Lucy having sex with Brandish, Lucy kisses brandish by touching their tongues with one hand while kneading one of Brandish's breasts and sticking her fingers in Brandish's wet pussy. Second Panel: Cana shares a dildo with Dimaria in her pussies while with her hand kneads one of Dimaria's breasts and sucks her nipple from the other chest!
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