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  • Studio Oppai Rule #3 for small fry artists like me. Don't bid against inusen. Hell it's almost not even worth us small fry artists being here. May as well leave all the commissions to the big boys. Lol.

    2017-01-30 00:53:08

  • Studio Oppai Rule #2 for artists here. Don't bid against thezeldaqueen. Same as Rule #1 don't bid against Lexus(cowboytanaka). Both you will lose.

    2017-01-24 12:49:48

  • ETX Where can I find your art in the highest resolution? (Excluding Patreon.)


    2017-01-12 06:40:07

  • Studio Oppai https://www.patreon.com/studiooppai

    2017-01-02 03:02:03

  • Studio Oppai Rule #1 for artists on this site. Don't bid on auctions that lexus aka cowboy tanaka bid on. It'll be a waste of your time because he's already won.

    2016-12-22 14:00:30

  • Studio Oppai More versions of all my pics can be found on my tumblr. I also post WIPs on my Twitter to track progress of pics.

    2016-12-07 19:24:10

  • Studio Oppai I've decided to give this site one final chance. I'll sometimes do polls and maybe bid on commissions occasionally. I'll only approve ideas I take an interest in. And I'll remain at least a little active on this site until I'm either screwed over again or just lose interest.

    2016-11-23 15:05:56

  • Studio Oppai I rarely update here. And don't post doujin here. Follow on Twitter, tumblr or pixiv for boatloads more content and updates.

    2016-08-08 19:17:34

  • Coldhotpockets Are you going to do the other 2 panels of that ichigo and rangiku pic that you said you would?

    Not trying to bother you. Just want to know

    2015-10-28 15:12:28

  • Markpower33 are you doing superheroines too or you're just sticking to hinata/naruto?

    2015-06-22 06:54:51

  • Gnarm Nice work! I love the picture of Hinata that you made.

    2015-05-10 05:36:56

  • Studio Oppai I'm new to drawing hentai. And these pictures here are my first ones ever. Also I'm learning to color on a tablet. I hope to prosper and take requests soon.

    2014-08-12 10:31:38